5 Things to Do If You’re In Need of Dog Boarding

Traveling with pets can be a bit of a challenge. There’s always the problem of having travel mates allergic to dogs or going to places that are not pet friendly. Not to mention long flights or road trips can be stressful to your furry friend.

Good thing there are now dog boarding places where you can leave your dogs while you’re out of town. These boarding facilities take care of your dogs for a specific period, so you don’t have to worry about scheduled eating, walk routines, and cuddles while you’re out!

While most of these dog boarding places will spoil your dogs to keep them happy while you’re gone, you still have something to do before leaving them alone.

1. Make early reservations

Last-minute arrangements will not work here. Especially in busy seasons like Summer. During this time, pet kennels Bundaberg fills up quickly because most people are also traveling.

Making your reservations earlier will also allow you to check the facility first before you leave your dogs with them. You can even get a personal tour from the owners of the facilities if you visit during a not-so-busy day.

Once you’re okay with the facility and the amenities they have, just schedule it and you’re done.

2. Consider the preferences of your dogs

Not all dogs are created equal. Some dogs love to run and play around outside while some do not. If your dog is one of those active types, you might want to choose a dog kennel that allows open playtime with other friendly dogs.

Some facilities also offer special beds for picky sleepers. Some even have televisions for entertainment! If you think your dog would love those, then those are the types of dog boarding that you must look for.

3. Make sure your dog’s jabs are up to date

Every dog boarding facility will likely require you to present proof of immunization of your dog. Your pet must have immunity against rabies, distemper, and Bordetella because these are highly contagious diseases. And no one wants an outbreak inside their own facility.

So if you’re planning to travel and leave your dog in a boarding facility, make sure to have them vaccinated. After all, this is also for the protection of your own pet.
Other testing or preventive requirements might be needed. So make sure to ask about this ahead of time so you can get them all done before your scheduled flight.

4. Prepare all the emergency food or snacks

While most dog boarding facilities already provide food for your dogs, you might still need to bring your dog’s own food. Especially if your pet has special dietary restrictions.

It would also help if you tell the staff every food that might upset your dog’s tummy. This way, your dog won’t have any gut problems during its stay in the facility.

5. Also, bring something familiar

Since your dog will not be with you or in your house for a long time, you must make them feel that they’re at home or you’re with them. Bringing something familiar will help in calming them if ever they get anxious.

You can bring your pet’s favorite blanket, an old T-shirt, a toy, or anything that will smell like home. This way, they would feel that they really are at home.

While most dog boarding facilities allow pet owners to bring individual items, some do not. That’s probably because it’s a potential problem to keep track of all items. If ever this happens, just sneak them in somewhere in the food bag. Your dog will surely find them anyway.

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