10 Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know

If you have a dog, you’re aware that your pup has daily needs. Walking a dog once a day is a must, but doing it more than once a day will benefit both of you. Taking your dog outside for a stroll is an excellent opportunity for the two of you to bond and relax. Moreover, walking your pet is an essential part of your dog’s overall well-being.

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Without further ado, here below the ten vital dog walking tips everyone should know…

Find the Appropriate Walking Harness or Collar

Listen to dog owners that have previous experience with dog walking equipment. You’ll learn from their experience that dog harnesses and collars with a back clip encourage pulling. However, front clip harnesses and collars make most hard-core pullers walk calmly with their owners. In case your dog keeps pulling, make sure to switch your harness to a front clip design.

Choose the Most Comfortable Leash

The first rule to know when looking for the appropriate leash is to choose one that feels comfortable. Each leash type has its pros and cons, but you must also think of yourself and your hands. Flexi leads are excellent for walks in a park and non-crowded places. Chains are nice-looking and sturdy, but also very hard to handle. Leather leashes are very gentle on the hands, which makes them the ultimate choice, especially for big breeds.

Never Pull Back

If you’re wondering how to walk a dog that pulls, here’s the answer: never pull your dog back if he starts pulling you while on the leash. The best dog whisperer tips say that you should stop walking and stand your ground. This will help your dog realize that pulling you won’t get him where he wants to go. Your pup needs to understand that if it pulls the leash, there’ll be no walking. However, reward him with treats when he’s calm.

Ensure Your Dog Has Regular Long Walks

Many people wonder how to be a good dog walker, but it really is no science fiction. Since dogs aren’t nocturnal animals, walking them at night is not what they appreciate the most. Listen to the tips said by professional dog walkers. Tips for dog walking include walking your pup in the early morning. A pleasant morning stroll around the neighborhood or in the park will do wonders for both of you. Providing your dog with at least half-an-hour walk every morning is of vital importance, so don’t skip the morning routine.

Bring Dog Snacks with You

If you’re dealing with a lazy fellow and wondering how to get him to go for a walk, offer a bribe in snack form. However, bring some treats for the walk as well. During the walk, your dog will encounter many distractions. Whether it’s another animal, cars, random people, or anything else, every dog gets quickly excited. When that happens, your dog’s focus will roam around, and that’s why you need counter-measures. Your pup’s favorite snacks will bring his focus back to you in an instant. Moreover, dog treats are also undeniably best used for training your dog.

Think About the Fresh Water Supply

Going out for a walk longer than an hour on a hot day requires you to bring water along. Dogs tend to overheat since they can’t regulate their body temperature as humans can. Their cooling system works when they’re panting, but during hot summer days, they can easily dehydrate.

Dog’s ID Tags are Crucial

Sometimes the unthinkable can happen. You’re out for a nice walk with your dog, and you let your dog roam free off the leash. As soon as your pup sees something peculiar, she may run away from you. You must know that you can’t control everything that’s happening around you. However, there’s a method that helps most lost dogs to eventually get back to their homes. If anyone finds your lost dog, identifying her won’t be hard if it wears an ID tag.

Hot Pavement Can Cause Severe Injuries

It’s a hot summer day, and you’re out for a stroll with your pup. Be aware that the pavement can be far too hot for your dog, and they can’t tell you this. The hot pavement issue is not just about the uncomfortable walk. Hot asphalt can also burn your dog’s paws and cause severe injuries. Testing the pavement with your foot or hand will help you realize if the pavement is too hot or not. If it burns your hand after several seconds, find an alternative route or go back home.

Approach Other Dogs with Caution

Even if your pup is a friendly one, other dogs might not be as friendly. Not all dogs like meeting other dogs, and you should not take that for granted. Your pooch may get severe injuries if it approaches every dog along the way and stumbles upon an aggravated one. Asking the owner beforehand if it’s ok to let the dogs meet is the best safeguard option.

Make Sure to Scoop Up After Your Dog

Bring a lot of poo bags when going for a walk. No one likes to scoop the poop, but it helps keep the environment clean and healthy for other dogs and people. Worm eggs can survive for weeks in dog’s poo. Therefore, other dogs may get the worms if you don’t scoop after your dog.

Wrapping Up

If you thought having a dog is a walk in the park, you’re right. However, it helps if you prepare yourself for the walk and the park. Start with the best harness and leash available, and make sure to bring all the necessary items for that walk, like a water bowl, dog treats, toys, etc. Train your pup on the go, and you’ll enjoy the walks as much as he does.

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