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Carly the Golden Retriever

This is my 14 week old cream-colored Golden Retriever, Carly. She loves to tear around the house, carrying a teddy and chasing one of many squeaky balls she owns. Although only 14 weeks old, she has the run of the house, racing around playing wherever she pleases, which usually finishes when she jumps up on […]


Nora the Black Labrador, Australian Shepherd Mix

This is Nora! She is a Black Lab, Aussie Shepherd mix. We adopted her from a shelter when she was four months old, and she’s been our baby ever since. She enjoys sleeping in human beds, and her human sisters fight over who gets Nora in their bed at night 🙂 She loves swimming, hiking, […]


Should I be Worried If My Dog Has Worms

We all want what is best for our dogs. They are a member of the family, right? Unfortunately, our four-legged friends are very susceptible to parasites known as worms. There are four different kinds of worms: tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. Roundworms and tapeworms are easily identifiable in the stool of your pet. Dogs become […]

How to Train Your Dog to Accompany You in Your Watersports Experience

I have never met a person that does not enjoy a good day on the water. The only thing that could make a good lake day better would be if our dogs were able to join in on the fun. Dogs love the water as much as you do, and watersports are a great way […]

Why You Should Crate Train a Dog

Welcoming a new dog into your family is an exciting time, but the process can be difficult, as there are lots of factors to consider. You need to make your dog comfortable and ensure they feel safe, while house training them and teaching them good behavior. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you […]

6 Creative Ways to Exercise High Energy Dogs

Do you have a highly energetic dog? She definitely needs a way to channel all of that excess energy or else she might find a lot of destructive ways to use it up… like destroying your belongings or digging holes in the backyard. Does this sound familiar? Well, it is a good idea to have […]