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Juliette the Cavalier King Charles, Bichon Mix

My dog’s name is Juliette. She is a Cavachon. Her mother is a Cavalier King Charles, and her father is a Bichon. She is five years old. She loves going to Lazy Dog Restaurant and reviewing their dog menu. Submitted by Mary M. Share this with your friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email 


Things to Remember While Traveling with Your Dog

Things to Keep In Mind before Flying with Your Dog Our furry four legged companions often feel like part of the family for pet owners. As such it is often hard leaving them at home while the rest of the family goes on vacations or trips to another city or to a country setting. Flying […]

The Top Tips of Finding Cheap Clippers for Small Dogs

Are you tired of taking your small dog to an expensive groomer? Well, there is a way out. Just get the right tools and start grooming in a stress-free and affordable way from home. Of course one of the must-haves is a clipper that will help you to trim your pet’s hair and create a […]

Dooley the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dooley is our ten week old Rhodesian Ridgeback. He’s already almost 30 pounds! He loves snuggling, playing, eating, chewing, chewing, and chewing. We flew to Orlando from Memphis to pick him up. When we got to the Orlando airport with him, the airline would not let him board since he was not yet 10 weeks […]