Grow Your Dog Grooming Business: Essential Tips for Success

Dog grooming is a prospering business that can be begun with a minimal investment as well as can be scaled up in time. Whether you’re a professional groomer looking to broaden your existing business or you’re just beginning, setting up an effective dog grooming business requires understanding, skill, as well as the right tools. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing essential tips to aid you in expanding your dog grooming business and being profitable in the future. Let’s get started…

Introduction to the Dog Grooming Business

If you’re passionate about pets and also want to start a business, then dog grooming is an excellent selection. Dog grooming is an important part of keeping your dog healthy and balanced and looking their best. It additionally allows pet owners to give the best possible care of their furry pals. Dog grooming is a growing industry, and the demand for professional groomers is rising.

Before you jump in, it is essential to be aware of what it takes to start a dog grooming business. To be effective, you need to have a strong plan, the appropriate skills, as well as get in touch with a wholesale dog grooming products supplier. You’ll likewise need to have a good understanding of the industry as well as the different sorts of services you can use. Lastly, you’ll be required to recognize exactly how to find and preserve clients.

Benefits of Starting a Dog Grooming Business

Beginning a dog grooming business can be a gratifying experience. You’ll have the chance to work with animals, which is a fantastic way to make a living. You’ll also have the freedom to establish your own hours as well as possibly work from home. Plus, you’ll get to help your new customers and also forge lasting connections with your clients.

Along with the personal benefits, there are also financial advantages to starting a dog grooming business. You’ll have the opportunity to earn excellent income, depending on just how effective you are. And also, you’ll have the chance to expand your business and grow into various other areas related to the pet dog care industry.

Essential Skills for a Dog Groomer

To be a successful pet groomer, you’ll be required to learn certain skills and knowledge. Firstly, you need to have a love for animals as well as a commitment to supplying quality care. You likewise need to be experienced concerning the various types of pets you will come across and also their grooming needs. You must have exceptional communication skills as well as the capacity to collaborate with a wide range of clients. Additionally, you might be required to handle tight spots in a calm and professional fashion.

In terms of technical skills, you ought to have a fundamental understanding of grooming strategies and also the proper use of brushing tools. You must also know the different types of pets as well as their specific grooming needs. You should be able to recognize common skin and coat problems and also have the understanding to advise the right therapies. Lastly, you should have the ability to develop a safe and comfortable environment for family pets and their owners.

Finding and Retaining Clients

Searching for and also keeping clients is crucial for any type of business. Fortunately, there are a variety of means to draw in new customers. Word-of-mouth referrals are among the most efficient means to find brand-new clients. You can likewise utilize social media platforms to get into your larger target market. Furthermore, you can make use of paid advertising such as Google Ads or Facebook Advertisements to target possible consumers.

When you have actually attracted new clients, it is essential to preserve them. The trick is to provide excellent solutions and develop relationships with your clients. You need to always make certain to keep them updated on their family pet’s progress as well as be available for any type of questions or problems they may have. Additionally, offering special discounts and loyalty programs can help ensure your keep your clients coming back.

Setting Up Your Dog Grooming Business

Once you have actually achieved the necessary skills and also found your first clients, it’s time to establish your dog grooming business. The first step is to pick the right location for your business, which could just be somewhere in your own home. You’ll be required to think about aspects such as accessibility to clients, car parking availability, as well as the overall feel and look of the room.

Next, you’ll need to acquire the essential equipment. This consists of grooming tables, clippers, scissors, brushes, and other professional dog grooming supplies. You’ll additionally be required to make certain that you have the right kind of safety equipment, such as safety goggles and gloves. Ultimately, you’ll need to develop a comfy and safe environment for your clients and also their family pets.

Developing a Dog Grooming Business Plan

Creating a business strategy is an important step in starting any type of business. In your strategy, you ought to lay out your purposes and also include a detailed budget plan. You should additionally include a marketing strategy, detailing exactly how you plan to advertise your business and draw in brand-new customers. Additionally, it is essential to set realistic goals and establish a plan for how you’ll reach them.

Dog Grooming Equipment

Having the best equipment is necessary for any type of dog grooming business. You should get a reliable set of tools, such as clippers, scissors, brushes, and also hair shampoos. You’ll additionally need to see to it that you have the right safety equipment, such as safety goggles, gloves, and aprons. In addition, you’ll need to purchase a good quality brushing table as well as various other accessories.

Dog Grooming Safety and Hygiene

Safety and hygiene are essential for any type of dog grooming business. It is very important to make sure that your grooming space is clean and also well-maintained. You should additionally ensure that your pet grooming tools are tidy as well as sterilized anc cleaned after each use. Additionally, you ought to use safety equipment such as safety goggles as well as hand-wear to secure yourself and your clients.

Advertising Your Dog Grooming Business

When your dog grooming business is up and running, it’s time to start advertising. You can make use of a variety of methods, such as word-of-mouth referrals, social networks, as well as paid advertising. You could also create a professional website as well as utilize search engine optimization to help drive more traffic to your site. Plus, you should consider using special discounts as well as loyalty programs to assist bring in brand-new clients.


Setting up a successful dog grooming business needs expertise, skill, as well as the right tools. You need to have a strong plan, the ideal skills, and the ideal equipment to begin. You also need to comprehend the industry and the different kinds of services you can offer. Finally, you’ll be required to find and also maintain clients, market your business, and offer outstanding service.

By following these tips, you can grow your dog grooming business and be successful over time. With the ideal understanding, skills, and tools, you can produce a flourishing business that will give you a great income and also the freedom to work from home. So what are you waiting for? Begin today and also make your dream of owning a dog grooming business come true.

Best Movie Scenes of All Time

Here’s list of some of the greatest movie scenes of all time (and some TV) that are available on YouTube. From comedies to thrillers, it’s all here. Warning: Some of these scenes are intense and violent.

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OK. Ready for some great movie scenes? Click on the name of any movie scene next to the title to conveniently watch on YouTube… Enjoy!

Aliens: Ripley, What The Hell Are You Doing! | Trapped In Medlab | Punch It, Bishop! | Get Away From Her You Bitch!
(500) Days of Summer: You Make My Dreams Come True
Mississippi Burning: The Social Club | The Barbershop
Misery: Paul Leaves His Room | Final Confrontation
The Firm: The Race Track
Cape Fear: Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are
Goodfellas: The Copacabana | Funny Guy | Spider | Billy Batts
Ghost Town: Fake Tan | Everybody Dies
Braveheart: Revenge | They’ll Never Take Our Freedom | Stirling | Betrayal | Now Bleed With Me
The Untouchables: Rooftop Chase
This Is Spinal Tap!: Backstage Arrangements | These Go To 11
Panic Room: Cell Phone | Final Showdown
Spider-Man 2: Train Battle
Spartan: Where’s The Girl, Jerry?
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest: Go On With Our Daily Routine
My Cousin Vinny: Stuttering Lawyer
Die Hard: Blow The Roof | Fall Of Hans
Zodiac: Interrogation
French Connection: Following The Connection | Car vs. Subway
The Driver: Robbery Getaway | Parking Garage | Final Chase
Prisoners: Saving Anna
Groundhog Day: Throwing Caution To The Wind
Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Truck Chase | Freeway
Misery: Paul Leaves The Room | Final Confrontation
The Lion King: Simba Meets Rafiki
Field of Dreams: Go The Distance | People Will Come | You Were Good | It’s My Father
Die Hard 2: Die Harder: The Runway | It’s Time To Kick Ass
Cliffhanger: Opening Fall | Helicopter Fight
Fargo: Mike Yanagita | Car Dealership
Line of Duty: Urgent Exit Required
The Sting: The Poker Game
A Few Good Men: Galactically Stupid
Margin Call: Emergency Meeting
What’s Up Doc?: Eunice Burns | Howard’s Rocks
No Country For Old Men: Coin Toss
Pulp Fiction: Overdose
The Dark Knight: Bank Heist | Joker Meets The Mob | Joker Crashes The Party | Police Chase Part 1 | Police Chase Part 2
The Insider: The Deposition | Obey Orders
Breaking Bad: Heisenberg Meets Tuco | We Tried To Poison You | Run | Say My Name | Hank Vs. The Twins
The Naked Gun: Play Ball!
Paths Of Glory: Trenches | Court Martial | Execution | I Pity You
Die Hard With A Vengeance: Harlem | Through The Park | Subway Bomb
Revolutionary Road: Not Well, My Ass | Hollow Shell Of A Woman
The Talented Mr. Ripley: Death Of Dickie | Freddy Confronts Ripley
Bananas: Break Up
The Dark Knight Rises: Bane’s Master Plan | Batman Vs. Bane | The Final Fight
Flight: Brace For Impact
True Lies: Motorcycle Vs. Horse | The Bridge Is Out | Harrier Jet
Breakdown: Duel
Amadeus: Play Salieri
The Hunt For Red October: You Arrogant Ass
Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Truck
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom: The Bridge
Minority Report: Everybody Runs | Automobile Factory Fight
Training Day: Standoff | The Bathtub
Collateral: Is That My Briefcase? | Fever Nightclub | Saving Annie
The Shawshank Redemption: Brooks Was Here | Rehabilitated | The End
Galaxy Quest: Taking The Ship Out | And It Exploded | By Grabthar’s Hammer
Pretty In Pink: Try A Little Tenderness
Falling Down: Convenience Store | Gangland
Buried: Snake
Moneyball: He Gets On Base | Scott Hatteberg
Hot Shots Part Deux: Prison Keys | We’re All Gonna Die!
The MacKintosh Man: Car Chase
Jaws: Pond Attack | You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat | Final Face-Off
Terminator 3: The Crane
Silence Of The Lambs: Wrong House
The Impossible: Tsunami Wave
Sleuth: Killing Milo
Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves: Daring Rescue
Carlito’s Way: Carlito Runs Part 1 | Carlito Runs Part 2
Mission Impossible: Tunnel
Waiting For Guffman: Just Talk Like A Normal Person
Breaker Morant: Rule 303
The International: Guggenheim Museum
Tombstone: Don’t Come Back | Johnny Ringo Meets Doc Holiday
King Kong: Stampede | Kong Protects Ann | Insect Pit | Rampage Through New York
The Madness of King George: You Are The Patient!
The Fellowship Of The Ring: The Balrog
The Hobbit: Bilbo Meets Smaug
A Civil Action: Personal Injury Law
Shattered Glass: Jukt Micronics | I Fired Him, OK?
Blue Chips: It’s About Goddamn Money!
Ordinary People: Golf Course Argument | Because I’m Your Friend
Casino Royale: Opening Foot Chase
The Hunted: Knife Fight | Final Fight
Searching For Bobby Fischer: Grand Master
Grand Canyon: Those Rocks Are Laughing
The Ghost Writer: Ferry Escape
The Social Network: Ambush
Arachnophobia: The General
Uncle Buck: Meeting With The Assistant Principal
Superman The Movie: Clark Kent Becomes Superman | Mugging | Helicopter Rescue
Hunt For The Wilderpeople: Birthday Song | Funeral
To Live And Die In L.A.: The Car Chase
Ronin: Chase Through Paris
The Shining: All Work And No Play
Top Secret!: Potato Farm Shootout
Freaks And Geeks: Homecoming Dance
Proof: Vegetarian Chili

Do you have any favorites that are not on my list? Feel free to let me know your picks via the comment box below.

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How to Properly Train your Puppy

Puppies are just like kids. They learn best when they’re young, but sometimes they are way too curious and eager to explore, so their attention may not always be where you want it to be. In other words, training a puppy can be a fun but also challenging task. This is especially true because of puppies’ natural affinity for exploration.

Curious as they are, puppies will go everywhere and sniff everything with an occasional munch on something they shouldn’t. Yes, puppies think everything is food, so when they eat something they aren’t supposed to eat, a good idea would be to search for the best mobile vet near me, just in case. That being said, here are a few tips on how to train your puppy properly.

How to establish a routine for training your puppy

As mentioned before, puppies are like kids; they have absolutely no idea what they’re supposed to do or care about. So training them is essential, which requires a proper routine. First and foremost, don’t get mad at your puppy if it goes potty in your home.

Establishing a routine for training your puppy is essential to ensure that they learn the behaviors you want them to have. Just make sure you take them outside for a walk regularly. Consistency and their instincts for marking territory will then kick in. Start by setting aside a specific time each day for training. This should be at least 15 minutes, but can be longer if you have the time and energy.

Tips for socializing your puppy with other dogs

Socializing your puppy with other dogs is an integral part of their development. It helps them learn how to interact with other animals and builds confidence. Here are some tips for socializing your puppy…

Start early: the earlier you start socializing your puppy, the better. Puppies should be exposed to different people, places, and animals from a young age to get used to them.

Make sure they’re comfortable: before introducing your puppy to another dog, make sure they’re comfortable in their environment first. If they seem scared or anxious, take a step back and give them time to adjust before continuing.

Introduce slowly: when introducing two puppies for the first time, do it slowly and carefully so that neither one gets overwhelmed or scared off by the other’s presence too quickly.

Supervise playtime: when puppies are playing together, make sure you supervise them closely so that things don’t get out of hand or become too rough between them.

Reward good behavior: reward your puppy with treats or praise whenever they show good behavior around other dogs, such as being gentle or not barking excessively at strangers or unfamiliar animals.

The importance of positive reinforcement during training

Positive reinforcement is an essential part of any training program. It helps to create a positive learning environment and encourages the puppy to continue trying new things. Positive reinforcement can be used in many different ways, such as verbal praise, rewards, or even physical contact. The key is finding something that works for you and your puppy.

When using positive reinforcement during training, it’s important to remember that timing is everything. If you wait too long after a successful behavior has been completed before providing the reward, then the puppy may not make the connection between their behavior and the reward they receive. On the other hand, if you give a reward too soon after a successful behavior has been completed, it could lead to the puppy becoming frustrated and confused.

It is important to be consistent with your puppy’s training and use positive reinforcement whenever possible. Make sure to provide plenty of exercise, playtime and affection to ensure a healthy relationship between you and your pup.

The Top 3 Companion Animals For Your Dog

Dogs are social creatures. Their need for companionship may encourage their owners to find a full-time friend to keep them occupied during the hours the dogs would spend alone while their humans work or go out. A friendly and reliable dog can live harmoniously with many animals. Some of the best companions may be creatures many people would not normally expect.

Consider a Rabbit

Domestic bunnies are often snuggly and playful. Rabbits can offer a lot of entertainment and companionship to a dog, but there are some considerations. Hunting dogs may have a natural inclination to chase or kill a rabbit. Also, bunnies can become destructive or hyper. They will have fewer behavioral concerns as long as they are fed well and given opportunities to play and exercise. Smaller dogs are less frightening for rabbits that may feel insecure around a large dog. Understand the nature of each pet, and never leave them alone until they are familiar with each other.

Try a Ferret

Ferret fans love their crazy bursts of energy and playful nature. It is a behavior that matches the personality of many dogs. The combination can become overwhelming or lead to trouble with quieter, older dogs, or if the dog has a more laid-back attitude. Ferrets can also have aggressive tendencies or behavioral issues if not allowed to get the many hours of sleep they need. A lifelong relationship can develop, however, between many types of dogs and their ferret roommates with a few cautious steps.

Ensure the dog and ferret have ample time to become familiar before allowing them to play together. Never leave the ferret outside of its enclosure when humans are not home. Ferrets can become destructive during playtime and injure themselves when they find dangerous hiding spots. Ferrets could harm pets like hamsters or birds that they view as prey. Larger dogs can hurt ferrets if they attempt to wrestle with their new friend. Supervised social time is often the best option.

Get a Cat

People often assume cats and dogs are natural enemies, but millions of people with both would disagree. About 68 percent of American households include a pet. Many of these homes have these supposed sworn enemies coexisting peacefully. Cats may not socialize the same way as dogs, but most will develop a deep devotion to their canine companion and happily sleep or wander through the house and yard with them. Some cats even enjoy grooming their dog friends. Introduced slowly and with supervision, most dogs will accept and love their feline roommate.

Many dogs thrive as the only animal in a household, and others may feel loneliness without constant companionship. The decision to bring another pet into the home should depend on the personality of the current pet. A pampered pooch may resent new animals in the house, and an old or unwell dog may lack the patience to live with a young animal of any species. Make the decision carefully to ensure it is the best choice for everyone involved.

How to Keep Your Cat Calm During Travel

It is certainly the case that the vast majority of cats out there simply do not enjoy traveling at all. With this in mind, you will want to do all you can to ensure they are kept as calm as possible along the way. You can certainly take many steps to help reduce your furry friend’s anxiety levels. So, let’s examine these in detail.

Prepare Your Journey and the Method of Travel

The first steps that you should be taking on do not necessarily have to involve your cat at all. Ultimately, you are going to want to make sure that your journey is as prepared as it possibly can be. You will want to choose a route that does not involve too much fast travel if possible, and you should also prepare to take a few breaks along the way as well.

You will also need to pick out a carrier that will contain your feline friend and make them feel calm at the same time. If you are going to be taking them in your own car, you can make a special effort to have it tuned up. If you are going to look into other cat transport options, such as, it is always going to be worth doing this sooner rather than later. Just remember to check the shipping company’s requirements for a carrier, as they might have a specific need for your cat to travel comfortably.

Get Your Cat Used to the Carrier

The next step will involve actually getting your cat into a routine in which they are used to the carrier. This tends to mean leaving the carrier out around your home and putting things inside that will help them keep calm, such as their blanket, cat toys, and/or some treats. This can help keep those anxiety levels down when it comes to getting in the car.

Try Out a Practice Journey

If you have never actually traveled with your pet before, there is no doubt that heading out on a practice journey will be a worthwhile step. This way you can see exactly how they will respond to it. In some cases, a cat is going to be quite calm, but in others, he or she may get more stressed out.

Having someone else in the car with you can provide a major helping hand as they will be able to talk to your kitty and provide any level of reassurance they need. Taking short trips out with the cat in the carrier for weeks, and even months before you have to make a bigger trip can do a lot for their anxiety.

By following these simple steps, you can greatly impact just how calm your cat might be when they are traveling. Ultimately, this can end up being a highly stressful occasion for them and one in which you will want to do all that you can to make sure that they do not feel overly anxious, as feline travel is likely to be necessary sometimes.

How to Keep Superworms Alive and Healthy For Your Pet

If you keep reptiles as pets, superworms make great food. The best technique to keep these creatures alive and healthy for your pet is up to each reptile owner.

Superworms are around four times the size of common mealworms and are thus a more substantial source of protein and other nutrients. Worms and live insects are an essential part of the diet of iguanas and other lizards.

Since superworm beetles just need a small amount of food and a relatively simple environment, they are not difficult to care for, raise, or even breed. So, here are some suggestions for taking good care of them.

1. Choosing a Suitable Container

Keep the Superworms in plastic, glass, or silicon containers. The minimum height for the container should be 7 inches. It’s been shown that superworm beetles do best in environments with lots of room to roam. Too many worms in a small space might cause a high mortality rate. There ought to be plenty of airflow in the crate.

2. Good Temperature Level

Temperatures between 66 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit are optimal for crates. When there are too many worms packed into a small space, the temperature rises, and condensation forms on the inside of the crate.

If the worms are restless from the heat, they may coil up regularly or flick back and forth. If the crate is too cool, the worms may become inactive or dig through the bedding for heat.

3. Bedding Materials

Common bedding materials for superworms include bran, mill feed, and white oats. Substrate or bedding material should be about 1.5 inches thick. Since the worms will be using the bedding as food, high-quality bran or another material is required.

4. Proper Hydration

The presence of excessive moisture in the crate could kill superworms. Experts recommend offering plenty of fruits and vegetables to the insects. Sliced apples, melons, and cucumbers hydrate the insects and keep them healthy.

Since these insects are nocturnal, it may be best to feed them at night. Pet owners should replace the food every day or every alternate day.

5. Maintenance

Keeping a superworm crate in good condition is simple. Dead worms, worm pupae, and other decaying matter must be removed daily, even though the crate itself only needs to be cleaned every two months.

6. Feed your worms properly

The following are four suggestions for feeding your superworms:

— Stay away from citrus, onions, tomatoes, and other citrus foods.
— Fruits should be sliced no thicker than 1/4 inch.
— Every two days, throw out any perishable produce (or if you notice any mould developing).
— Foods like cucumbers, sweet potatoes, carrots, and melons are great options for giving your worms the moisture and gut-loading nutrients they need to flourish.


Your pet’s natural instinct to hunt can be stimulated when you feed them superworms since they are a very nutritious and engaging food source. This blog post explains all you need to know about how to properly care for superworms. We really hope that you have found this article to be beneficial.

Best Underrated and Overlooked Songs From the 70’s You’ve Forgotten or Never Heard

Remember when they used to make good music? You may have forgotten, but they actually used to do that very thing. Here’s a list of great songs from the 1970’s that maybe you’ve never heard before, or if you have, your ears will be glad to hear them again.

Not all of these are never-released songs from obscure albums or 20-minute prog rock songs. A lot of them were actually hit singles! And I’m going to say that 70’s music started around 1966, so there will also be some songs here from ’66 through ’69. You also might find a few from 1980.
Not every song here is going to resonate with everyone. But trust me, if you bookmark this page and take the time to explore this list, you’re going to make a lot of new discoveries that you’ll love, as there are a bunch of different genres represented.

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OK. Ready for some forgotten gems from the 70’s? Let’s Go! Click on any song title to conveniently listen on YouTube… (Jump to the bottom of the list)

Chi Coltrane: Thunder and Lightning
Q: Dancin’ Man
City Boy:
The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver: (I Don’t Wanna Love You But) You Got Me Anyway
Pilot: January
Moon Martin: Rolene
Ambrosia: Holdin’ on to Yesterday
Sniff ‘N the Tears: Driver’s Seat
Sanford Townsend Band: Smoke from a Distant Fire
Gary Wright: Phantom Writer
Starz: Cherry Baby
Mr. Bloe: Groovin’ With Mr. Bloe
Badfinger: Day After Day
Andrew Gold: Lonely Boy
Dave Edmunds: I Hear You Knocking
T Rex: Telegram Sam
New England: Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya
Addrisi Brothers: Slow Dancin’
Elton John: Mama Can’t Buy You Love
Melanie: Brand New Key
Starbuck: Moonlight Feels Right
Bonnie Tyler: It’s a Heartache
Pacific Gas and Electric: Are You Ready?
100 Proof: Somebody’s Been Sleeping
Christie: Yellow River
Tee-Set: Ma Belle Amie
Mark Lindsay: Arizona
Brotherhood of Man: United We Stand
The Friends of Distinction: Love or Let Me Be Lonely
The Kinks: Lola
Marmalade: Reflections of My Life
Melanie: Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)
The Five Stairsteps: O-o-h Child
Dawn: Candida
Al Stewart: Lord Grenville
Fairport Convention: Come All Ye
Brian Eno: I’ll Come Running
Wadsworth Mansion: Sweet Mary
Mac and Katie Kissoon: Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends: Never Ending Song of Love
Brewer & Shipley: One Toke Over the Line
Tommy James: Draggin’ the Line
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart: I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight?
1910 Fruitgum Company: 1, 2, 3 Red Light
The Status Quo: Pictures of Matchstick Men
People!: I Love You
The Box Tops: Soul Deep
Paul Revere & The Raiders: Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon
The Cowsills: Indian Lake
The Turtles: You Showed Me
Tony Joe White: Polk Salad Annie
The Flying Machine: Smile A Little Smile For Me
The Grass Roots: Wait a Million Years
The Detroit Emeralds: Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)
Bill Withers: Use Me
The Alpha Band: Keep It In the Family
Desmond Dekker: The Israelites
Gerry Rafferty: Whatever’s Written In Your Heart
Traffic: Every Mother’s Son
Arlo Guthrie: City of New Orleans
Daniel Boone: Beautiful Sunday
Mouth And MacNeal: How Do You Do
B.W. Stevenson: My Maria
Helen Reddy: Delta Dawn
The Stylistics: Rockin’ Roll Baby
The Spinners: Mighty Love
The Hollies: The Air That I Breathe
The Amazing Rhythm Aces: Third Rate Romance
Dwight Twilley Band: I’m On Fire
Leo Sayer: Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance)
Sugarloaf: Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You
Wet Willie: Keep On Smilin’
Lee Michaels: Do You Know What I Mean?
George Harrison: What Is Life
Roy Wood: Forever
Marshall-Hain: Dancing In the City
Silver: Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang
Elton John: Elderberry Wine
Sweet: Fox On the Run
The Rubettes: Tonight
George Harrison: Crackerbox Palace
Chuck Mangione: Feels So Good
War: Summer
Status Quo: Living On An Island
Hello: New York Groove
Bob James: Angela (Theme from “Taxi”)
Lindisfarne: Meet Me On The Corner
Barry Blue: Dancin’ (On a Saturday Night)
The Move: California Man
Be-Bop Deluxe: Ships In The Night
Paul Nicholas: Dancing With The Captain
The Strawbs: Lay Down
Lindisfarne: Run For Home
Sally Oldfield: Mirrors
Pluto Shervington: Dat
Glen Campbell: Southern Nights
Heatwave: The Groove Line
Jay Ferguson: Thunder Island
Lighthouse: Hats Off To The Stranger
The Pousette-Dart Band: Amnesia
Cockney Rebel: Judy Teen
Nick Lowe: I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
Pilot: Just A Smile
John Prine: Fish & Whistle
Phil Manzanera: Alma
Wings: Mrs. Vanderbilt
Alan Parsons Project: The Cask Of Amontillado
Big Star: The Ballad Of El Goodo
Billy Joel: Last Of The Big Time Spenders
Brian Eno: Here He Comes
Elton John: Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
Harry Chapin: W.O.L.D.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Lucky Man
Gentle Giant: Wreck
Mott The Hoople: Roll Away The Stone
Eruption Featuring Precious Wilson: I Can’t Stand The Rain
The Motors: Airport
B.A. Robertson: Bang Bang
Smokie: If You Think You Know How To Love Me
Railroad Gin: A Matter Of Time
Al Stewart: If It Doesn’t Come Naturally Leave It
The Moody Blues: Never Comes The Day
Chicago: Poem For The People
T Rex: Monolith
The Spinners: The Rubberband Man
Russell Morris: Sweet Sweet Love
George Harrison: Ding Dong, Ding Dong
The Association: Never My Love
Leo Sayer: How Beautiful You Are
Dean Friedman: Ariel
Television: Guiding Light
Traffic: John Barleycorn (Must Die)
Climax Blues Band: Couldn’t Get It Right
George Harrison: Faster
Kayak: Chance For A Lifetime
George Harrison: Any Road
Sweet: The Six Teens
The Raspberries: Making It Easy
Slade: Gudbuy T’ Jane
The Raspberries: I Wanna Be With You
Duncan Browne: Journey
Bobby Womack: There’s One Thing That Beats Failing
Distractions: Time Goes By So Slow
The Roches: Hammond Song
Buchanan Brothers: Son Of A Lovin’ Man
The Alpha Band: Interviews
Allen Toussaint: Night People
Michael Farneti: The River
Roy Harper: When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease
Bobby Charles: I Must Be In A Good Place Now
Frankie Valli: Grease Is The Word
Al Stewart: Carol
Big Star: Thirteen
Billy Joel: Stop In Nevada
The Moody Blues: Tortoise And The Hare
Phil Manzanera Featuring Brian Eno: Big Day
Nick Drake: Pink Moon
Dion: Only You Know
Derek And The Dominos: I Looked Away
John Cale: Cleo
Dr. John: Such A Night
Swamp Dogg: Synthetic World
Jimmy Campbell: Half Baked
Alessi Brothers: Sea Bird
Dan Fogelberg: There’s A Place In The World For A Gambler
Chicago: In The Country
David Bowie: Always Crashing In The Same Car
Dan Penn: Nobody’s Fool
Elton John: Crazy Water
Harry Chapin: What Made America Famous
Brian Eno: Mother Whale Eyeless
Donovan: Hurdy Gurdy Man
Warren Zevon: Accidentally Like A Martyr
Big Star: Give Me Another Chance
Smokie: For A Few Dollars More
Jackson Browne: The Pretender
Sparks: The Number One Song In Heaven
Fanny: Ain’t That Peculiar
Al Green: Sweet Song
Big Star: September Gurls
Kate Wolf: You’re Not Standing Like You Used To
Chris Spedding: Video Life
NRBQ: Magnet
The Moody Blues: Nice To Be Here
John Prine: Crooked Piece Of Time
Dory Previn: Lady With The Braid
J.J. Cale: Magnolia
The Alpha Band: Wouldn’t You Know
Flamin’ Groovies: Shake Some Action
Harry Nilsson: Dayton, Ohio 1903
Joan Baez: Diamonds and Rust
Mary Hopkin: Those Were The Days
Elton John: Salvation
Squeeze: Up The Junction
Loudon Wainwright III: The Man Who Couldn’t Cry
Wire: Outdoor Miner
Bill Fay: I Hear You Calling
Blaze Foley: If I Could Only Fly
Randy Newman: Louisiana 1927
Joan Armatrading: Willow
Richard and Linda Thompson: I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
Fairport Convention: Matty Groves
Ofege: It’s Not Easy
Rodriguez: Cause
Amanaz: Khala My Friend
Odetta: Hit or Miss
Link Wray: Fallin’ Rain
Andy Pratt: Avenging Annie
Bobby Charles: Small Town Talk
Gregg Allman: Please Call Home
Tony Joe White: Saturday Night in Oak Grove, Louisiana
Little Feat: Trouble
Bobby Charles: Long Face
Danny O’Keefe: Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues
Family: My Friend The Sun
Murray Head: Say It Ain’t So Joe
Be-Bop Deluxe: Maid In Heaven
The Motors: Dancing The Night Away
Robert Palmer: How Much Fun
Al Stewart: Not The One
The Alpha Band: Arizona Telegram
Big Star: Try Again
Billy Joel: Somewhere Along The Line
John Cale: Gideon’s Bible
John Prine: Bruised Orange (Chain Of Sorrow)
Elton John: Amoreena
Brinsley Schwarz: Surrender To The Rhythm
Joan Armatrading: Down To Zero
Maria Muldaur: Gringo En Mexico
Wendy Waldman: Mad Mad Me
Linda Lewis: Gladly Give You My Hand
Valerie Carter: Face Of Appalachia
Maria Muldaur: Three Dollar Bill
Richard and Linda Thompson: Dimming Of The Day
The Babys: Every Time I Think Of You
Patrick Hernandez: Born To Be Alive
Chris Norman and Suzi Quatro: Stumblin’ In
The Marshall Tucker Band: Heard It In A Love Song
Family: Burlesque
The Guess Who: Star Baby
XTC: Making Plans For Nigel
Speedy Keen: Old Fashioned Girl
Nina Simone: Baltimore
Shuggie Otis: Inspiration Information
The Troggs: With A Girl Like You
Cream: Badge
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Prodigal’s Return
Boney M.: Rasputin
Al Stewart: Sand In Your Shoes
Spooky Tooth: It’s All About A Roundabout
XTC: Ten Feet Tall
Big Star: The India Song
Elton John: Razor Face
John Prine: That’s The Way The World Goes Round
Bob Welch: Ebony Eyes
Family: Glove
Chris Bell: You And Your Sister
Brian Protheroe: Pinball
Buchanan Brothers: Medicine Man
Billy Joel: The Great Suburban Showdown
John Cale: Charlemagne
Todd Rundgren: Wolfman Jack
Billy Preston: I Wrote A Simple Song
? & The Mysterians: 96 Tears
Uriah Heep: The Wizard
Badfinger: Come And Get It
The Who: Let’s See Action
Brian Eno: On Some Faraway Beach
Neil Diamond: Forever In Blue Jeans
Alicia Bridges: I Love The Nightlife
Small Faces: Itchycoo Park
Andy Kim: Rock Me Gently
Elton John: Part Time Love
Shirley & Company: Shame, Shame, Shame
Lee Jackson: Hey Girl
Eric Clapton: Let It Rain
The Moody Blues: Lovely To See You
Paul McCartney: Teddy Boy
Quicksilver Messenger Service: Pride Of Man
Alan Parsons Project: Breakdown
Thunderclap Newman: Thunder In The Air
Jigsaw: Sky High
Al Stewart: Flying Sorcery
Nick Gilder: Hot Child In The City
Paul Simon: Loves Me Like A Rock
Willie Nile: Vagabond Moon
Ten Years After: Let The Sky Fall
Edison Lighthouse: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
It’s A Beautiful Day: White Bird
Jesse Winchester: Say What
Diesel: Sausalito Summernight
The Hues Corporation: Rockin’ Soul
Little River Band: Cool Change
John Lennon: Jealous Guy
Bobby Vinton: Sealed With A Kiss
Ian Gomm: Hold On
Billy Joel: Vienna
Smokie: Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone
XTC: When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty
Climax Blues Band: I Love You
The Guess Who: Old Joe
John Prine: Sweet Revenge
Donnie Iris: Ah! Leah!
Neil Young: Alabama
Big Star: For You
Albert Collins: Master Charge
Elkie Brooks: Pearl’s A Singer
Janis Joplin: Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)
ABBA: Why Did It Have To Be Me?
Waylon Jennings: Good Ol’ Boys (Theme From “The Dukes Of Hazzard”)
Gallagher & Lyle: Heart On My Sleeve
Neil Sedaka: Bad Blood
The Left Banke: Pretty Ballerina
Procol Harum: Conquistador
The Mixtures: The Pushbike Song
Elton John: We All Fall In Love Sometimes
Harry Chapin: 30,000 Pounds of Bananas
Koko Taylor: I’m A Woman
Blues Image: Ride Captain Ride
Clout: Substitute
Dave Loggins: Please Come To Boston
The Allman Brothers Band: Melissa
Arrival: Friends
Driver 67: Car 67
Johnny Johnson & His Bandwagon: (Blame It) On The Pony Express
Jim Croce: I Got A Name
George Baker Selection: Paloma Blanca
Marmalade: I See The Rain
John Cale: Big White Cloud
Paper Lace: Billy, Don’t Be A Hero
Traffic: You Can All Join In
Al Stewart: Midnight Rocks
Uriah Heep: Easy Livin’
Steve Forbert: Romeo’s Tune
Brotherhood of Man: Angelo
Patsy Gallant: From New York To L.A.
String Driven Thing: The Machine That Cried
Rose Royce: I Wanna Get Next To You
Crabby Appleton: To All My Friends
The Lovin’ Spoonful: Darling Be Home Soon
Sopwith Camel: Hello, Hello
Don McLean: Castles In The Air
Ringo Starr: Step Lightly
Joe Simon: Get Down, Get Down
The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset
Rubicon: I’m Gonna Take Care of Everything
Bubble Puppy: Hot Smoke And Sasafrass
The Zombies: This Will Be Our Year
Warren Zevon: Carmelita
Jimmy Ruffin: Hold On To My Love
Elton John: Into The Old Man’s Shoes
Lynsey de Paul: Sugar Me
Neil Diamond: Soolaimon
George Harrison: This Song
The Babys: Isn’t It Time
Con Funk Shun: Ffun
Roxy Music: Beauty Queen
Bobby Hebb: Sunny
Badfinger: Baby Blue
Johnny “Guitar” Watson: A Real Mother For Ya
Max Webster: Let Go The Line
Reunion: Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)
Bobby Bloom: Montego Bay
Typically Tropical: Barbados
Bob Seger: Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man
Gary Wright: Love Is Alive
1910 Fruitgum Company: Indian Giver
Crow: Evil Woman Don’t Play Your Games With Me
Dave Edmunds: Queen Of Hearts
The Move: Blackberry Way
Jeremy Spencer: Cool Breeze
Billy Joel: Los Angelenos
Los Bravos: Black Is Black
Dan Hill: Sometimes When We Touch
Thunderclap Newman: The Reason
Cockney Rebel: Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
Cymarron: Rings
Eddie Floyd: Knock On Wood (1966)
Amii Stewart: Knock On Wood (1979 cover of the above)
The Mojo Men: Sit Down, I Think I Love You
Norma Tanega: Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog
The Troggs: Love Is All Around
The Moody Blues: Minstrel’s Song
Nick Lowe: Cruel To Be Kind
The Left Banke: She May Call You Up Tonight
Goldberg: Cry A Little Bit
Renaissance: Carpet Of The Sun
T Rex: Life’s A Gas
Brian Eno: Backwater
Jesse Winchester: Yankee Lady
Wings: Getting Closer
Patto: Time To Die
Paul Simon: Mother And Child Reunion
Smokie: Needles And Pins
Chuck Berry: Tulane
Bread: Mother Freedom
Marc Jordan: Marina Del Rey
Elvis Costello: Less Than Zero
Honeybus: I Can’t Let Maggie Go
John Prine: Donald And Lydia
Gallagher & Lyle: Breakaway
Michel Pagliaro: Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy
Dan Penn: Tearjoint
Big Star: Thank You Friends
Camille Yarbrough: Take Yo’ Praise
David Bowie: Starman
Fogg: Water In My Wine
The Hollies: Don’t Let Me Down
Billy Preston: Outa Space
Neil Young: Are You Ready For The Country?
M: Pop Muzik
Gerry Rafferty: Home And Dry
Ambrosia: And… Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled
Dr. Hook: Sharing The Night Together
Freda Payne: Band Of Gold
La Bionda: One For You, One For Me
Rainbow: Temple Of The King
Lindisfarne: Fog On The Tyne
The Staple Singers: If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me)
Toto: I’ll Supply The Love
Little Feat: Long Distance Love
Gil Scott-Heron: Home Is Where The Hatred Is
Fleetwood Mac: Bare Trees
Marmalade: Rainbow
Jackson Browne: Here Come Those Tears Again
Bob Welch: Sentimental Lady
Jimmy Cliff: Vietnam
Mud: Tiger Feet
The Radiators: Let’s Talk About The Weather
Queen: Seven Seas Of Rhye
Cat Stevens: Matthew & Son
Frederick Knight: I’ve Been Lonely For So Long
R.B. Greaves: Take A Letter Maria
The Undisputed Truth: Smiling Faces Sometimes
Dave & Ansell Collins: Double Barrel
Joan Armatrading: Love And Affection
Television Personalities: Part Time Punks
Elton John: Shine On Through
Lulu: Me, The Peaceful Heart
The Jam: To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have A Nice Time)
The Original Caste: One Tin Soldier
Starz: Sing It, Shout It
Fairport Convention: Reynardine
Bobby Sherman: Cried Like A Baby
Dr. Hook: Sylvia’s Mother
Blue Swede: Silly Milly
Redbone: Come And Get Your Love
The Soulful Dynamics: Mademoiselle Ninette
Pop Tops: Mammy Blue
Steve Forbert: Say Goodbye To Little Jo
Atomic Rooster: Tomorrow Night
Jen Rog: Sunday Morning
Jackie Moore: Precious, Precious
Steeleye Span: All Around My Hat
John Miles: Music
Randy Newman: Rider In The Rain
The Fun And Games: The Grooviest Girl In The World
The Only Ones: Another Girl, Another Planet
10cc: I’m Mandy Fly Me
Goldberg: Say Your Name Out Loud
Boston: A Man I’ll Never Be
Brotherhood Of Man: Save Your Kisses For Me
The Zombies: A Rose For Emily
Harry Chapin: Dreams Go By
Burton Cummings: Stand Tall
Alive ‘N Kickin’: Tighter, Tighter
Sweet: Wig-Wam Bam
David Bowie: Watch That Man
Sammy Johns: Chevy Van
John Lennon: (Just Like) Starting Over
Robin McNamara: Lay A Little Lovin’ On Me
Cockney Rebel: Mr. Raffles (Man, It Was Mean)
Jefferson Starship: Miracles
Small Faces: Lazy Sunday
The Kinks: Victoria
Ohio Express: Chewy Chewy
Clout: Save Me
Badfinger: No Matter What
Max Webster: Diamonds, Diamonds
Lou Christie: I’m Gonna Make You Mine
Honeybus: Julie In My Heart
The Buggles: The Plastic Age
Michael Nesmith: Joanne
Roxy Music: Just Another High
Ralph McTell: Streets Of London
Hoyt Axton: When The Morning Comes
Bobbie Gentry: Fancy
Eric Burdon & The Animals: Sky Pilot
The Classics IV: Stormy
Brenton Wood: Gimme Little Sign
The Raspberries: Let’s Pretend
Daddy Dewdrop: Chick-a-Boom
Wallace Collection: Fly Me To The Earth
Blood, Sweat & Tears: Hi-De-Ho
Sherbet: Howzat
Jim Stafford: Swamp Witch
Billy Joel: Weekend Song
John Paul Young: Yesterday’s Hero
La Costa Tucker: Get On My Love Train
Poco: Keep On Tryin’
The J. Geils Band: Make Up Your Mind
UFO: High Flyer
Jefferson Starship: Jane
Ambrosia: Angola
Caravan: Stuck In A Hole
Humble Pie: Natural Born Bugie
Gene Chandler: Groovy Situation
The Millennium: 5 a.m.
Kalapana: When The Morning Comes
Brian Eno: The True Wheel
Tee-Set: She Likes Weeds
Gallery: I Believe In Music
Cymande: The Message
Paul Wingfield: Eighteen With A Bullet
Michel Pagliaro: Rainshowers
Rick Springfield: Speak To The Sky
Trooper: We’re Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time)
David Dundas: Jeans On
Jackie Lee: The Duck
Al Wilson: The Snake
Big Star: My Life Is Right
Punch: Fallin’ Lady
Betty Wright: Clean Up Woman
Frankie Miller: The Doodle Song
Wishbone Ash: Ballad Of The Beacon
O.C. Smith: La La Peace Song
The Statler Brothers: Flowers On The Wall
Phil Ochs: Chords Of Fame
Renaissance: Let It Grow
McGuinness Flint: When I`m Dead And Gone
Beverly Bremers: Don’t Say You Don’t Remember
The Rubettes: Juke Box Jive
Lambert and Nuttycombe: Morning
American Flyer: Let Me Down Easy
Emitt Rhodes: Pardon Me
The Records: Starry Eyes
Tommy James and the Shondells: Sweet Cherry Wine
The Left Banke: Walk Away Renee
George Harrison: Blow Away
The Knickerbockers: Lies
Tomorrow: Hallucinations
Lobo: Rock And Roll Days
Billy Swan: Everything’s The Same (Ain’t Nothing Changed)
Lighthouse: Sunny Days
Charlie Daniels: Uneasy Rider
Sagittarius: My World Fell Down
The Pousette-Dart Band: I Don’t Know Why
Keith West: On A Saturday
Crabby Appleton: Go Back
Raydio: Jack And Jill
Simon & Garfunkel: My Little Town
Enchantment: If You’re Ready (Here It Comes)
The Pretty Things: Don’t Bring Me Down
Bill Fay: Omega Day
Bob Kuben And The In-Men: The Cheater
The Shades of Blue: Oh How Happy
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66: Mas Que Nada
Family: Coronation
The Merry-Go-Round: Live
Traffic: Empty Pages
Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons: The Night
Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces: Searching For My Love
The New Vaudeville Band: Winchester Cathedral
J.J. Jackson: But It’s Alright
P.J. Proby: Niki Hoeky
Leon Russell: Shoot Out On The Plantation
Steeleye Span: One Misty Moisty Morning
The Members: Sound Of The Suburbs
Joan Armatrading: Rosie
The Zombies: She’s Not There
Jerry Jane: Hello Josephine
Every Mother’s Son: Come On Down To My Boat
Moby Grape: 8:05
Joy Of Cooking: Let Love Carry You Along
Trooper: Oh, Pretty Lady
The Four Tops: One Chain Don’t Make No Prison
Poco: Rose Of Cimarron
Cymande: Bra
Sibylle Baier: Forget About
Gallery: Big City Miss Ruth Ann
Steve Forbert: You Cannot Win If You Do Not Play
The Kinks: Picture Book
Mark Lindsay: Silver Bird
Ralph McTell: Claudia
Frankie Miller: Darlin’
Five Man Electrical Band: Absolutely Right
Mouth & MacNeal: Hello-A
Rick Nelson: Rock-N-Roll Lady
Delaney & Bonnie: Move ‘Em Out
Elton John: Grimsby
McGuinness Flint: Friends Of Mine
Toots And The Maytals: Pressure Drop
Emitt Rhodes: Somebody Made For Me
The Walker Brothers: The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore
Michel Pagliaro: Some Sing, Some Dance

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Aggressive Dogs: Warning Signs And Training Tips

Aggression is a word that is used to give a description for more than one of your dog’s behaviors. Usually aggressive behavior will begin as a warning. However, it might ultimately lead to an attack, which is why training an aggressive dog is so important.

Here are some signs that a dog may be displaying aggressive behavior:

— Growling
— Standing inflexible and/or still
— Showing teeth
— Snarling (growling while displaying teeth)
— A threatening or guttural bark
— Lunging or charging at a human
— Mouthing/light biting that does not make use of pressure
— Snapping or nipping at a man or woman without leaving a mark
— Biting that leaves bruising or puncture wounds
— Repeated bites in speedy succession

How To Train Aggressive Dogs

The first step to training an aggressive dog is to pick out who or what he is aggressive toward. Does your dog exhibit symptoms of aggression to a unique household member, or towards a friend, strangers, or different animals? Also, as noted above, it is essential to discover what in his surroundings is making him angry.

Once you are aware of what motivates your dog’s aggression and to whom he is aggressive, it is time to work one-on-one with a expert canine trainer. If you are not certain who to hire, you could contact your veterinarian for a recommendation. Before you begin any training, check with your vet to make sure your dog is healthy. A checkup may additionally assist with you becoming aware of any underlying physical problems that could also be affecting your pet’s demeanor.

Never Ignore Aggression

This can be an important tip for a couple of reasons. The more obvious reason is that aggression is an undesirable trait that could lead to someone, or even your dog, getting hurt. If you observe aggression in a dog that you do not know, it is wise to walk away alone. If these behaviors are being detected with the aid of your very own canine, it is fundamental to make certain you discover why so that you can take steps to decrease his aggression.

The other purpose to no longer ignore canine aggression relates to the fundamental significance to your safety. As your pack leader, your dog has an instinctual protecting mechanism that maintains security from whatever it deems as a threat. If you note any of the symptoms of aggression in your usually tame canine, then it would possibly be well worth a speedy investigation of your surroundings.

Your dog’s sensitivity to odor and sounds are an awful lot more enhanced than a human’s, so he or she will be capable of apprehending possible trouble a lot sooner. Whether it is an intruder in your house, or a wild animal in the vicinity, your dog’s aggression symptoms may just simply be a signal of warning that something of risk exists and to remain at a distance.

Lastly, do not by any means ever punish your dog for aggression. Dogs do not respond well to harsh punishment and therefore are more likely to act out or display even greater aggression when punishment is used. Instead, the best way to train away aggressive conduct is to reward correct behavior. Sometimes your canine may additionally need a little reminder that you are in charge. However, sooner or later he will respond excellently to reconditioning through reward-based training.


Much like children, puppies need to be taught to not act out. Consistent aggressive conduct is generally symptomatic of a larger problem that needs to be dealt with so that you can assuage it in the dog’s environment. Once you discover your dog’s triggers, you can work with him or her, and a vet or training coach can assist you each in researching how to limit the aggression. A little bit of love and persistence can go a long way in supporting your dog so that he or she becomes more calm and well-behaved.

5 Things You Need to Know About Multi-Pet Insurance

More people are getting pets today than ever before. As a result, the demand for pet insurance has increased as well. With an increasing number of pets living in our homes, it makes sense that more pet owners are thinking of getting medical coverage for their furry family members. However, this comes with its fair share of challenges and pitfalls when it comes to purchasing a policy, especially if you own more than one pet. To help you navigate through the options available and find the best policy for your pets, we’ve outlined five things you should know about multi-pet insurance policies before getting one:

Demand for multi-pet insurance is high

Today at least 62% of households have at least one pet in the UK. This number is expected to increase as more and more people welcome pets into their lives. With the population of pet owners growing, so too is the demand for multi-pet insurance.

The cost of multi-pet insurance is often determined by its demand

As pet ownership becomes more popular over time, the cost of multi-pet insurance can also rise. The cost of pet insurance is driven by many factors, such as the popularity of certain breeds, the likelihood of making a claim, and the cost of caring for pets in the event of an accident or illness. With so many factors affecting the price of pet insurance, it’s no wonder that it’s still pricier than most people expect. The good news, however, is that multi-pet insurance can get cheaper in the long run than insuring each pet separately.

Coverage options may vary

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to purchasing multi-pet insurance is that coverage options vary greatly. Some policies may allow you to choose between coverage for up to five pets, for example. Other policies may only offer coverage for two or three pets at a time.

Most importantly, the coverage you receive may also vary based on your pet’s breed and age. In addition to these coverage options, the amount you pay for your policy may also vary depending on your pet’s health, lifestyle and so on. If you’re interested in finding out more about coverage options, click here.

You may need to pay up-front

Another challenge when it comes to multi-pet insurance is that you may need to pay a coverage fee upfront. This fee varies depending on the kind of coverage you want, and it’s typically taken out of the settlement money for the claim. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if your pets are young and healthy with no pre-existing medical conditions, you may be able to obtain coverage for a low upfront fee.

If you choose to purchase pet insurance with a company that requires an upfront fee, you should be aware that there may be limitations on the types of claims you can make. If your policy requires a lower down payment, then you may be prevented from making certain claims.

Know what’s covered and what’s not

One of the most important things you should keep in mind is knowing what’s covered and what’s not. This is a crucial factor when it comes to selecting the best policy for you and your pets’ needs. While most pet insurance policies cover a wide range of expenses, there are certain things that coverage may not cover. These may include non-basic veterinary services and wellness exams. In addition, some policies may or may not cover injuries caused by preventable accidents, such as a dog jumping out of a car.

That being said, most policies will cover the majority of medical expenses as long as they are included in your policy. That way, you can focus on the things that are most important to you, from getting routine health checks to unexpected illnesses.

Final thoughts

While it can be fun to think about adding another pet to your family, it’s important to be prepared for a busy life with multiple pets. This means understanding the costs and benefits of multi-pet insurance, as well as finding a policy that meets your needs. If you are looking for the best policy for your needs, keep in mind that multi-pet insurance is just one of many options.

What To Do When Your Dog Has Allergies

Dogs are naturally sensitive creatures, and their owners should be aware of potential allergies that can affect them. If you have noticed signs of allergic reactions in your dog, there may be steps you can take to reduce your pet’s suffering and maintain its health. This article will guide you through some simple steps to follow when your dog shows signs of an allergic reaction.

Identifying The Allergy

The first step to helping your pet is to identify his or her allergy. Look for signs such as excessive itching, skin rashes, sneezing, vomiting, or diarrhea. If you notice these symptoms, contact a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

The cause of the allergy varies depending on the type of food that is causing it. However, many dog owners are unaware that their dogs are allergic to foods such as corn, carrots, chicken, peanut butter, and even chocolate! Don’t let these odd labels fool you. The foods causing an allergic reaction may look quite different from one another.

If you have identified your dog’s allergy, take immediate action by having the offending food removed from the diet immediately. Your dog will be more susceptible to allergic reactions if they eat the usual diet for several weeks without it…

For example, if your dog is allergic to peas and is eating a diet that includes peas, it would be advisable to remove them for about four weeks. By doing this, the body will have no time to form any antibodies against the grains, fruits, or vegetables and will only have time to form antibodies against the culprit food.

Finding An Alternative Diet

Once it has been established that your pet is allergic to certain foods, it is important to find an alternative diet. Your veterinarian can recommend specific food choices, but there are also many commercially available, hypoallergenic foods specially formulated for dogs with allergies.

One of the most controversial diets concerns feeding a mixture of raw foods, cooked foods, and treats made with raw ingredients. These mixes are created using meats and vegetables that are either ground or mashed into a liquid so your pet can consume them. The raw ingredients are soaked in an enzymatic solution to kill bacteria before the animal consumes them. The process is somewhat similar to cooked vegetables after being blanched or steamed. These diets are usually recommended by holistic veterinarians who feel that dogs have adapted to eating cooked and raw foods.

Some other options to consider are homemade diets created with fresh ingredients and a raw food diet made from meat alternatives like fish, turkey, or lamb. Be sure to follow the advice of your veterinarian when making changes to your pet’s diet.

Managing The Allergy With Food

If you have identified an allergen in your pet’s diet, it may be possible to manage the allergy. In some instances, you can try raw beef dog food or chicken which could significantly turns your dog’s health around. Also, medications and supplements are recommended based on your dog’s specific needs.

Check Dietary Supplements

If your pet is eating a grain-free diet, many dietary supplements can be fed in addition to the regular food. It is important to experiment with these supplements in small doses to avoid any possible adverse reactions. Many of these supplements are formulated specifically for dogs with allergies.

However, in some cases, it may be easier for your veterinarian to prescribe a treatment protocol for you and your dog. It is important to note that dietary supplements can affect how other medications work in the body. Hence, it’s important to consult with a veterinarian before you make any changes to your pet’s diet.

Involve Medications

Many medications can help to reduce the sensitivity of your pet’s allergic reactions. The foods and medications should be combined. For instance, oral biotics can be combined with foods. They are usually fermented, meaning they are live organisms that help improve your dog’s health and immune system. There are several brand names on the market, but you can also purchase them from your veterinarian.


Allergies are not just annoying for dogs; they can be dangerous and even deadly. With the help of your veterinarian and a few dietary changes, it is possible to control the symptoms of allergies, especially those caused by food. If you have identified an allergen in your pet’s diet, you may be able to manage their allergy with medications or supplements.