4 Top Family Dogs Of 2020

Your household decided to get a dog (finally!). But choosing a family dog from the world of pooches can be challenging. Your new furry four-legged family member needs to be friendly for both household members and guests.

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So here are top four family dogs you need to consider adding to your household.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers aren’t precisely what you can call a “guard dog.” Instead, they are an excellent pooch to have around the home if you want that much-needed TLC.

This breed is good with kids, loves people, and will not stop at anything to have fun around the house. Golden Retrievers are also quite smart compared to other dog breeds.

Training this canine shouldn’t be a long and arduous time before the he or she understands the command you’re teaching.

Moreover, you could say that Golden Retrievers have an adorable facial expression, making the perfect model for photos to post on social media. Still, do be wary as these dogs tend to have lots of energy in their relatively large bodies. Thus, prepare for ecstatic “zoomies,” mainly when he greets you home after a long day at work.

Note that some Golden Retrievers may need to release their pent-up excitement. If you don’t have enough time to play with this dog, you might come home to disheveled couches and torn papers on your floor.

If you can’t walk or play with your Golden Retriever (or any other dog breed you might have), consider hiring professional services like H&H Dog. They help you find a dog attendant who ensures that your pooch gets enough exercise and stays happy, even when you’re out doing other essential tasks.

2. Beagle

Not a fan of Golden Retrievers? Perhaps a small dog like the Beagle can be your next household companion.

Beagles are relatively small and compact dogs. But don’t let their seemingly tiny size fool you, as these pooches are quite tough in their own way.

This dog breed is both merry and fun-loving, but it’s also quite stubborn. For instance, expect to carry a Beagle home if it doesn’t want to return from walks.

Aside from being excellent family dogs, Beagles are also excellent scent hounds. Being a descendant from the Bloodhound line, the Beagle can sniff out predators or intruders from a reasonable distance. You can train this dog to sniff out pests that have made your home their abode.

Consider adopting a Beagle if you want a house dog that can also act as an excellent guard. But also prepare yourself for its stubbornness.

3. St. Bernard

St. Bernards are massive, hulking dogs that can send even the biggest people to the floor when they pounce.

But these canines aren’t attack dogs. Instead, the St. Bernard is one of the most lovable, gentle, and tolerant dog breeds you can find.

You won’t be able to resist admiring its droopy eyes and floppy ears. Aside from being large, cute, and cuddly, this dog breed has an inherent friendliness that is tough to beat by other pooches.

Since St. Bernards tend to be so friendly, these dogs are ideal for families, particularly for households with well-behaved children. Get a St. Bernard and watch as it might even help you take care of your child.

The timid demeanor of St. Bernards might also make it challenging for owners to train these animals. Again, don’t forget to ask for professional assistance if you need expert help in dog training and other related tasks.

4. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Moving from the large and bulky to the small and stubby, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an
adorable, tiny dog known for their short legs and furry behinds. Despite its short stature, this dog breed is as energetic as it can get. Hence, if you’re not an active person, then the Pembroke Welsh Corgi might not be the best dog for your home.

You need to keep up with this dog’s bursts of energy, as you’ll see it running and jumping around your property frequently. But it also means that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a fun-loving animal to have in your house.

It won’t hesitate to play, so it’s best to keep a lot of dog toys lying around. It also means that some Corgi’s will act like they’re the boss of the house. If you have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, expect it to bark at you to no end if it wants to play.


The breeds listed in this post are some of the top family dogs you can have in your home. Remember that each dog will have unique personalities and traits. Understanding these characteristics will help you and your family build a strong bond with your new furry four-legged companion.

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