Eddy the Saluki

This is Eddy, the adorable and exotic-looking Saluki. He’s four and a half years old but, at times, I reckon he looks younger in the face, like a puppy! Eddy is happy by nature and approaches life’s challenges with great enthusiasm. He’s incredibly playful, gets excited quickly, and is a total savage with his toys. He will charge round the dining room table like a maniac, tossing and flipping his toys in the air.

Eddy sleeps in a very comfortable bed, much larger than what he needs for his size, as it was passed down to him from a big dog. Nevertheless, he still finds his way onto the floor. Often he is found with his head hanging off the edge of the bed. Well… he’s a dog.

Eddy’s face is often “cheeky,” as though he is looking for trouble. He’s a very friendly boy when he’s in human company, though when another dog comes near him he instantly becomes defensive and aggressive, a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. Submitted by Vanessa.

What to Know About the Best Airline Approved Luxury Pet Carriers

Have you ever considered travelling with your pet? A pet carrier could be a box, crate, or cage for transporting your dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, or other companions. Choosing the right carrier is important for your pet’s safety and comfort. For long-distance trips, you want to get only airline-approved carriers for your travel buddy. Airlines are strict about the choice of carriers, and the last thing you want is to be prevented from flying for not having an appropriate carrier.

Luxury carriers allow your pets turn on the style as they commute in comfort. There are so many types and brands of designer pet carriers that it might leave you feeling overwhelmed. There are pet shops with top-of-the-line designer pet carriers at budget-friendly rates. Our pet carriers are fashionable, sustainable, and cruelty-free.

This article will help you select the best designer pet carrier to give you and your travel buddy a stylish and comfortable flying experience.

Why Are Pet Carriers Important?

A pet carrier is one of the most essential items to get your pet. Let’s explore some of the reasons you need a carrier for your companion. To know more about the best cat carriers, visit Best Cat Info.

1. Ease of Travel

It is not always ideal to move with your pet with you. Imagine trying to carry a sick cat to the vet. You’ll need to find a way to move it comfortably in the car or on foot. When you need to visit the park or go on a pet date, a carrier makes transport easy. Some carriers are designed for car seats while others are designed with airplanes in mind.

2. Comfort

A carrier can create a comfortable environment for your pet. You can protect your pet from cold and other harsh weather conditions with a carrier.

3. Keeping Your Pet Safe

In cases where you have to be away from home, leaving your pet running around unsupervised can be unsafe. A carrier creates a safe environment for your pet till you get back.

4. Style

Pet carriers provide a stylish way of moving your pets around. Luggage-style carriers, purse-style carriers, and backpack-style carriers are some of the best pet carriers designs you can find on the market.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pet Carrier

Not all carriers are the same. You must find a carrier that is suited to the particular needs of your pet. Here are some general guidelines for choosing a pet carrier.

1. Pet Size

For your pet’s safety and comfort, the size of the carrier should be fit for your pet. A carrier should not be too big or too small. A carrier that is too large will cause your pet to tumble as you move about, while a small carrier can cause your pet to feel cramped. Your pet should be able to easily stand, lie down, and turn in the carrier.

2. Safety

Check the lock and safety mechanism of a pet carrier before buying it. Pets can break out of poorly-designed carriers, making them a safety concern. You should also ensure that your carrier provides proper ventilation for your pet.

3. Quality and Design

Pay close attention to the quality of the pet carrier. Generally, a pet carrier should be made from high-quality, easy-to-clean materials. Durable plastic carriers with soft fabrics are ideal. Personal preferences often influence buyers’ choice of design. However, large pets are suited to crates, while purse-style carriers are ideal for small pets. You may want to consider backpack-style carriers if you own a mid-sized pet.

4. Price

There are a number of pet carrier brands out there with widely varying prices and features. You want to get a pet carrier that suits your pet and budget. A carrier that is too cheap may be poorly designed and fail to meet airline requirements. Top pet shops have reasonably-priced luxury pet carriers for every budget.

Airline-Approved Luxury Pet Carriers

Luxury pet carriers are a new fashion trend among pet lovers. They are made from top quality materials like silk and cotton to provide comfort and style. Airlines have stringent rules on the kinds of pet carriers they allow on their flights. So if you’re planning to fly with your pet, think carefully when buying a pet carrier and be aware of general pet travel guidelines.

Pet carriers must be small enough to fit underneath the plane seat. Some airlines have a no-pet policy on some aircraft in their fleet. Some others restrict pets on flights longer than 12 hours. You can call your airline to find out the aircraft that serve your intended route. Most airlines allow hard or soft-sided pet carriers. Soft-sided pet carriers are preferred for air travel as they compress easily and take less space. Airlines often require pet owners to obtain a health certificate from their veterinarians.

Ensure you verify specific airline policies before getting a carrier. Generally, American airline approved pet carriers must have adequate ventilation for your pet, a waterproof bottom, zipper locks for security, and must totally enclose the pet. You would also want your airline pet carrier to have a sturdy, padded, strap.

For pets that are new to travelling in carriers, you would do well to get them used to the carrier before flying with them. Take them for long walks and car rides in the carrier so they can adapt to the new environment. If your pet will be travelling in the cargo hold, attach a tag to the carrier or pet collar to avoid losing your pet.

A Pet with Paws offers an impressive array of airline-approved luxury pet carriers, treat training bags, and poop bag couches. These are completely vegan: no animals or animal products are used in testing and making the products.

Bottom Line

Pet carriers provide comfort, protection, and convenience. An airline-approved carrier is necessary if you must fly with your pet. Top, environmentally conscious pet shops offer you the opportunity to get trend-setting luxury pet carriers that meet airline requirements without ripping into your budget.

Jezebel the Chihuahua

Jezzy is a short-tempered but sweet Mini Chihuahua. She loves to cause trouble in a variety of ways, whether it be stealing our food, or chewing our slippers. Jezzy loves to irritate anyone she meets. But after becoming comfortable with her, she will do anything to snuggle with you. She’s been apart of our family for almost seven years, and we hope even longer. Jezzy may be a little brat, but she can be the softest dog ever known. Submitted by Ruby M.

Do You Need Pet Insurance For Your Dog?

After spending money on getting a dog, as well as things like food, toys, and a bed, you may be reluctant to throw any more money towards your new pet. However, there is one additional cost that you might want to think about: insurance.

If you’re currently uncertain whether or not pet insurance is worth the money, you may wish to consider the following points. Hopefully, they’ll inform you about what coverage you should consider so that you can decide for yourself if insurance is worth getting for your dog.

Health Woes Are Hard To Predict

Imagine if you could accurately predict when your dog would fall ill or end up in an accident. You’d probably be able to stop bad things from happening, or at least get your pet immediate medical attention.

Unfortunately, we don’t possess such omnipotent powers, so we have to just go from one day to the next, hoping our pets remain in good health. You might find that a little stressful, which is where insurance may be able to help.

A policy might not prevent your dog from getting ill or hurt, but it can provide some financial protection with vet bills. That can be beneficial, especially if your pet needs costly assistance.

So, while it might be hard to predict when something bad will happen, with insurance there can at least be a monetary safeguard in place.

Pre-Existing Conditions May Not Be Covered

With insurance, you might think it’s better to wait and see whether or not it’s necessary. After all, why pay for coverage every year if your dog hardly ever needs any treatment?

However, this isn’t how pet insurance works. If you wait until your dog falls ill to buy coverage, your claims could be refused because it could fall within an exclusion period or your pet could be considered to have a pre-existing condition. Why would an insurance provider want to pay for your dog to get better if they already know there’s something wrong with them?

To avoid any future claims potentially being declined when it’s too late, it may be beneficial to think about insurance as soon as possible. If you’re able to, consider sorting out a policy as soon as you bring your new pet home. That way, potential future health problems will possibly be paid for – at least partially – by your insurance provider.

There Are Different Providers And Policies

If you are going to consider an insurance policy for your dog, you may want to look around before buying anything. There are different types of coverage out there, and you want to ensure that whichever provider you go with will benefit you the most.

To find what works for you, you’ll want to compare quotes, benefits, etc. After all, a provider may offer a policy at an incredible price, but that might not cover everything you want it to.

If this is all new to you, then you might feel overwhelmed wondering how to compare dog insurance. So, what might be a good idea is to check out a provider’s website and see if they clearly outline what they offer. If the information is comprehensive and easy to find, you may feel more confident about going with them.

For instance, Everypaw’s dog insurance page features a handy table to show what cover levels are available, and the benefits you get from them, as well as information about multi-pet insurance policies. Everypaw only offers Lifetime pet insurance for dogs. They also offer Limited and Max Benefit policies, but these are only available for cats. With all that information easily accessible, you’ll hopefully be able to work out quickly whether or not what they provide works for you.

Certain Issues May Affect Your Coverage

It would be super convenient if buying coverage was as easy as answering Yes or No to the question: Do you have a dog that needs pet insurance? Unfortunately, a provider needs to know a lot more information than that before they can offer you a new policy.

For instance, they might wish to know your dog’s pedigree, as some breeds tend to have more health problems, and some breeds may not be covered at all. They may well be interested in your pet’s age for a similar reason.

It can be annoying to get caught up in issues like this after you’ve brought your new dog home, which is why you may wish to factor in insurance before bringing them home. If you want to get a policy, but don’t have a big budget, this may influence what kind of dog you add to your family.

If you’ve never relied much on insurance during your life, you may not think it’s worthwhile getting it for your dog. The financial protection it provides could be a massive help in the future, though. So if you’re afraid of what potential costs might crop up, you may benefit from taking this safe and secure approach.

Sophie the Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle Mix

Sophie is a Shih-Poo. She has added color to our lives. When we lost our dog Casey, she comforted our other dog, Willow, as well as our family. She brought Willow back to life. She is unpredictable, often getting the zoomies, and she can be mischievous. She likes to hide her toys and my hair scrunchies. Also she loves to get our toes. It is good to keep socks on when she is around. Submitted by Laurie L.

Best Hit Songs From the 70’s You’ve Forgotten or Never Heard

Remember when they used to make good music? You may have forgotten, but they actually used to do that very thing. Here’s a list of great songs from the 1970’s that maybe you’ve never heard before, or if you have, your ears will be glad to hear them again.

These are not never-released songs from obscure albums. These were hit singles! And if you ask me, the 1970’s started in 1967, so there are songs here from ’67 through ’69. So let’s go…

Chi Coltrane – Thunder and Lightning

Q – Dancin’ Man

City Boy –

The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver – (I Don’t Wanna Love You But) You Got Me Anyway

Pilot – January

Moon Martin – Rolene

Ambrosia – Holdin’ on to Yesterday

Sniff ‘N the Tears – Driver’s Seat

Sanford Townsend Band – Smoke from a Distant Fire

Gary Wright – Phantom Writer

Starz – Cherry Baby

Mr. Bloe – Groovin’ With Mr. Bloe

Badfinger – Day After Day

Andrew Gold – Lonely Boy

Dave Edmunds – I Hear You Knocking

T Rex – Telegram Sam

New England – Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya

Addrisi Brothers – Slow Dancin’

Elton John – Mama Can’t Buy You Love

Melanie – Brand New Key

Starbuck – Moonlight Feels Right

Bonnie Tyler – It’s a Heartache

Pacific Gas and Electric – Are You Ready?

100 Proof – Somebody’s Been Sleeping

Christie – Yellow River

Tee-Set – Ma Belle Amie

Mark Lindsay – Arizona

Brotherhood of Man – United We Stand

The Friends of Distinction – Love or Let Me Be Lonely

The Kinks – Lola

Marmalade – Reflections of My Life

Melanie – Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)

The Five Stairsteps – O-o-h Child

Dawn – Candida

Wadsworth Mansion – Sweet Mary

Mac and Katie Kissoon – Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Delaney & Bonnie & Friends – Never Ending Song of Love

Brewer & Shipley – One Toke Over the Line

Tommy James – Draggin’ the Line

Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart – I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight?

1910 Fruitgum Company – 1, 2, 3 Red Light

The Status Quo – Pictures of Matchstick Men

People! – I Love You

The Box Tops – Soul Deep

Paul Revere & The Raiders – Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon

The Cowsills – Indian Lake

The Turtles – You Showed Me

Tony Joe White – Polk Salad Annie

The Flying Machine – Smile A Little Smile For Me

The Grass Roots – Wait a Million Years

The Detroit Emeralds – Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)

Bill Withers – Use Me

Arlo Guthrie – City of New Orleans

Daniel Boone – Beautiful Sunday

Mouth And MacNeal – How Do You Do

B.W. Stevenson – My Maria

Helen Reddy – Delta Dawn

The Stylistics – Rockin’ Roll Baby

The Spinners – Mighty Love

The Hollies – The Air That I Breathe

The Amazing Rhythm Aces – Third Rate Romance

Dwight Twilley Band – I’m On Fire

Leo Sayer – Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance)

Sugarloaf – Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

Wet Willie – Keep On Smilin’

Lee Michaels – Do You Know What I Mean?

George Harrison – What Is Life