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CBD Oil for Dogs: What to Expect Once Your Pet Uses It

Using cannabidiol (CBD) oil for dogs isn’t yet a widely accepted medical option, but it should be. Just ask the thousands of pet owners who swear by the benefits of CBD oil for dogs. Where traditional medicine fails, opportunities for alternative medication thrive. Studies show that CBD oil helps treat the following issues in humans: […]

Deevo and Hans the German Doberman Pinschers

Deevo, our older black dog, and his brown-coated younger brother Hans (aka Hansi) are purebred German Doberman Pinschers. The German line has a wider chest and are more muscular/dense when compared to U.S. bread Dobies. Our dogs have a kind heart, although they can be fierce protectors when a threat is detected. The beauty is […]


How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Ear cleaning is just one of the essential responsibilities of being a dog owner. All dogs, regardless of shape, size, or age, should have their ears cleaned every now and then, but there are some dogs that require frequent cleaning, especially breeds that are prone to ear infections. Before we dive in, there are three […]

Getting Rid of Pet Hair: 7 Tips for How to Clean Your Carpet

For lots of people, their pets are not just animals but very real and favorite members of the family. We love and cherish them, and they give their love to us in return. But unfortunately both owners and pets have their fair share of problems. Just like people might leave their clothes lying around the […]