Boerboel Puppies for Sale: How to Find One?

Have you decided to add a Boerboel pup to your family? Many families choose these puppies as a new addition to their household communities owing to their loyalty, intelligence, obedience, and playfulness.

The search for the right pup should start by asking for breeder recommendations, conducting research on breeders, and inspecting the physical appearance of these canines.

The tips below will assist you in finding one for sale.

Ask around

The primary tip to follow when looking for a Boerboel puppy is to ask around. If you know anyone that already owns such a pup, you should definitely get in touch with that person and openly discuss your intentions of adopting one. Boerboel owners can not only offer some tips to you on how to raise and look after such a dog, but they will also provide you with suggestions when it comes to breeders.

The actual goal of your conversations would be to figure out where these individuals got their Boerboel puppies in the first place, and to check if they were satisfied with the overall experience of cooperating with a certain breeder. Make sure you click here to learn more about the journey of adopting a Boerboel puppy. During your conversations, remember to ask whether some breeders are worth avoiding.

Conduct research on breeders

Apart from getting in touch with some Boerboel owners, you should conduct your own research on breeders. This research will provide you with a better idea about different breeders and their policies regarding the care of these animals during the period they are still in their possession. Reputable breeders don’t leave the pups in a kennel until they are eventually adopted by someone, but instead they have dedicated trainers that educate the puppies during the waiting period.

Moreover, checking the prices charged for Boerboel puppies should be another task on your to-do list in order for you to set your budget expectations. Purchases should be made only from a reputable and registered breeder who can provide a guarantee on the pups for sale. The breeder’s premises are supposed to be humane, clean and free of unpleasant odors.

Boerboel puppies should be kept clean and well-fed. The breeder is expected to provide proof of the health screenings of each canine, along with proper documentation of its pedigree. Visit this site,, to learn what a dog’s pedigree is. A reliable breeder would be more than willing to answer all the questions you have to ask.

Inspect the puppy

Prior to adopting your Boerboel puppy, you should inspect its coat, pigmentation, ears, teeth, muscles, forequarter angulations, hindquarter angulations, and tail. Start by inspecting the canine’s coat, which should be short, smooth, and dense. These coat characteristics ensure the proper prevention of flies, ticks, and sunburn. Remember that the official breed standards don’t allow these canines to have longish hair, especially around the back of their legs.

When searching for a purebred Boerboel, you should consider the pup’s color. In accordance with the standards for this breed, the accepted colors include brindle or brown, as well as different shades of red. These standards specify that there should also be some pigmentation, such as black lips, nose, and toenails.

The ears should be inspected as well to see whether or not the pup’s earflaps hang by the side of its head. Upright and half-upright earflaps are thought to be undesirable. Make sure the ears aren’t too close to each other. The next body part to inspect is the teeth, which you want to make sure are healthy. They should have a scissor bite, referring to the contact of the upper jaw’s incisors with the bottom jaw in the form of a slight overlap.

Furthermore, the bottom lip should not stick out of the upper lip at a young age, as the puppy might experience teeth misalignment when fully grown. The puppy should also have a good balance and fairly strong muscles. Forequarter and hindquarter angulations are important aspects to check. The angle between the shoulder blade and upper arm should be 120 degrees, while the hind legs are not supposed to be straight.

To sum up

Adopting the right Boerboel puppy is a process that requires devotion and plenty of attention on the part of future pet owners!

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