How to Keep Your Dog Happy While You're at Work

How to Keep Your Dog Happy While You’re at Work

If you’re a working dog parent, then you know that one of the toughest moments of each day is when you have to leave them in the morning to head to your job. To ease your mind, here are a few suggestions for how to keep your dog happy while you’re at work.

Provide lots of cozy spots for snoozing…

Dog owners can take assurance in the fact that for the majority of time while you’re at work, your dog is probably sleeping. On average, an adult dog sleeps for 12-14 hours per day! Older dogs sleep upwards of 16 hours per day, and puppies may need between 18-20 hours of sleep.

And a lot of that snoozing happens while you’re at work. Without their human around, your dog uses this time to nap and rev up for the moment when you do come home. So you can take comfort in knowing that, even if you were home, your dog would probably still be sleeping, same as when you are at work.

To make your dog as comfortable as possible for all this nap time, make sure they have a cozy place to sleep. Set up their dog bed with their favorite items – you can even include a shirt you’ve recently worn that smells like you for them to nuzzle up with.

Keep the TV on…

Not that your dog is actually going to be watching TV, but leaving the television on, or a radio with some soothing music, can help provide some background noise to put your pup at ease during the day while you’re gone. It will give them something to listen to, as well as distract them from any potentially stressful sounds outside that might cause them to bark, like the garbage truck or the delivery man.

Arrange for a walk while you’re out…

If you have a high-energy dog, if you have a puppy who needs extra attention (and potty breaks), or if you just don’t want your dog to be by themselves for a full day, then consider setting up a dog-walker visit while you’re at work. If your dog needs to be let out in the middle of the day, and you don’t work close enough to home to do it yourself, a dog walker is definitely the way to go.

There are so many easy-to-use and respected dog walking and dog care services available for dog owners to choose from today. For example, Trusty Tails Dog Walking provides professional dog walking and pet sitting – so whether your dog needs a 10-minute walk, or a two hour visit, they have something for every pet!

Many of these service providers put their handlers and walkers through rigorous training and background checks, so you can be sure that your pet is in the best possible hands. Many of these service providers also encourage their walkers to send you pictures and text updates, so you can see just how well your dog is doing while you’re at work.

Ruff Guide to a Dog Friendly Home

Ruff Guide to a Dog Friendly Home

Dogs are lovable for a reason. They’re full of positive vibes that they make us smile effortlessly. Their fur ball bodies and witty tail wags drive away stress. Even their silly grin and boisterous howls and skimps are enough to set us in the mood.

Yes, that’s the reason why they’re not just great house pets, but also make excellent buddies as well.

But it’s not a one-way street because we also need to do our part to make sure that our dogs lead a happy and healthy life. Bring back the favor to them by making your home a haven for your dogs.

Let your dogs roam freely inside your accident-proof home or backyard that’s conducive to their development. Give them easy access to necessities like food and water and a place for them to hygienically discharge. Let them play with some chew bones or perhaps a toy so that they won’t munch on your furniture.

Ensure the best standard of living for your dog.

It’s all about doing your best to be a responsible dog owner so that they stay healthy, live long, and in turn, will be ever-more loving to you. The examples shown above are some of the things you can do, but those are just a glimpse of what you really should do to make your canine buddy love you even more!

Feel compelled to learn more? Well, feel free to check out this informative and stunning AXA graphic.

Ruff Guide to a Dog Friendly Home

Pablo the Great Pyrenees, Border Collie Mix

Pablo the Great Pyrenees, Border Collie Mix

Our shelter just received a plethora of puppies. Introducing Pablo (pictured above), Panda, Patches, Perdita, Poncho, Petey and Pongo. These super cute fluff balls are two month old Great Pyrenees, Border Collie mixes. Almost impossible to find a sweeter combination, and frankly we almost can’t take it. These pups will be ready to find new homes very soon. Scroll down to see the rest of the litter. Submitted by the Humane Society of Morgan County Georgia.


Pablo the Great Pyrenees, Border Collie Mix




Perdita the Great Pyrenees, Border Collie Mix


Patches the Great Pyrenees, Border Collie Mix





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Holly the Yorkshire Terrier

Holly the Yorkshire Terrier

Holly, my Yorkie, and I recently moved to the beach on Long Island. Holly has never associated with dogs and certainly doesn’t believe she is one. She hates the beach because it’s wet and dirty. I finally got her to step on the sand for a minute, but every time she heard a small wave this was the terrified look I got. Submitted by Christina Z.