3 Things To Remember To Make Moving With Your Dog Easier

Moving is a stressful, complicated, and exhausting task that often overshadows all the excitement that comes with discovering a new city or neighborhood and falling in love with your new home. Organizing and packing all your belongings, lifting heavy boxes and bags, and then unpacking and putting all items in their new places is a tiresome business.

Of course, having to take care of your dog’s needs during relocation adds new layers of stress and preparation for the whole process. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to make everything feel like a breeze. We’ve put together a short guide for you to help when you’re moving with your beloved pet.

1. Before you move

A few weeks before the big day, help your dog get used to the sight of all the relocation supplies. Get some moving boxes and pull out some suitcases, and put them in the room where your dog usually hangs out. Thanks to this, your beloved pet will have ample time to get used to these items so that it won’t make a big fuss about them on moving day.

Also, try to keep your dog’s routine precisely the way it was. Don’t change its walking and feeding schedule. Consistency helps your dog remain in its comfort zone, feeling safe and protected at all times. Too much change can easily make it stressed and anxious. If you feel like your dog is ready for the next step, take it to the neighborhood you’re moving to, and take a long walk there. Introducing your dog to the area you are going to live in is extremely helpful.

2. On moving day

When an experienced mover such as Empire Movers arrive on moving day, one thing you do not want is your dog being underfoot and in the way. Apart from making the move harder on the movers, it will make your dog more stressed. Plus, a relocation environment is not safe for a dog. To protect him and make the move a lot easier for everybody, try to hire a sitter, ask for a trusted friend’s help, or call a dog daycare.

Having a safe place for your dog in your new home is very important. If you didn’t have time to set it up before moving day, you could do it when you arrive with all your stuff. To make your dog feel safe, feed him as soon as possible in his spot and give his him favorite toys; it will help build that positive association you are looking for.

3. After you move

When you’ve finished unpacking all your belongings, and you’ve settled in, the goal is to get your dog back to her normal routine as soon as possible: regular walks, feeding times, exercise, playtime, etc. A tired and preoccupied dog won’t have time to feel anxious and stressed. Plus, this will make her feel home if you take the necessary time to take care of her needs.

However, if you feel like your dog is still anxious, don’t panic, as there is a way out of this transition period. Be patient with your pet; give him extra love and care in every way possible. Also, don’t leave him alone in the new place, and don’t forget about positive reassurance. When possible, make your dog feel comfortable in the new situations that arise. Extra cuddles, praise, treats, walks, and playtime will make him feel good.

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