Kieran the Dachshund Mix

My girlfriend and roommate both work at a ballroom dance studio, and one of the students of the studio rescued a dog that was nearly hit by a car. And after a few weeks, lo and behold, the dog they rescued turned out to have been pregnant. After searching around for homes for the litter, we ended up with one of the pups, who we named Kieran which is Gaelic for “little dark one.” Submitted by Paul P.

Kieran the Dachsund Mix

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Sophie the Shih Tzu, Dachshund Mix

Submitted by Wendy S. Head on over to Pet Gear Lab if you’re wondering what to feed your Shih-Tzu, Dachshund, or mixie.

Sophie’s friends were jealous that she was going to be on DogPerDay, so they wanted in on the deal, too…

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Pepper and Foxy

We’re thankful for our little guy and gal. This first picture is of Foxy and Pepper hanging out at the dog park near our home. Just for fun, I added one of them both during my wife and I’s first anniversary while on a hike in the mountains of Virginia. Pepper is beautiful, so I also threw in another one of him. Submitted by Brandon, Sarah, Pepper, and Foxy B.

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