This Pet Care Concierge Will Pamper your Fur-Buddy like a Boss!

This Pet Care Concierge Will Pamper Your Fur-Buddy Like a Boss!

When it comes to pets, we love them more than almost anything, and nothing comes before their well-being. Heck, the John Wick series of movies is a multi-million dollar franchise based on the idea of bad guys going after the lead character’s dog. We all know how over-the-top in love we are with these little four-legged creatures, and so now we are going to talk about a Pet Care company that treats your fur-pal with the love he deserves.

Pet care services are often taken (and given) for granted, and why not? – there are not enough responsible people in this world to walk your dog, feed her good stuff, and take her to the vet when you aren’t there. But we have a contender who is here to change the game: Buckhead Paws based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The folks at Buckhead Paws do what they promise. They take care of your dog irrespective of what might happen. We are not talking about that neighborhood kid who’d stay over for free pizza and run out of the house after an hour to party. We are talking about a responsible pet care service that treats your pet like family.

Buckhead Paws is simple to work with. You schedule an appointment, and they come to your place. They take care of your dog until the time you come back. And the Buckhead caretakers won’t call you or leave the house for any reason… they will be right there where you left them: beside your buddy, bonding like there’s no tomorrow.

This Pet Care Concierge Will Pamper your Fur-Buddy like a Boss!

How does it work?

— There is no time limit… pet sitters will take care of your pet till you’re home.
— You can easily schedule appointments from their online interface, and can cancel anytime with a text. As simple as that!

The Buckhead Paws service is available in select zip codes around the Atlanta, Georgia area: 30030, 30033, 30092, 30305, 30306, 30307, 30308, 30309, 30312, 30318, 30319, 30324, 30326, 30327, 30328, 30329, 30338, 30341, 30342, 30345, and 30350.

You won’t have to feel guilty about the fact that your pet is home alone. Your pet has all fun in the world with a new companion by his side. Here’s why Buckhead Paws should be your pet concierge:

Good Ole’ Strolls

When was the last time you took your pet outside for a stroll? If you’ve been procrastinating for way too long, the pet sitter from Buckhead Paws will fill the void and take your pet for a walk. Dogs, in particular, love to walk around; so do the pet-sitters! You won’t come back home from work and find your pet full of pent-up energy, demanding a walk.

The dog walking service from Buckhead Paws will keep your doggo healthy, fit and excited at all times. Just tell the pet-sitter about your dog’s habits – meal schedule, potty routine (even if it involves potty training) and their hydration cycle. Rest assured, your dog is in good hands. Don’t worry about it. Buckhead Paws will treat your pet with real companionship as long as you are out.

Vacation Pet-Sitting

Heading out on a long cruise? Going to a business meeting? Or just taking some time off? Whatever might be the reason, you won’t have to delay your plans or cancel them altogether because of your pets. Just schedule an appointment with Buckhead Paws, and they will pledge to take care of your babies.

Sometimes pets don’t react well to being shifted to new places when their mom and dad are out of town, and it’s best to leave them at home. Your pet-sitter will visit your place at least two, three or four times a day. Every time s/he visits, your fur-buds will enjoy a walk, be fed according to your instructions, and litter will be picked up.

Pet-sitters don’t just visit to tick it off their list. They offer all love and affection in the world to make sure that your dog is happy. All your usual daily routines are followed, and your house is guaranteed to be in order when you return. Pet-sitters will take out the trash, collect the mail, water your plants and do everything possible to keep your house nice and tidy while you are gone.

Guardians of the Night

We all know that feeling of leaving our pets all alone at home, and we can’t stop feeling guilty. Research suggests that pet owners dream of their pets because when they leave them home alone. And it’s not just you. Your pets can feel lonesome when you leave them all alone at home. The solution to this problem is a pet care service like Buckhead Paws.

With overnight pet sitting services for your pet, your pet-sitter will check into your home by 8:00 PM. At this point they perform the same services: bonding with your pet, showing it some love, playing around. When it is all done and dusted, our pet-sitters can put your pet to bed. If your dog or cat is a cuddler, don’t worry… your pet-sitter can spend the night till 7:00 AM in the morning.

Once your pet wakes up, the Buckhead Paws expert will walk, feed and clean your baby before saying goodbye for the day. You better be there in the afternoon to lift your pet’s spirits!

They Babysit by the Hour, Too!

We get it. You might not need a pet-sitter for an entire day. Sometimes emergencies come up, and you have to leave your pet at home unsupervised. Worry not! Give Buckhead Paws a call, and a pet-sitter will be there to take care of your pal as soon as possible. Pet sitting by the hour must be for a minimum period of two hours.

One-Stop Pet Sitting Solution

Buckhead Paws take care of your pets like their own. With life’s daily anxieties and pressures, there is now one less thing to worry about: Your pet’s well being and safety. If you are looking for a reliable pet sitter, your search ends here!

This Pet Care Concierge Will Pamper your Fur-Buddy like a Boss!

Milo the Siberian Husky Mix

Milo the Siberian Husky Mix

This is Milo, a ten month old, happy, exuberant boy ready to play and work! He has lots of energy and would do best with a family that understands that he likes to move and needs a job everyday. Maybe Milo and his human can do some training or agility together because he loves to exercise. He is ready to find his new family. Submitted by the Humane Society Silicon Valley.

Milo the Siberian Husky Mix

Milo the Siberian Husky Mix

Milo the Siberian Husky Mix

Milo the Siberian Husky Mix

Milo the Siberian Husky Mix

Milo had a very special Valentine’s Day visitor last week ❤️ Emily, one of Milo’s favorite Doggy Day Out volunteers, came by on Valentine’s Day to bring Milo a new toy. Emily has gotten to know Milo over the course of a few Doggy Day Out dates with him, and says, “He’s so loving, sweet, listens well to commands, is super easy in the car, and honestly if I could adopt him I would do it.” Milo is still waiting for a home.

How to Manage Your Pet During Your Move

How to Manage Your Pet During Your Move

Moving isn’t just stressful to humans, but it can also be a tough experience for your pets. If you’re planning a move with your animals, you may find yourself wondering how you’d be able to make the entire process less painful for them. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to help them adjust to the relocation as well as to your new home.

Here are some ways to make sure you can manage your pet properly during your relocation.

1. Do proper planning.

It’s important to handle a few things about your pets before the moving day. If you plan ahead, you can get them in the right frame of mind and ensure a stress-free move for all of you. Below are some preparations you can take before you move:

— Know the local rules and regulations of your new place – Check if you need to comply with some requirements before you can move your pet to your new location. Find out how the local rules and regulations can affect your relocation with the animals.

— Update your pets’ identification tags – Check whether your pet’s I.D. tags are updated with your current contact info. If possible, talk to your vet and get them microchipped. Make sure to put your mobile number in their collar.

— Look for a new vet – Don’t wait for your pets to get sick or injured before you find a new vet. Ask your current vet if they know someone in your new place. Plus, don’t forget to find out if your pet requires new medications or vaccinations during the transition.

How to Manage Your Pet During Your Move

2. Prepare your pets for the upcoming move.

You should always look after your pets’ well-being during the move. Thus, it’s a good idea to prepare them for the trip so they’ll not get stressed when the big day comes. Get your pets ready by doing the following:

— Get them accustomed to their carriers to remove their fear on a moving day – Keep their crate open in your home, so your pet can get used to it. With their accessible carrier, they have the freedom to play, nap, and even eat there.

— Take them to similar environments – Prepare them for what’s waiting ahead when you move. If you relocate a few blocks away, walk your pets in the new neighborhood or introduce them to your neighbors. That way, the new area will be familiar to them on a moving day.

— Packing up early – Your pets may get anxious when they hear the sounds of moving boxes being taped. Try to imagine how they’ll react when your house is filled up with clutter. That in mind, it’s best to pack early and have your boxes and suitcases out, so they’ll not see those things when you’re leaving. To minimize their anxiety attacks, call your vet and ask for a calming medication for your pet or an anti-anxiety gear during the moving day.

3. Take care of your furry friends on the big day.

It’s easy to take your pet’s welfare for granted when many things are going on. The tendency is that you’ll not be able to look after their needs when professionals like Movers NYC begin hauling your boxes into the moving truck. So, here’s how to take care of your pets during the moving day:

— Pack essentials – Prepare some things for your pets such as food, water, favorite toys, bedding, and extra towels.

— Keep your pets in a quiet room – Make them comfortable during the moving day by letting them stay in a quiet place with some necessary supplies. Put a sign on the door so the moving crew is aware of your pets. If there’s not enough space for them in your house, ask a friend to temporarily take care of them while you’re busy with the move.

— Stick to your furry friend’s usual routine – Even if you’re moving, make sure you stick with their routine as much as possible. Remind yourself of the schedule of when to walk and feed them.

— Ensure their safety in the car – Think about their safety in the car. Ensure they’re safe and well-ventilated during the trip. Check whether the vehicle has safety belts for your pets.

How to Manage Your Pet During Your Move

4. Help your pets adjust in your new home.

Like you, your pets also need an adjustment period following a relocation. Take note of their overall needs and health by doing the following:

— Design a familiar space – To make your pet’s adjustment much easier, it’s a good idea to create an area close to your old setup. Use the same arrangement for beds, toys, and crates.

— Pet-proof your new home – Make sure to use gates as necessary to prevent your pets from escaping.

— Look for manifestations of stress – Keep an eye on your animals as they may demonstrate signs of stress such as excessive sleepiness, decreased appetite, aggression toward people, and digestive problems.

— Make sure you are well prepared for emergency situations. Until they get used to their new environment, there are always some hidden dangers for your pets in the new living area. In case there are pipes, drains or other dangerous openings for your pet to get stuck or fall into, there is a free pet rescue service from RotoRooter that can help you in such situations.


Following these tips, you can make your move with pets a stress-free one. While you can’t expect them to adjust quickly to your new home, just remain calm, encourage positive behavior and find more time to interact with them. That way, you can enjoy a happy life together with your furry friends in your new home. If it’s your first time relocating with pets, you can ask moving companies NYC for some advice on how you can manage your pet’s well-being throughout the moving process.

Bitty Bit the Chihuahua, Pekingese Mix

Bitty Bit the Chihuahua, Pekingese Mix

Bitty Bit is very lucky to be alive. When she was born 11 years ago she only weighed three ounces and was way smaller then her siblings, so they didn’t let her nurse. I sat in my room where all the puppies were born and put her on a bottle. I stayed with that puppy for 24 hours. She survived but had stomach issues for many years. She overcame her issues and today she’s a strong healthy older dog. She only weighs four pounds now, but she’s a great dog and she’s loved very much. It was so worth saving her little life. She has been with me through some good times, and some very tough times. A pet can really help you overcome some obstacles in life. I will be very heartbroken when she goes. She’s like a child so I’ll enjoy the time I have left with her and spoil her every day. Submitted by Patty Y.

Bitty Bit the Chihuahua, Pekingese Mix