Bella the Labrador Retriever

Bella is 12 weeks old. She is our fourth Lab. After losing our previous two labs four months apart we were devestated, but then our house was too quiet and we missed the companionship of a dog. Bella is definitely unique. She will sit of her own accord, and if you tell her “stay” she comes right away. She has a mind of her own for sure. She is the only dog we have had that verbally lets us know when she doesn’t like something we have asked her do. “No” gets us a growl, as well as “leave it.” She does what we tell her to do, but she let’s us know she doesn’t want to. She is a bright ball of joy. I took this photo while out on a walk. She ran to the neighbor’s retaining wall and climbed up to look out. Submitted by Charity G.

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  1. Kate
    Kate says:

    Beautiful, Bella! These are the sweetest pictures, what a curious girl, and love that little pink tongue. You are just what the doctor ordered for your family! ?

  2. Lora
    Lora says:

    We have a dog that, when younger, growled or barked when told “No”, too. Glad to hear that there’s another cute dog out there doing the same sort of mischief!


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