Cali the Husky

Cali is a very gentle eight year old Husky who has been very attached to this baby chicken since day one. She’s very protective of the little chick and sleeps next to it all night long. She also allows two ducks in our yard to chase her, and 3 out of our 12 chickens follow her into the woods and then back. Plus, in her opinion plants don’t belong in pots. Submitted by Helena D.


Eco-Friendly Dog Beds: A Healthy Option

We humans do love our pets. Most homes today are not complete without a pet in it. The demand for pets has never decreased because they are a joy to have.

Aside from their being the subject of our affection, they are pretty useful too. They can be therapeutic for people with certain health and emotional conditions. They also are very useful for security purposes, both for personal uses in the home and also for companies and police.

However, the responsibility to take care of them falls squarely on the owner. This is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. For this reason, you should give them the best that you can afford. One way to do this includes getting ecofriendly dog beds for your dogs.

What Are Dog Beds?

As the name implies, it is a resting place made specifically for your canine pet. They come in different shapes, designs and sizes and are quite affordable (though there are the fancy ones if you can afford it). You can read more on this here.

One might question the necessity of a resting place for your pet. The logic is that at most times, your pet sleeps on the same bed with you or wherever it deems fit, seeing that they can be quite the restless creatures at times.

It has to be noted however, that nothing gives comfort quite like what is specifically designed for you. And in this case, your dog will find premium comfort in a resting spot of its own. However, if you need more convincing, consider the following benefits to having a resting place for your canine friend…

To Prevent Behavioral Challenges: Many people think that it is just a very cute thing to have your pet sleeping on the bed beside you, or that they are in need of companionship. However, the answer might simply be the fact that your resting place is the most comfortable place for them to lie down. Again, they might get too used to lying with you such that it becomes a struggle to get them off to another place to sleep.

It Can Be Helpful Health-wise: It has to be said that the cold floor is not the best resting place for your pet. This is because it has lots of disadvantages, especially for aging dogs with weaker joints or those with arthritis. It can also affect their posture or make them irritable when they wake up if they don’t sleep comfortably. For these reasons, a suitable resting place should be given to them, as it helps to facilitate their good health.

Helps To Keep Them Warm: The weather can sometimes be higher or lower than is healthy for your dog, and for this reason he should be able to sleep where it is both comfortable and warm for him. This also helps to prevent pets from falling ill due to sicknesses caused by the adverse effects of the weather on their body. You can go to to find out more on things to consider when getting a bed for your pet.

Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

Besides the need to give our canine pets a resting place that is both comfortable and healthy for them, there is also the need to properly look into the materials that the dog beds are made of. It does turn out that many of them are actually not made from healthy materials.

Again, as many dog owners would know, dogs can be quite chewy. Many will end up running through their bed with their mouth in no time at all. Imagine for a moment that your beloved pet is chewing something that is made of toxic chemicals that are not healthy for her. This should give you cause for concern.

Finally, we live in an age where it is most crucial that the sanctity of mother earth be preserved. For this reason, it is important that materials that are organic and ecofriendly be encouraged as they help to rid our environment of toxic wastes that are not good for us. This is why the purchase and use of organic dog beds should be encouraged.


It is the responsibility of a pet owner to ensure that their pet is well taken care of. This is an important task that should be taken seriously by the owner, as the health of the pet depends on it.

One way to do this for your canine pets is to get a great dog bed for them. And it is even better to get an organic dog bed!

Six Reasons to Adopt Golden Retrievers

Are you in love with the fluffy appearance of Golden Retrievers? Why not adopt one? Most people cannot resist the charm of these canines only after taking a single look at their cheerful eyes.

This dog breed is renowned for its loyalty, vigor, obedience, sociability, adaptability, and intelligence. By choosing a Golden for a pet, you’ll get a friend for a lifetime. This canine will accompany you on your adventures, cuddle with you in bed, follow you around, and impress you with his or her intelligence. Have a look at the most important reasons for adopting a Golden…


Golden Retrievers are popular worldwide partly for their remarkable loyalty, being absolutely devoted to their owners. Once these adorable creatures are adopted by their families, they acquire a new role as family protectors, ensuring no family member is harmed in any way. Click here to learn why dogs are so loyal, backed up by a scientific explanation.

Moreover, the faithfulness of Golden Retrievers is so powerful that they never leave the side of their parents. These canines are happiest when they are following humans around the house, even when going to the bathroom. Owners might sometimes feel overwhelmed by their affection and companionship, but they soon get used to being followed around.

Golden Retrievers are the perfect companions for all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities. As much as they love lying with their owners on the sofa, they are thrilled to accompany them on their travel adventures. Hence, these warm-hearted creatures are ideal pets for people with both sedentary and outdoor lifestyles. By adopting such a canine, you will get a loyal companion in all of your adventures and life moments, helping you create precious memories.


Another great reason for adopting a Golden Retriever is their obedient personality. The obedience of these dogs is directly related to their loyalty. Nothing makes Goldens happier than pleasing their owners. Their eager-to-please personality is of crucial importance in the training of this breed, making the job of individuals much easier.

If trained successfully, Golden Retrievers are obedient in virtually all types of situations. The only time when these pups are likely to lose control is when eating. They can’t resist food even when feeling full. Pet parents are advised to abide by a Golden Retriever meal plan, including essential nutrients in the form of proteins, fat, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Controlling the weight of your pet will probably require a large amount of patience on your part.

Surprising Vigor

Golden Retrievers are praised for being one of the most vigorous canines, always in the mood for playing fetch, running around, and going for walks. They are also fond swimmers, enjoying an occasional swim in the course of the Summer. If deprived of physical activity, these dogs might become aggressive and destructive, which is a contradiction to their affectionate nature.

In addition, individuals having troubles maintaining a healthy lifestyle would definitely benefit from adopting a Golden Retriever. You will be provided with an opportunity to be physically active whenever you take your dog out for a run or walk in the park.

Furthermore, the energy of Goldens is undoubtedly contagious, thus promoting a positive mood in pet owners. Even after a devastating day, your companion will make you smile by waiting for you so eagerly by the door and being so excited to see you. The affection and energy of these fluffy creatures are so pure, you’ll immediately feel relieved after arriving home.

Sociable Personality

When adopting a dog, nobody likes a grumpy canine in no mood for hanging out with humans or welcoming visitors. Fortunately, you won’t have anything to worry about by adopting one of these golden balls of fur. These adorable pets are fond of children and all sorts of animals. They love playing not just with other dogs but also with cats, horses, rabbits, and other creatures. Visit the following link, to see the reasons behind the friendliness of dogs.

In fact, the friendliness of these canines might sometimes get them into trouble, as they’ll probably be friendly even to thieves. Despite their inherent sociability, puppies need to be trained in order to be sociable to both humans and animals. By the age of three months, puppies should get familiar with different types of surfaces, play with various objects, meet different people, go to multiple locations, etc.

Remarkable Intelligence

Golden Retrievers are unquestionably one of the smartest dog breeds, popular for being curious and quick learners. Their intelligence plays a key role in the training process, helping them master the commands and tasks they are given in no time.

Furthermore, pet owners enjoy teaching their retrievers a variety of tricks, making the tricks more challenging over time. Using treats as rewards will even further motivate these dogs to learn everything their owners teach them.

Additionally, this dog breed is clever enough to be subjected to the kind of intensive training required for proving assistance to the disabled. These bright dogs increase the confidence of disabled people by helping them perform their daily tasks. Also, they are often used in search and rescue missions.

Amazing Adaptability

Another reason why Golden Retrievers are considered wonderful pets is their ability to adapt to various conditions. For instance, these dogs can easily adapt in both urban areas and suburbs, in families with members of different ages. Nevertheless, when still puppies, their energy might be too much for senior people.

Although this dog breed has no trouble adapting to different places and individuals, pet owners are still supposed to consider their growing size and exercise requirements. For instance, a small flat would be suitable for keeping a Golden as a puppy, but it’ll be restrictive when the dog grows up. Also, people living in urban areas should make sure there is a park nearby.

Final Word

You won’t make a mistake by choosing a Golden Retriever for a pet. You’ll be surprised by the affection, attention, and loyalty these creatures are capable of providing!

6 Tips for a Fun & Memorable Doggie Birthday Party

You don’t need a special occasion to spoil your pooch with toys and treats. But their birthday gives you the perfect excuse to shower them with more love and watch their face break into a sprightly smile. Even if you don’t know your pooch’s birthday, you can always celebrate the day you first met them or brought them home.

Of course, your dog wouldn’t mind snacking on bits of peanut butter-coated apple slices and calling it a day. But going that extra mile to curate a fun birthday party will make them even happier. Also, it gives you an awesome opportunity to gather with your loved ones and meet other dog parents.

So, how can you organize your dog’s birthday celebration and make it enjoyable? Let’s find out…

1. Consider Your Dog’s Preferences

First things first: your pooch’s birthday celebration isn’t an opportunity for you to showcase your party organizing skills. Instead, it’s about letting your dog enjoy and be comfortable. So, it’s important to keep their needs in mind before you even start planning the party.

From your choice of venue and food to the guest list, everything should focus on keeping your furry friend happy and relaxed.

For instance, if your dog has mobility issues, it might be a good idea to have a low-key celebration at home with a few of their canine friends. On the other hand, if your pooch enjoys the outdoors, a picnic-themed outing in the park would be a better choice.

2. Experiment with Themes

If you’ve had it with doggie-themed party decor and activities, you’re not alone. Most pet parents have been to a zillion parties with paw-printed banners, bone-shaped cakes, et al. If you want your pooch’s birthday party to be memorable for all guests, don’t hesitate to choose an offbeat or quirky theme.

If your dog’s birthday is around Halloween, you could always organize a doggie costume competition. Or you could amp up the glam with a Hollywood-themed party. You could even take things up a notch with Star Wars or Harry Potter-themed decor. The important thing is to ditch the cliches and play around with the themes.

3. Choose the Right Gifts

Have you found a dog whose eyes don’t light up at the sight of new toys and gifts? We haven’t either. Irrespective of your dog’s age and breed, they’ll always enjoy receiving gifts from you. And let’s face it, nothing delights you more than making them happy.

From personalized dog accessories, such as bandanas and blankets, to interactive toys and puzzles, you’ll find various interesting and unique gifts for your dog. Or you can take things up a notch by making a handmade birthday card for them.

4. Plan Fun Activities

What’s a birthday party without some games and contests? Depending on the venue and theme, you can organize different competitions, such as dog obstacle races, or just let your canine guests play with fetch. If you’re organizing the party in a park, you can even install a ball pit to let your pooch have the most fun.

Or you could create a nifty spa station to give all your furry guests a stylish makeover. Of course, you should consider your dog’s health and special needs while planning the activities.

5. Curate a Paw-Some Menu

Food is one of the biggest highlights of every birthday party. Why should your dog’s special day be an exception? Whether you want to serve home-cooked treats or hire a caterer, make sure you include plenty of dog-friendly treats and snacks.

From pumpkin biscuits and meat jerky strips to pup-cakes and meatloaf, there are various options to choose from. If you’re organizing the party in the Summer, don’t forget to include cool beverages and frozen treats to keep your canine guests hydrated.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to order an eye-catching birthday cake for your dog. Or if you’re in the mood to flaunt your baking skills, you could bake a doggie birthday cake at home.

6. Keep the Paw-Rents Busy

If your dog and their friends are having a blast, why should their favorite humans get bored? Make sure you include plenty of fun and engaging activities for the dog parents who are going to come to the party. Even something as simple as including a doggie-themed selfie-booth can keep your guests engaged.

Also, it’s a good idea to hand out tiny doggie favors at the end of the party. Add a funny dog toy and thank you note or include a personalized gift for every guest.

Have you ever tried organizing a birthday party for your dog? Share your experience in the comments section below.

3 Signs Your Dog Has Bone or Joint Issues

Health issues with pets can be tough to recognize. Since they can’t vocalize their symptoms, you have to use your sense of observation. This is often the case with bone or joint issues. While there are signs that will be obvious, in many cases they could be very subtle. You might either completely miss them, or misinterpret them for something else.

It’s important that you know what the symptoms are so that you can get your dog the care they need before things worsen. Let’s take a look at a few signs that your dog may have bone or joint issues.

They Don’t Like Moving All of a Sudden

If your dog used to be happy and active but suddenly stopped, then it might be a sign that there’s something wrong. This is one of those subtle changes that you may not be able to recognize instantly. Maybe they used to zoom straight into your car before, but are acting indifferent now. Maybe they are hesitant when climbing the stairs, or maybe they’re lagging during walks. If you notice any of this, we suggest you seek help immediately.

We would also suggest that you start looking at supplementation and certain ingredients such as green lipped mussel for dogs. YuMove has a blog that explains the benefits of green lipped mussel for dogs and why you should consider using it. It also explains why mussel for dogs formulas will act differently based on different factors.

Change in Their Gait

You should also check if you see anything strange in the way that they walk. You may notice that they start limping, for instance, or they may be putting more of their weight on certain legs. You may also notice that they are experiencing lameness in their hind legs if the spine is affected. If you notice that your dog shows signs of pain or stiffness when getting up but looks fine after warming up a bit, this is definitely a sign that they’re having issues.

Changes in Behavior

Also, if you see any drastic changes in their behavior, this is definitely a sign that something is wrong. One tell-tale sign is if they yelp when you touch them or try to avoid any type of contact. This should be especially alarming if your dog used to be affectionate and craved attention.

Another thing you have to watch out for is if they’re becoming irritable. This may not seem like something related to bone issues, but we’re pretty sure you’d be grumpy as well if you were in a constant state of pain, especially when people try to touch you left and right without consideration. If your dog gets violent with other people out of the blue, watch out. Dogs will bite when people don’t handle them correctly or pet them in a way that worsens their pain.

If you have a dog and you’re worried about their bone health, look out for these signs. This will allow you to act quickly and prevent the situation from deteriorating.