Kittens on DogPerDay?

Well, it looks like we’re going to have to sprinkle some kittens in on this website from time to time. Me and my wife Kate just got two Tortoiseshell girl kittens, Chloe and Isabel (the one with some white and tan color on her face). They are about eight weeks old in this video. We have two cats, don’t have any dogs, but are the owners of a dog website. Ironic, isn’t it? Anyway, you’ll love the occasional posts of these two cuties.


Eric and Peety the Dog (Video)

Six years ago, Eric weighed 340 pounds and was diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Type II Diabetes. His doctor told him he had 5 years to live. Then he met Peety — and everything changed. Peety was adopted from Humane Society Silicon Valley. And then Jake was later adopted from Seattle Humane. Please support local animal shelters and rescue groups in your area.