Foxy the Mixed Breed

Pepper, our blue heeler, turned two in May so we got him a sister as a playmate… Foxy! We were fortunate enough to rescue her from a very friendly foster family. Somehow, she was abandoned in our neighboring state of West Virginia. Whether it’s with her older brother, her dog park buddies, or her new parents, she’s always looking for fun and affection. We’re very fortunate to have two such wonderful pups. Submitted by Brandon and Sarah B.


Lupeta the Mixed Breed

I lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for 8 years and I found Lupe when she was a puppy… lost, hungry and very tired. I took her to the vet for clearance and then home for a bath and some dinner. She is 7 years old now and the love of my life. She is extremely smart and looks exactly like a Lowland Polish Sheepdog, but there is no way to really know.  We now live in Rockport, Texas and I have her in training to become a therapy dog for children’s hospitals and nursing homes (she’s the smartest one in class).  My baby… Submitted by Judy T.


Harry and Max the Border Collies

We adopted Max (Border Collie and Golden Retriever Mix) as a companion for Harry (Border Collie and Labrador Mix) after our other two dogs had died. Harry was 15 when we adopted Max, who was around two years of age. They adored each other straight away and had so much fun together. Sadly, Harry died a month ago. We are now in the process of adopting a new mate for Max as he misses Harry and needs a friend to play with. We all miss him so very much but we will welcome a new little adopted girl into our loving family very soon. We also have three adopted cats. I love receiving Dog Per Day! Submitted by Wendy B.