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Black Tie the Labrador Retriever Mix

Black Tie is a Labrador mix puppy. He really loves belly rubs and to nuzzle your neck. He is just starting to investigate the big world here, as when he gets to go out into our big yard to run and play. Submitted by Theresa C. Share this with your friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email 


Monty the Black Labrador Retriever

Monty arrived as an early wedding present, and unknown to the gifter, it was one year to date after we got engaged. He has been nothing but a pleasure to have around. He is sitting, staying, coming, shaking, laying down and crawling… he learns so quick! Monty prefers sticks over everything else and loves to […]


Harry and Max the Border Collies

We adopted Max (Border Collie and Golden Retriever Mix) as a companion for Harry (Border Collie and Labrador Mix) after our other two dogs had died. Harry was 15 when we adopted Max, who was around two years of age. They adored each other straight away and had so much fun together. Sadly, Harry died […]


Paprika the English Goldendoodle

Paprika loves to give “hugs”! If I ask her for a hug, she lightly jumps up and puts her paws around me! Submitted by Virginia. DogPerDay Recommends… Bully Sticks from Best Bully Sticks are a wholesome, natural dog chew your dog will love that is healthy for them, too! Best Bully Sticks for dogs are the […]


Caleb the Great Pyrenees, Siberian Husky, Lab Mix

Caleb is a funloving boy that loves hot dogs and belly rubs. He is a sweet boy that is one quarter Great Pyrenees, one quarter Siberian Husky, and Labrador mix. He loves running, walking in our woods and jumping over the creek. Submitted by Theresa C.       Share this with your friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email 


Sadie the Shih Tzu, Bichon Mix

Sadie lives in Winnipeg, Canada with her British person. Sadie loves to bite fingers and lick faces. She’s very skilled at stealing knickers, tissues and socks, and specialises in chewing shoes of any kind. Her name comes from a misunderstanding. A man in her person’s office suggested ‘Satan’ but her person heard ‘Sadie.’ Submitted by […]