Golden Retriever Puppies: Everything You Need to Know

First originated in Scotland, Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs, not just in the United States, but also in different parts of the world, thanks in large part to their fluffy coat, beautiful appearance, and naturally caring and gentle hearts. If you’re thinking of adopting a new Golden Retriever puppy, here are some essential things that you need to know.

1. Make Sure You Give Room For Them To Grow

These fur babies are medium to large-sized dogs and can weigh up to 75 pounds! This means that they can take up an entire sofa, with their hair shedding everywhere. While they may be tiny as puppies, they grow fast, and it won’t be long until you can’t carry them in your arms anymore. If you are planning to get a golden puppy, you need to be sure about pricing in your area. For instance, check for Golden Retriever price in India or any other place before getting any of these fur babies. It is always recommended to take estimates from 3-4 sellers. And make absolutely certain that the seller is reputable and humane.

Ideally you will have a yard for them to run around and play in. They love running, and their energetic and playful spirit doesn’t die down even when they become adults. However, they are also considered social dogs, and they’d prefer to stay indoors with their beautiful family after playtime in the yard is over. This means that you need to have space in your living area for a 24-inch dog who may be following you around wherever you go.

2. Get Your Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner Ready

Your cute pup isn’t the only thing new that you’ll notice in your living room all day. You’ll also see a bit of fur here and there… actually, everywhere, they go. What time of the year do Golden Retrievers shed the most? The answer: usually all year round! Make sure that you are prepared to see a lot of dog fur in your home, and get your vacuum cleaner ready.

You may minimize the shedding by brushing their hair 3-4 times weekly. While the brushing may help, you’ll still need a pet hair vacuum to get rid of those furs in your home.

3. They Love To Be With People

As mentioned earlier, Golden Retrievers are social. They ideally should not be left alone for more than five hours a day. They get anxious, depressed, and sometimes these signs may manifest through their destructive behavior.

Taking care of these puppies isn’t difficult, but you have to be prepared to give them your time and attention because they need a lot of it. They prefer to take long walks with their family, and they’re even great with kids! These pups are ready to play with children. They may be energetic, but they have gentle hearts, too.

If you’ll be going away on vacation, and bringing your puppy with you is not an option, then make sure that you hire an experienced sitter or have somebody you know look after them. They may be large-breed dogs, but being alone is one of their weaknesses. They can’t stand being on their own, so make sure that you’re aware of this before deciding to adopt one.

4. They Need Plenty Of Exercise

Let me tell this upfront: Golden Retrievers aren’t fit for couch potato owners. If you don’t like taking long walks, running in the park, and playing fetch, then a Golden Retriever pup may not be for you. They have lots of energy stored up in them, and that energy needs to be burned. These dogs need to run around, play with the frisbee, look for hidden things, and just in general need to play in an open backyard.

Typically, an adult Golden Retriever needs 1-2 hours of exercise daily. It could be in any form: walking, jogging, hiking, swimming. Any physical activity that will burn their energy.

Don’t worry though, they are considered one of the most obedient breeds of dog, so training them for outdoor exercise shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you. They’re easily trained because Goldens like to be mentally stimulated too!

5. They Eat… A Lot

With that energy and size, expect that your Golden will also come with an appetite. Some owners prefer training their puppies with dog food, while some others prefer giving them raw meat. Regardless, make sure that you provide all the necessary nutrition with the essential vitamins they need. Always consult a veterinarian for recommendations when it comes to diet and supplements, if required.

With this in mind, you should also be prepared that these puppies will take a huge chunk out of your budget. You have to be financially prepared for your new puppy, too.

It’s the same as with all other types of breeds. If you adopt a dog, you need to make sure that you can provide them the food, resources, and meet all their needs, be it financial, emotional, mental, or physical needs. Adopting a Golden Retriever, just like any other pet, is a huge long-term responsibility. By being aware of these five things listed above, you’ll know if you’re ready to take on the responsibility, and you’ll know whether or not this breed is the best fit for your family and lifestyle.

Can a Nurse Become a Veterinarian? 5 Ways to Shift From a Regular Nurse to a Vet Nurse

Veterinary nursing is a challenging career in life but there are plenty of benefits. This field requires being extremely skilled at using your hands. Within a veterinary healthcare team, a veterinary nurse is very important because the nurse has the knowledge and skills to treat pets with love and care. The regular day of the veterinary nurse is not the same every day; there is always hustle and never a dull day. They perform inspection, operation, and procedures before treatment.

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5 Ways to Shift from a Regular Nurse to a Vet Nurse

The following are ways through which you can shift from a nurse to a veterinarian…


Getting certified as an individual with complete skills and knowledge will give you allowance to work at veterinary clinics. Without certification and training, no one believes or gives permission to work at these clinics. For that, proper education is important in fields such as animal care management, reception duties, communication, basic animal care, hygiene, animal welfare, nutrition, occupational health and safety, teamwork, and animal handling. So, getting a certificate helps make it easier to shift from a nurse to a vet.

Certification will provide foundation skills that will give you a competitive edge. Proper workshops should be done and lots of practical skills are essential to better handle pets. All of these together will give a proper shape to become a veterinary nurse and clear steps towards becoming employable. There are many different types of vets as well, such as a holistic and a conventional vet, which is why getting a certificate opens up more options for people. A regular nurse is required to have certification to become a vet nurse. Treating and caring for humans and animals are very different in their own ways. A proper and detailed study should be done before treating any living being.

Four-Year Study Program

A four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program is necessary for becoming a vet nurse. Then pursuing research in that field and getting hands-on experience will make you able to become a vet nurse in the future. There are more than 40 specialists in veterinary nursing including anaesthesia, behavior, dentistry, emergency and critical care, internal medicine, laboratory animal medicine, nutrition, oncology, radiology, and surgery. Things like monitoring behavior of a pet to see if they have any problems are very important.

When someone becomes a vet, monitoring behavior allows them to diagnose the pet for proper treatment. The treatment might include minor things like taking their pet for a walk, or major ones that involve operations. Lots of training, certification, and experience are required to become a successful vet nurse. So a nurse is allowed to become a veterinarian if they possess the skills required, and have the proper degree.

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Those who are looking to become a vet, either a holistic or conventional vet, should consider volunteering in animal shelters and welfare leagues. These are very important for them so that they get to know what they actually have to do. Before becoming a professional in this field, lots of experience is needed and for that volunteering in those organizations will give real-life experience. Always participate in animal programs whenever you get the opportunity and try to properly handle it because it requires lots of patience and knowledge to deal with.


One requirement for shifting from a nurse to a vet is handling stressful situations. It happens that some of the patients come quickly, as soon as there are any problems. In that situation, nurses should be ready to handle them. And a second requirement is great communication skills. Pets do not understand human language so they need proper communication that they can understand.

A third requirement is to be highly organized, which means that in a clinical settingm everything should be organized and all the equipment should be available to treat the animals in their respective ways. Patience and genuine concern are very vital for animals to understand the problems they are facing. Lots of clients cannot understand the problems that animals and pets are facing, so they turn to a veterinary nurse. These are a few of the important things required to become a vet nurse; however, there are some other details to make sure becoming a vet is a possibility.

Duties and Tasks

Understanding the duties of certain fields and the tasks allotted to complete those duties should be taken seriously, so become a professional vet nurse. Some examples include things like clean cages and hygiene surgery areas, which should be provided to the animals. An adequate level of supplies should be maintained whenever needed, and proper animal care facilities are some important tasks to keep in mind. The vet should also be able to provide alternatives to clients with problems. For example if a person says that their dog is lethargic, then the vet would tell the client about taking their dog for a walk on a daily basis.

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Before becoming a vet nurse, you should make sure you know about the fields of study, books requirements, and other essential aspects that really matter. Animals need special care, as they cannot speak up like human beings, so it is the responsibility of a veterinary nurse to understand what problems or issues they are facing. The proper treatments should be provided to them.

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