Pepper the Australian Cattle Dog

This is Pepper, our Australian Cattle Dog. You may remember him, as I sent you some photos about some months ago, when he was just a tiny little man. He still loves the outdoors and we still love taking pictures of him enjoying nature. Oddly enough, Pepper loves swimming and the picture below is of him waiting for me to ‘chuck it’ into a large pond at a dog park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He’s grown so much since being featured on your website. He was only 2 months old at the time, and was a birthday present to my (then fiance) wife. He’s more spoiled today than back then (if you could believe that). We have a cattle dog calendar, and we recently took this picture of Pepper who has grown into quite the young man, and if he’s not calendar material, then I’m not sure who is…

I’ll call it odd, but Pepper loves the water and is completely enamored with snow. Contrarily, he will pull you into the shade of a tree when it gets too warm for him. Not sure how Australian he truly is! Also, living in Alexandria, Virginia we don’t have much farmland for Pepper to roam free. He stays true to his roots though, as upon returning home (without fail), he herds our two cats into a bedroom secluded in the back of our home. That’s because he is in constant need of mom and dad’s attention, that we cannot deprive him of.

Lastly, Pepper still loves hiking and camping. We’ve taken him on many more trips throughout the national and state parks of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. We’ve got hundreds of pictures, but know you can’t feature them all. He’s great off the leash and carries his own backpack, filled with his own food and water. He loves the responsibility and is constantly enthused to be on the trail. Even if you can’t fit him in, as I know you’ve probably got loads of people sending photos in, I’d like you to see him. We’re appreciative that you have featured him on DogPerDay, and our families loved coming to your site to see him. Can’t say much more… we love him and think he’s beautiful. Submitted by Brandon and Sarah.


Kieran the Dachshund Mix

My girlfriend and roommate both work at a ballroom dance studio, and one of the students of the studio rescued a dog that was nearly hit by a car. And after a few weeks, lo and behold, the dog they rescued turned out to have been pregnant. After searching around for homes for the litter, we ended up with one of the pups, who we named Kieran which is Gaelic for “little dark one.” Submitted by Paul P.

Kieran the Dachsund Mix

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Sophie the Shih Tzu, Dachshund Mix

Submitted by Wendy S. Head on over to Pet Gear Lab if you’re wondering what to feed your Shih-Tzu, Dachshund, or mixie.

Sophie’s friends were jealous that she was going to be on DogPerDay, so they wanted in on the deal, too…

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