About Us
Kate and Eric Rafdal

My name is Eric, and my wife Kate and I are the creators of DogPerDay…

The last dog I had when I was a kid was an English Setter mix named Abby (see pictures below!). Because of Abby, English Setters became my favorite breed. Some of my other favorite breeds include Labrador Retrievers — Black, Yellow and Chocolate Labs — (Abby may have been part Labrador), Border Collies, Australian Shepherds and other working dogs, Golden Retrievers, and Blue Heelers, aka Australian Cattle Dogs (I have to give special mention to Cricket the Blue Heeler mix, who was maybe the sweetest dog ever to walk on the face of the Earth).

Click here to learn about Advertising Opportunities on DogPerDay. And please be sure to visit our DogPerDay sponsors. I have spent a lot of time on the internet looking for reputable companies that offer natural, more holistic foods, quality pet products, as well as stuff that is good for us humans. Of course you must decide for yourself what foods and products work best with your dog or pet, but I have peppered my recommendations throughout the website.

kate-eric-abbyIt is a scientific fact that our dogs should be living much longer lives were it not for the mainstream brand foods that we feed them. I’m talking about the Purina’s, the Hill’s Science Diet’s, and the Pedigree’s of the world, and even the brands that recommended by “trusted” vets. Most people don’t know what is in the food that we buy for our best friends.

The pet industry giants don’t care what they feed to your pet. Try to be more careful about the pet food and other products you buy. And keep in mind that you may even be able to save money by ordering your pet food and supplies on the internet, especially from Amazon, and having them delivered straight to your door.

I don’t believe that there is a brand of food that is a “perfect” combination of ingredients, convenience, and affordable cost, but some of the brands that I think are good to great alternative choices include Weruva, Hound & Gatos, Stella & Chewy’s, Honest Kitchen, Tiki Dog, and Primal Pet.




This is Girlfriend, who left us in June of 2015…


Here are our two new girls, Chloe and Isabel, born in March of 2016. I know, I know… the owners of DogPerDay have two kittens… isn’t that ironic?

Watch Chloe and Isabel in action…