6 Thoughtful Ways To Memorialize Your Pet

There are a lot of ways to memorialize your pet. It’s difficult to know where to start when you’ve just lost a beloved family member, and it’s even more difficult to know how. That’s why this article will take you through some of the ways you could try to help yourself and your family memorialize your pet.

Write An Obituary

One approach to honor your pet’s memory is to write an obituary for him or her. It’s okay if you don’t have the money or time to have an obituary published in the newspaper, but it’s important you write one, even if it’s just on your social media page. This will help you, your friends, and family members in recalling memories of your pet.

Consider Having Your Pet Cremated

You also have the option of having your pet’s remains cremated. Recently, cat cremation is becoming popular, and for a good reason.

When you have your pet cremated, you have the option of burying him or her in your backyard, or scattering him or her on the very ground where he or she ran and played before passing away. Another alternative is to keep the ashes of your beloved companion in an urn that you can keep with you at all times. Whichever way you choose, cremation is a good way to keep your pet’s memory safe and close to you.

Besides keeping their ashes where you can see them, you can be more creative and look for a sentimental location, maybe somewhere you used to go with your pet. You can scatter the cremated remains of your pet over a lake, in the woods, on top of a mountain, or anywhere else that you and your pet used to go together — anywhere you want to feel their presence whenever you visit.

This way, they can always be by your side as you continue to visit these places (or at least it will feel that way).

Create A Photo Collage Of Your Pet

If you spent a lot of time with your pet, then you probably have tons of pictures of them. You can use those photos to create a photo collage and display it somewhere in the house where everyone can view it, including you. Making the collage itself will likely be a cathartic experience and once you’re done, you can rest in the fact that the pet you loved so much will always be remembered, both by you and your family or friends, regardless of how long ago they died.

Keep A Journal About Your Pet’s Life

If you’re not into making photo albums filled with memories of your pet, then writing about their life in a journal could be something for you to consider instead. You can tell others about your pet’s first days at home or other pleasant things, like their favorite foods or tricks you taught them.

Start A Memorial Website Or Blog About Your Pet’s Life And Death

If creating a memorial collage isn’t really your thing, creating a blog or website about your pet can be just as valuable. This way, you can share all the information about them in one place, including pictures, memories, life stories, and more. It is a great way to keep your pet’s name out there for people to hear. Although you want the website or blog to be about one specific pet, it doesn’t have to be limited strictly to him or her, as other animals featured can also represent others who have been lost. Use this format as a tribute site if you feel inclined, and allow anyone who knew your pet or those who are interested in learning more about them from those who loved them most to share their story as well.

Make A Donation In Their Memory

If you feel the need to do more, then you could consider making a donation to a charity in their honor. This can be done in several ways, including donating to animal shelters or rescue organizations that also celebrate lost pets by working to prevent underprivileged animals from being abused or mistreated. You can also donate money to animal hospitals and other medical institutions where animals are cared for and treated for all kinds of ailments and diseases. There is no set amount when it comes to this because it will vary depending on your budget.


Your pet was probably such an important part of your life, with your lives intricately weaved together. It can take a lot of effort trying to get past your grief while keeping the memory of your beloved pet alive. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. Most of it will be personal, depending on how you want to remember your pet. This list is intended to help you start this bitter-sweet journey.

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