Bob the Olde English Bulldog

Bob the Olde English Bulldog

My name is Adam, and my wife Jessica and I love our Olde English Bulldog, Bob. He’s our young at heart nine year old buddy. He’s playful, but only to a certain extent due to his extra “fur”… lol. Or it could be the little bit of extra food he likes to eat. He is our world and we just wanted to share his pictures with you and the world! Submitted by Adam and Jessica W.

Bob the Olde English Bulldog

Bob the Olde English Bulldog

Bob the Olde English Bulldog

Bob the Olde English Bulldog

Here is Bob with his favorite shirt…

Bob the Olde English Bulldog

… And with is favorite toy, “lil’ Gorilla.”

Bob the Olde English Bulldog

4 Reasons Why You Should Make Homemade Dog Treats

4 Reasons Why You Should Make Homemade Dog Treats

More dog owners are becoming more conscious of their pet’s needs and health. One of the things increasing in popularity is the research about pet nutrition, natural food, and homemade treats.

Homemade dog treats may sound challenging or difficult, but making them yourself is one way of keeping your furry babies happy and healthy. There are many natural dog treats in the market like those offered by Barking Good. These treats give your dogs the excitement and anticipation for yummy surprises.

In this article, we’ll tackle the four reasons why you should make homemade dog treats.

1. Healthier Option

One of the myths about pet food and nutrition is that the best kinds are endorsed by veterinarians. While these may be marketed as the premium blends designed for your pets, they can contain more protein from grains compared to protein from meat sources.

By nature, your dogs need protein from meat to achieve optimal health. A few reasons why homemade dog treats are healthier than commercially-manufactured ones are:

— High grain content in commercial dog treats contribute largely to pet allergies and obesity.
— Homemade treats are made with more natural ingredients.
— Some commercial treats that can be found in groceries are made of poultry by-products.
— Homemade treats don’t have additives or preservatives.

2. Safer for Them

When you look at the ingredients on the back of dog treat bags in the grocery store, you can find some of the main ingredients that you are looking for. At the same time, there are contents that you probably haven’t heard of or don’t know all about…

Homemade dog treats are safer because you know and have control over what ingredients should be in them. Other reasons why homemade is safer include:

— Some preservatives and chemicals — like food coloring, flavoring, and others — can harm your dogs or affect their behavior as shown by conducted research.
— The expiration date or “best before” labels are proof that these commercial treats have a certain shelf-life and feeding them to your dogs after the specified dates could pose adverse effects.
— Chemicals like BHT, BHA, Sodium Metabisulfite, TBHQ, and Ethoxyquin can cause kidney and liver problems, brain damage, and asthma.

One thing that you must be sure to do when making homemade treats is exclude ingredients that can harm your dogs. The following food are a no, no, to feed your dogs or include in their treats:

Apple Seeds
Apricot Pits
Cherry Pits
Peach Pits
Persimmon Seeds
Plum Pits
Xylitol (found in commercial treats)
Yeast Dough
Potato Skins
Peach Pits
Onions and chives
Macadamia nuts/butter

3. Tastes Better

4 Reasons Why You Should Make Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade dog treats are obviously made from common ingredients which you can find in your home, so you won’t need to enhance flavorings as those in commercial treats. Since they aren’t pre-packed, they are also fresher. A few tips to make homemade treats more appealing for your dogs are:

— Tailor your treats according to the flavors your dog likes and according to their health needs.
— Make smaller treats while training your dogs, feel free to experiment with ingredients, and observe what they like best. Also, take note of their allergies and ensure these aren’t in your treats.
— Most dogs like pumpkin, which is healthy and low in calories. This can be helpful for overweight dogs.
— Peanut butter is high in protein for muscles and energy, and dogs like the taste too.

4. Economical

One of the advantages of homemade treats is that you can save money. You don’t need complex and expensive ingredients to make them. In addition, there are other ways you can reduce costs with homemade treats:

— Buy ingredients, especially repetitive ones, in bulk.
— Plan the kind of treats you want to make ahead of time so you can anticipate your needs.
— Use ingredients that you already have in your pantry or kitchen.
— Make treats in batches so you save on energy bills.
— Look for recipes that allow for freezing to preserve them longer since you won’t be using preservatives.

The pet culture is continually growing and pet owners are spending more to make sure that their boys and girls get the best care and nutrition. While homemade treats may take more time to prepare and more effort to research, it surely has benefits for your dogs.

Homemade treats are healthier, safer, tastier, and cheaper compared to commercially-manufactured, pre-packed treats. These facts will surely make you and your pet happier.

(Read more about what to do if your pet consumes coffee on Coffee-Channel)

4 Reasons Why You Should Make Homemade Dog Treats

Skeeter the German Shepherd, Boxer Mix

Skeeter the German Shepherd, Boxer Mix

Hi, I’m Skeeter. I was rescued when I was only eight weeks old. Though we aren’t sure of my breed, we believe that I’m a Shepherd, Boxer mix. My birthday was in July and now I am a year and half old. My favorite thing to do is go to the dog park, and luckily I get to go almost every day. I love chasing a ball and catching a frisbee when I’m not socializing with the other dogs. My human Mom has some great video on her phone of me in frisbee catching action. My mom thinks I’m the smartest dog because I understand what she says and I even talk back to her during our conversations. Submitted by Angie D.

Skeeter the German Shepherd, Boxer Mix

Skeeter the German Shepherd, Boxer Mix

Skeeter the German Shepherd, Boxer Mix

Skeeter the German Shepherd, Boxer Mix

Dog Kit Meme

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Dog chillin meme

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Everything You Need to Know About Boerboels

Everything You Need to Know About Boerboels

The Boerboel is a very impressive and strong dog. It is very loyal and protective of his family. In fact, you can expect a Boerboel to give its life if the need arises. It is a vigilant and mighty breed, which makes it an awesome watchdog and guard, as well as a loving and trusted companion.

The Boerboel has typical mastiff-style good looks with a muscular body. It is an athletic breed and needs proper room for running in a secure area. Toys do not last long with this breed and fetch is usually their favorite game. The jaws of a Boerboel dog are extremely strong, which is why they can rip apart their toys. The Boerboel is very loving and affectionate towards its family. But if you let the dog become a top gun in the house it will be dangerous. Socialization and training are needed if you want to be sure to keep your Boerboel under control.

Everything You Need to Know About Boerboels


The Boerboel is a South African dog breed. In the past, it was used as the protector and guardian for the families and farms in the area. They are loyal and large dogs which are capable of protecting against intruders and dangerous animals. Boerboels are still used for the protection of homes and families but they have adapted to the modern comfortable life.

Food and Diet

This breed consumes a lot of food because the Boerboel is a massive dog. It is important that you feed your Boerboel with dry dog food and high-quality products. Dry food will protect your dog from any potential dental issues or other problems.


Consistent and firm training is very important for the breed if you want to keep it in your home around your family. You should use positive methods for training the dog. Keep the training program treat-based for better results. Manhandling and harsh behavior will only lead to aggression and bad temperment.


The average weight of a Boerboel is 110 to 175 pounds. They are 24 to 27 inches tall.

Everything You Need to Know About Boerboels


Boerboels are a very reliable and obedient companion if you have trained them properly. However, the breed is often only friendly with its own family members. You have to watch Boerboels properly around young children. They have a dominating nature and they even like to boss humans around. That is why you have to be extra careful.

Life Expectancy

A Boerboel commonly live between 10 to 12 years.

Exercise Requirements

The Boerboel is a very active dog. In order to keep a Boerboel healthy, you have to take it out for exercise on a regular basis. This will allow them an outlet for their energy and so will be more likely to stay happy at home. Taking the dog out for a walk will keep it healthy and improve social skills. However, you need to take them for a run very often, and playing fetch is one of the best things you can do. Boerboels are a perfect companion for people who like to run.


They have loose and thick skin with a shiny and short coat. The pigment on the skin is commonly dark in shade. The common colors you will find in a Boerboel dog are red, fawn and brown.

Make sure that you properly train your Boerboel and teach it to socialize. It is the perfect dog for those who have an active lifestyle.

Everything You Need to Know About Boerboels

Carson, Pongo and Mason the Mixed Breeds

Carson, Pongo and Mason the Mixed Breeds

From left to right this is Carson, Pongo, and Mason… all three featured on DogPerDay the past three days. They are all rescues. Mason is a six year old Border Collie/Papillon mix. Carson is a three year old Chow/Akita/Collie/Husky mix. Pongo is a six month Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog/Terrier mix. Mason is the leader of the pack and wants everything to be his way. Carson is a chill therapy dog who lets Pongo climb and chew all over him. Pongo is the hyper, courageous, and naughty puppy that never leaves his brothers alone! They were beanie babies for Halloween and the poems inside their cards sums them up perfectly…

Mason: I am loving, cuddly, and especially attentive. I bark at squirrels, neighbors and the mailman… I am very protective. I’m the oldest of my brothers and sometimes like to play. But most of the time they know to stay out of my way.

Carson: I am playful, but calm, and I look like a fox. I am also a therapy dog, which really rocks. I go to school and the nursing homes and make many people smile. I love playing with my brothers and think it is very worthwhile.

Pongo: I’m the youngest of the group and super cute. With a black patch on my eye, I steal everyone’s loot. Despite my endless energy, my brothers love me. My new family is great and I am always happy!

Submitted by Lauren K.

Carson, Pongo and Mason the Mixed Breeds

Carson, Pongo and Mason the Mixed Breeds