Red Heeler dogs

Blitz the Australian Cattle Dog

This is Blitz. His sisters Skittles and Spree were adopted from our shelter last week, and now he is ready to find a home of his own too. He is a “Red Heeler,” which means he is extremely smart, so he wants a family that will take him on adventures and teach him fun tricks. Submitted by the Humane Society of Morgan County Georgia.

adoptable australian cattle dog

Update: Congratulations to Blitz on finding his new family! Why did it take so long?

Blitz finds his family

Susie-Lou the Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Susie-Lou the Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Susie-Lou is a beautiful, almost five year old girl with a wonderful disposition. Once she gets to know you, she’ll be stuck like glue. She’s very sweet and loving, and she could probably spend the entire day cuddled in your lap. She recently had pups and just finished finding forever homes for her two babies, so now it’s her turn! Submitted by Humane Society Silicon Valley.

Jack Russell Terrier dog

adopt a Jack Russell terrier puppy

Jack Russell Terrier Humane Society Silicon Valley

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Gigi the Labrador, Akita Mix

Gigi the Labrador, Akita Mix

We adore this girl! Gigi is a six or seven month old, good with kids and other dogs. Super sweet and eager to learn. She needs to learn some basic house manners, like desks and counters aren’t for jumping onto. But she has already mastered sitting, and she puts her toys away in her crate. She looks to be Lab and maybe mixed with Akita? Gigi is a very happy girl. She is currently looking for a foster family, but would love a forever family of her own. Submitted by Petaluma Pet Pals.

Labrador Akita mix dog

Adopt a Labrador Akita Mix breed

Adoptable beagle adult dog

Birdee the Beagle

Attention Beagle lovers! Birdee is the most affectionate girl ever who loves to give kisses! She is four or five years old, and is good with other dogs and kids… oh, and she talks. Submitted by the Washington Wilkes Animal Shelter, Georgia.

cute beagle picture

cute pictures of beagle

Congratulations to Birdee on finding her new home!

Birdee the Beagle finds her new family

Adoptable Dachshund mix puppy

Ziggy the Dachshund Mix

This is Ziggy, but you can call him the Ziggster because he’s just that cool. He’s a really chill guy who likes just about everyone and everything. He rides well in the car, relaxes in his kennel, plays nice with other dogs, and loves to play with toys. He can’t wait to find a family to keep him forever. Submitted by the Humane Society of Morgan County Georgia.

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Adopt a Dachshund

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