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4 Reasons Why You Should Make Homemade Dog Treats

More dog owners are becoming more conscious of their pet’s needs and health. One of the things increasing in popularity is the research about pet nutrition, natural food, and homemade treats. Homemade dog treats may sound challenging or difficult, but making them yourself is one way of keeping your furry babies happy and healthy. There […]

Carson, Pongo and Mason the Mixed Breeds

From left to right this is Carson, Pongo, and Mason… all three featured on DogPerDay the past three days. They are all rescues. Mason is a six year old Border Collie/Papillon mix. Carson is a three year old Chow/Akita/Collie/Husky mix. Pongo is a six month Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog/Terrier mix. Mason is the leader of […]