Diamond the German Shepherd

Our dog’s name is Diamond, and she is a German Shepherd, almost two years old. We took her in when she was six months from a friend friend who could no longer take care of her. She loves to nibble on people. She eats her daily fruits from our backyard fruit trees. She loves running in circles chasing her own tail. Submitted by Elliot H.

Below is my other gorgeous dog named Bob. He loves playing fetch, and running back and forth in our front and back yard. He is also one year and ten months old.

Best buds…

Here my boy Bob is tired of taking pics while Diamond is loving the camera…


CBD for Dogs – It Works!

Cannabis is considered as one of the most controversial substances in the world. However, cannabis is quite special and is not categorized in the way other drugs are. There are all kinds of drugs all around the world. One type are illegal drugs, which suggests that they are not really fit for human consumption. There are still a lot of people who are into illegal drugs and become addicted. Most countries around the world have rules for these substances but many people still use them. Click here to learn more about it.

Cannabis on the other hand is quite different. Even though it is still considered an illegal substance in many places, some have recently changed their mind about it. There are even places like Canada wherein it is legal to buy and do business with it nationwide. Although most still use it for recreational means, it has been considered very helpful for healthcare purposes. Its psychedelic properties make it appealing to a lot of people, and it has a relaxing effect to those who get stressed from daily life. They claim that it is just for a good time and nothing else. And there actually are studies that show that marijuana is not addictive.

As humans are still trying to discover all the benefits of marijuana for themselves, there are uses that go beyond human consumption. As it is now considered helpful to humans, why not with animals? After all, animals also have a lot of similar healthcare needs as humans and they medicine for their various illnesses. To make it easier for their pet owners, dogs, cats and other animals can also use CBD oil just like humans do. Information for this is available through a CBD page or website.

Holistic veterinary science embraces a broader view of CBD oil and all its excellent healing properties and potential health benefits. The popular Poopbags website says that if appropriately used, CBD oil for dogs can be an effective treatment for many behavioral and medical issues that your pets are facing.

Cases When CBD Might Be Helpful…

Panic or anxiety

As you may know there are some canines who are not into loud noises and anything stressful like that. They shake and run if something startles or surprises them. Most of the time all you need to do is to keep them away from these sources of loud noises. But there are times that these sudden noises cannot be avoided. One of the most common examples is during a celebration like the Fourth of July or New Year’s Day. All the fireworks and firecrackers might be a spectacle to humans but can make canines fearful. Giving them CBD might help them calm down.

Pain Relief

Even though they show it quite differently compared to humans, dogs experience pain as well. You may notice your dog slowing down or whimpering at every step because they are hurting in some part of their body. As CBD helps with human pain, it may also help with dogs as well. There are some people who think there are still more studies that need to be done before administering CBD treatment. There are some opponents that believe the treatment is just making them ignore the pain, but fails to remove the cause entirely.


This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but dogs can get cancer as well. These cancers usually show up as tumors on parts of the body. One of the most common ones is on the eyes where a black tar-like growth may appear. Read more about this here: https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/dogs-and-cancer-get-the-facts#1. It can also happen other places, like the brain, spine and the intestinal tract. As with humans, we don’t know where it comes from. However, the prevailing treatment of cancer in dogs is very similar to humans as they also undergo the dog version of chemotherapy and surgery. CBD oil helps by lessening the animal’s pain and possibly helping them with the condition as well.

As a pet owner it is important that you talk to your vet first before giving your dog any treatment. They are the ones who know how to handle all of this stuff, and it is not advisable to just guess at everything. Your dog’s life might be at stake, and it is best if you allow professionals to be a part of the process, especially for serious illnesses. CBD oil can potentially help your dog, but it can also harm them if your supply contains traces of other chemicals aside from pure CBD. You need to be aware of this to make sure that your dog is safe.

Cooper the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

This is my photo of my five month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever during his first visit to the beach. He had never been in the ocean before and was not used to waves. During his first swim he proceeded to run along the waves with his mouth open, basically shoveling salt water into his mouth. He also hops when excited, especially during land to water transitions when he doesn’t know what’s hapoening. Submitted by Connor F.


Top Recommendations for Simple and Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

Treats are the right choice to motivate and reward your dog when teaching any new tricks or just trying to keep her disciplined. It is important that you make sure that you are offering food that is not harmful to your dog. In most cases treats in small amounts are fine, assuming that your dog doesn’t suffer any specific disorder.

Some pretty good natural choices are offered in pet stores, and they come in different sizes and flavors, but it’s a wonderful alternative to feed your furry friend bits of food that you may already have at home.

Get ready to take a note of some healthy options for treats that you have in your fridge or on your kitchen counter!


A good option is to cook it and feed it to your pooch in small pieces. It can be a nice prize for him once a week or every fifteen days.

Sweet potato

Boil a sweet potato and cut it into small pieces. Your dog will like it very much due to its sweet taste. Moreover, the sweet potato contains various healthy properties that are good for your dog.


This vegetable is ideal, especially since you can give it to them raw in small pieces. If you go to the park, take it in a bag and share small pieces with him as you play or train together.

Peanut butter

Spread some peanut butter in a teaspoon and give your dog a lick when she follows your commands. She will love the taste!


This is another excellent option (which I personally love), since you can give it raw and in small pieces.


Dogs love them for the taste, but apples will also help them clean their teeth. It is important that you remove the seeds first as they are toxic for canines.


My dog is not a fan of them, but bananas are another good and healthy treat that you may already have at home, just try to feed them in small pieces and don’t overdo it.


Watermelon is healthy and safe too! Just avoid large amounts, because it can cause diarrhea.

Turkey breast

This is the best choice when it comes to meat. You should take into account that dogs can get very excited about this treat. They can get too anxious about it, too, so it may not be the best choice as a training reward.

Bonus recipe for cookies at home!

Do you have some time to prepare something yummy and healthy for your puppy? Get ready to try out my recommendation for oatmeal cookies!

2 cups whole wheat flour (or white in the case of intolerance)
100 gr of oat flakes
50 gr of butter
Vanilla extract

The first thing you have to do is mix all the ingredients until you achieve a homogeneous dough. Use your hands to prepare small pieces of the dough in the shape of a cookie. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celcius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) and put the cookies on a paper in the tray. Bake the cookies for about 10-20 min until you see that they are a bit browned.

Please, serve with caution! Set the cookies out before giving them to your dog, as hot meals are not the best friend of your furry friend.

About the Author: Annie is a happy dog mom of Kimcho, an 8-year old Harlequin Pinscher. She is passionate about dogs and natural, healthy living. She is on a mission to discover and everything natural nutrition and healthy for dogs on Doglovely. Kimcho had suffered a kidney disorder, and this made Annie dig deeper into commercial dog food ingredients, and sparkled her curiosity about everything natural to help dogs live longer lives.

How Can CBD Oil Help Your Dog?

CBD oil is pretty popular nowadays. People all around the world use CBD for anxiety, to cure various muscle issues, etc. There are plenty of benefits to it, and little to no downsides, making it very good if you’re dealing with a variety of ailments.

It has also recently been shown that CBD oil doesn’t only help humans. Pet parents and veterinarians are actually finding that it can help your dog as well. While the brains of a dog and a human are obviously different, cannabidiol actually affects certain parts of the body that we have in common — most notable of which is the endocannabinoid system.

Dogs actually have more CB1 and THC receptors in their brains than humans, and this is one of the reasons why cannabis affects us differently. This is also why, if a dog ingests THC, it may lead to unwanted side effects, so that only CBD is recommended. CBD oil is available at labroots. So, how does CBD oil help your dog?

What does CBD do to your dog?

When a dog ingests CBD, the substance affects how the dog perceives stress and pain, and will also give a bit of a boost to their dopamine levels, resulting in a better mood. The CBD’s interaction with the dog’s endocannabinoid system will also result in reduced inflammation, as well as the blocking of GPR signaling. This lowers cancer cell reproduction. Among others, some of the most notable benefits include:

— Reduces inflammation
— Relieves joint pain and arthritis
— Relieves anxiety, as well as barking or whining from separation anxiety, vet appointments, or loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms
— Reduces vomiting and nausea as a result of other medications or car rides
— Reduces seizures in dogs that suffer from epilepsy
— Improves the appetite
— Improves the health of both the nervous and the digestive system
— Greatly improves sleep

Now, this isn’t to say that there aren’t other benefits. However, the ones above are the most important, and as you can see, CBD oil can help your dog with many issues that owners actually consider to be common for dogs. Let’s take a look at a bit more details for some of these conditions.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, CBD oil can reduce the effects a great deal. CBD has a calming effect, which can be particularly helpful when your dog has separation anxiety. When you leave your house for work, you can give your dog a daily dose in order to calm them down. On an irregular basis, this can help when dogs get frightened during fireworks or thunderstorms.

It’s no secret that epilepsy affects quite a few dogs. There are many medications that are used to treat seizures that actually come with negative side effects, such as increased appetite and thirst, which may result in weight gain… not to mention depression, and the fact that the medication is expensive. CBD oil, on the other hand, is usually much less expensive, and even more important, much less physically taxing on your dog. This is why many dog owners resort to it to treat seizures.

Cancer is another condition where CBD oil can help. When you’re treating your dog, you will find that many of the medications and treatments can result in nausea. Cannabis can actually reduce nausea quite a bit. To add to that, cannabis is also known to reduce the growth of cancer cells, and this may even result in a much-improved quality of life for your pet.

Arthritis is a common issue for older dogs. They experience chronic pain, making it difficult for them to move around. However, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which result in pain relief. A daily dose can make your dog’s daily life much more comfortable, and they’ll be able to move around much easier. As a result, they will live a fuller life.

Last but not least, CBD can help with appetite stimulation. Yes, you read that right: there are dogs that have severe issues with their appetite. Most notably, this is the case with dogs that have cancer, or older dogs. CBD binds to brain receptors that trigger hunger, and thus stimulates the appetite.

How much CBD is safe?

To wrap things up, while there are no official dosing guidelines, there’s a general recommendation that suggests 0.2 ml of CBD oil per pound of your pet’s weight, per day. If you want to stay safe, you’ll want to start a bit lower than this, and slowly increase the dosage as you watch the results. When you notice a positive response, stop increasing the dosage. Since dogs don’t develop a tolerance to CBD as people do with THC, you should be good to go with that amount without increasing it.