Georgia the Terrier Mix

We rescued Georgia two years ago in, you guessed it, Georgia. She’s incredibly social, spirited, a little bit judgey, and a ton of fun. Her most charming qualities are her eyebrows and her always-wagging tail. She’s a devious little sock thief and cries if a stranger walks by her without stopping to say “Hi” when she’s on a walk. If she wants something from you, she will nudge you with her nose until you give in.

She’s game for anything. We take her on all kinds of adventures, most recently a trip to the beach which she loved! She’s the perfect pack-and-go kind of gal until she’s tired, then she gets cranky and needs a nap immediately. She naps like a champion and always comes out fully recharged. She’s the sweetest when she is first waking up, all cuddles and belly rubs. She’s a funny little girl that brings a lot of joy to our lives! Submitted by Alaina M.


Patch the Springer Spaniel

Patch was an old lady (14 years) pure bred Springer Spaniel with a wiggle butt and sweet eyes. I remembered helping her mother give birth to twelve little pups on our kitchen floor just two weeks before my Sweet 16th Birthday. Patch was the best birthday present a young girl could ask for… better than a car. She was my best friend. She was everyone’s best friend. We used to joke that if someone broke into the house, she would run up to them and show her belly for a good rub instead of showing her teeth.

Patch was the kind of dog that took care of her toys instead of ripping them up. She did NOT like to play tug-a-war with them. We started calling her stuffed animals her “babies” becuase she treated them with maternal care and love. In her old age, we started bringing Patch to my aunt’s house every day for doggy-day-care so she wasn’t alone. We said she had the best retirement plan becuase she got belly rubs all night at home and them spoiled rotten with belly rubs by her young kids at my aunt’s during the day. After Patch’s backlegs finally gave out and she stopped eating we had to sat goodbye to her in December 2019, but I know she is at peace. She was a 10/10 good dog. Submitted by Natalie W.


Abbey the Golden Retriever

My dear Abbey is a pure bred Golden Retriever. She has one black ear, which I think makes her unique and not “a Serious Fault to her breed” as the AKC worded it on their website. She’s right at six months old and loves life. She’s very smart… so smart that I couldn’t even take credit for training her to fetch. She already knew how to… LOL. She can be a handful at times but she brings so much joy to my family that it’s well worth it. Submitted by John M.


Zeus the Pomeranian, Toy Poodle Mix

Zeus is a five month old Pomapoo (Pomeranian, Toy Poodle mix) living in Connecticut. He has blue-green eyes and loves running around like crazy in the house and playing fetch with a tennis ball. He is also very loving and all he wants to do is cuddle up next to you or sit in your lap. Follow Zeus on instagram @zeus.the.pomapoo. Submitted by Zara S.


What It’s Really Like To Own A Border Collie

You might have heard that Border Collies should be owned only by people who live on farms or train dogs professionally. The breed is widely known as being over-the-top crazy, having endless energy and requiring enormous amounts of physical and mental exercise. They are said to nip everything that moves, chase cars and only love their owner and nobody else.

Training dogs as a living and competing in dog sports, I have met my fair share of Border Collies (and I also own two myself). Here is what it’s really like to live with them!

Puppyhood is … intense.

The scary part first … Border Collie puppies are not for the faint of heart. Never sleeping, never tired; always on the go and ready to turn your life upside down. If you have ever owned a puppy, a Border Collie puppy is like that puppy, but times 100. I have never met a single puppy of the breed who was calm or easy-going. You will need to stop the puppy biting while at the same time rescuing him from the kitchen counter and taking the dozen shoes away that he stole.

However, if you are able to pull through the puppy stage, you will discover that…

Adult Border Collies Actually Appreciate Comfort

Who would have known! Once your puppy is about a year old, you will notice a sudden change. Adult Border Collies actually really enjoy snuggling, snoozing, resting and being comfortable. They seek out the softest, biggest dog bed, enjoy laying in a sunny spot and will sneak under your covers (if you allow them to!).

Once a Border Collie is out, he is out — they love long naps and will make sure to take some every day.

Training Goes A Long Way

Border Collies do not need to be the nipping, car-chasing menaces that people think all herding dogs are. They are highly trainable and, if taught consistently and positively, can understand very well that herding humans and vehicles is a big no-no.

They can also be trained to settle and calm down, because…

Border Collies Do Not Need To Be Exhausted Daily

Of course, you should only own a dog if you are willing to engage with him every day, take him for walks and play with him. Border Collies need that as much as any other breed. It is however wrong to assume that they require a daily 15 mile run to be happy and not pester you at home.

Physically exhausting your dog constantly can in fact turn him into a super athlete who will just crave more and more exercise.

Instead, Border Collies require a balance of mental challenges (such as food puzzles), training times (for obedience, tricks, agility, frisbee, etc.) and also social interactions, at parks for example.

They Are Amazing Sport Partners

Border Collies shine with their ability to learn new skills rapidly and they love to work together with their owners. They are stars in any dog sport, ranging from competition obedience over nosework to dog dancing, high jump, agility and more.

Once you start a sport with your Border Collie, you won’t want to stop.

You Will Definitely Love Them

Don’t be put off by their reputation: Border Collies are dogs just like all others (albeit, a bit more energetic and smart!). With a dedicated owner, they can become amazing companions.

Once you have a Border Collie, you will always want to have one!

Elsa the Mixed Breed

Elsa is a young and playful pup that is still finding who she is in the world. I rescued her three years ago from a shelter. There isn’t much known about her past, but her future looks bright. Elsa is incredibly smart. She learned high five, lay down, and shake in a few minutes. Other tricks took a bit longer, but she also knows crawl, dance, sit, stay, back-up, stop, go, and others! She has a beautiful tan coat with white patches on her paws, neck, and under belly. Elsa’s most memorable feature are her piercing eyes. They are hazel, but most people compliment her on her eyeliner, due to having a line of black under each eye. Submitted by Shelby G.


Finding The Dog Breeds That Are Most Laid-Back

If you are a potential dog owner who is rather chill, odds are you are going to want to find a dog whose personality matches yours.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the most low energy dogs. These dogs are great for hanging out and when you need a companion who is going to remain calm in almost any situation.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This Spaniel is known for being a noble dog going back to the Renaissance, hundreds of years ago. This is a dog that is known to be able to communicate easily with humans through their facial features and often are used as therapy dogs.

This is a great dog for a house that has multiple children or some individuals who need emotional support.

Irish Wolfhound

Bergamasco Sheepdog

Many years ago, the Bergamasco Sheepdog was used to help humans traverse the Italian Alps. These are dogs that are intelligent and protective, great traits for those who are looking for a great companion. They don’t take to strangers as well as some others on this list; so they may be best for owners who are often in the same environment. They’re a fairly low maintenance breed.

Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniels have Buddhist backgrounds, so is it any mystery that they’re a chill breed?

They are independent, intelligent and are considered to be gentle while maintaining a level of playfulness that make them attractive pets.

Irish Wolfhound

Just because the Irish Wolfhound is large doesn’t mean that it’s not gentle. Traditionally, they were a popular hunting dog breed in Ireland. They’re an extremely intelligent breed of dog and read humans well, so they are great for therapy or as an emotional companion dog.

Bassett Hound

Bassett Hound

Bassett Hounds have basically been the definition of a “chill dog” for years. These dogs are known for being able to follow scents at an incredible pace, and although they are not easy to train, they form a loyal partnership with their owners.

That partnership can be hard to build and will require a lot of patience as you and the dog learn together. However, once you’re through with that stage, you’ll have a great dog that is content to just hang around with you and enjoy the lazy life.

Saint Bernard


This is another dog on the list that has ties to the ancient Buddha. This is a famous dog breed that has been around for hundreds of years. They are outgoing and kind, and have a lot of love in their hearts. Pekes probably aren’t the best breeds if you have multiple children running around because they really don’t enjoy that type of environment.

Saint Bernard

Most people know that Saint Bernards come from the Alps region; but may be less familiar with their other traits. These are kind dogs that generally could use a bit of training just due to their large stature. Once trained, a Saint Bernard can be an extremely loving dog.

Sam the Beagle

This is our Beagle puppy, Sam the Rambling Man. We got him as a gift from our friends Gayle and Jerry, who have been so instrumental in so many things in my life. Sam is a darling puppy, the hit of his neighborhood here in Warren, Michigan. He is very adventurous, free-roaming, loves to travel, and has visited almost every house in the neighborhood. Sam the Rambling Man has lived up to his name. Submitted by Angie Jane G.