4 Dog Training Tips For Beginners

Dogs are amazing creatures. Their playful and loyal nature truly make them man’s and woman’s best friend. Regardless of the breed of pet dog you have, once you make the decision to bring one home, the task of skilfully training them will be the first priority.

There are hundreds of ways you can train your dog: some that require previous experience of working with dogs, while others that are fit for beginners. The question then becomes: where should a beginning pet owner start? To comprehensively answer this question, we have prepared a basic guide for beginners that will give them workable ways to train their dog quickly.

Choose A Trainable Dog Name

This might sound a little hard to believe but the name of your dog can influence the effectiveness of training. You might be quick to give your pet dog a name as soon as you bring him or her home, but try not to pick one without first analyzing its impact on the training. Certain dog names are better for training. These usually have a strong consonant at the end, for example “Jack” or “Jasper” can be pronounced with an emphasis on the last letter.

When names are chosen by pet owners with a strong emphasis on the last consonant, it makes puppies more attentive, hence more likely to acknowledge the command they have received. Also, if your new pet is an older dog, they might already have a name they are accustomed to, although in this scenario starting off with a fresh name is not a terrible option. Many pet dogs that end up without a home again are rescued from abusive households, and so a new name can be a fresh start.

Setup House Rules From The First Day

Dogs are adaptable creatures and this quality should be leveraged to set up house rules from the first day you bring her home. Although we know that the first days are full of love and excitement, it is still essential to define boundaries. Is your furry pal allowed to access household furniture such as the bed or sofa? Should they poop inside, or outside? Are parts of the house off-limits? These rules need to be determined immediately, so it eliminates confusion for your pet.

Give Your Pet a Private Space

Like humans, dogs are creatures that require privacy and their own dedicated space. As soon as you get the dog home, make sure that you have set up a private den for them such as a basic kennel or crate that they can rightfully call theirs. This space serves numerous benefits: first, it will make them feel comfortable, hence they can focus more on their training without feeling agitated. Secondly, you can also serve there their favorite meals that you can for instance buy at a discount from Chewy Coupons and Promo Codes without fearing a mess inside your house.

Always Reward Good Behavior

Positive reinforcement is a potent tool when it comes to training. Years of research in this field has permeated the idea that whenever dogs are rewarded for their good behavior, they internalize the act that they performed before the treat and make sure they repeat it. On the other hand, scolding them gently for bad behavior is equally important so that a clear delineation between acceptable and unacceptable behavior can be carved out.

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