3 Signs Your Dog Has Bone or Joint Issues

Health issues with pets can be tough to recognize. Since they can’t vocalize their symptoms, you have to use your sense of observation. This is often the case with bone or joint issues. While there are signs that will be obvious, in many cases they could be very subtle. You might either completely miss them, or misinterpret them for something else.

It’s important that you know what the symptoms are so that you can get your dog the care they need before things worsen. Let’s take a look at a few signs that your dog may have bone or joint issues.

They Don’t Like Moving All of a Sudden

If your dog used to be happy and active but suddenly stopped, then it might be a sign that there’s something wrong. This is one of those subtle changes that you may not be able to recognize instantly. Maybe they used to zoom straight into your car before, but are acting indifferent now. Maybe they are hesitant when climbing the stairs, or maybe they’re lagging during walks. If you notice any of this, we suggest you seek help immediately.

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Change in Their Gait

You should also check if you see anything strange in the way that they walk. You may notice that they start limping, for instance, or they may be putting more of their weight on certain legs. You may also notice that they are experiencing lameness in their hind legs if the spine is affected. If you notice that your dog shows signs of pain or stiffness when getting up but looks fine after warming up a bit, this is definitely a sign that they’re having issues.

Changes in Behavior

Also, if you see any drastic changes in their behavior, this is definitely a sign that something is wrong. One tell-tale sign is if they yelp when you touch them or try to avoid any type of contact. This should be especially alarming if your dog used to be affectionate and craved attention.

Another thing you have to watch out for is if they’re becoming irritable. This may not seem like something related to bone issues, but we’re pretty sure you’d be grumpy as well if you were in a constant state of pain, especially when people try to touch you left and right without consideration. If your dog gets violent with other people out of the blue, watch out. Dogs will bite when people don’t handle them correctly or pet them in a way that worsens their pain.

If you have a dog and you’re worried about their bone health, look out for these signs. This will allow you to act quickly and prevent the situation from deteriorating.

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