Raider the Terrier Mix

Hi, I’m Raider, your friendly Pitbull mix. I was adopted but found out that I’m rather picky towards my fellow canines… not jealous, but playing with them was a challenge. Maybe it’s a canine thing, but I did LOVE my adopted human parent. I would love another chance to prove myself. Submitted by Lodi Animal Services in Lodi, California. Please call (209) 333-6741 to schedule an appointment to see Raider. His fees have been waived.


Why Pet Portraits are the Best Gift of 2021

How about gifting your loved one with a beautiful portrait of their beloved pet? How about a dog portrait or a custom pet portrait? Sounds interesting, right? Well, pet lovers have a special place in their hearts for their loveable pets.

Animals like dogs and cats are often the truest companions of people and they truly love these animals as their pets and treasure their adorable little friends in life. In fact, for most pet lovers, their pets are considered family members.

If you are a pet owner, then you must already know this fact well. Don’t you want your pet’s memory to always be there with you? The answer is a yes, isn’t it? Like you, your friends or family who have pets might also love something like that as well.

So the best gift that you can think of for them on any occasion would be a custom pet portrait that can help them memorialize their pet, even after long years in which the pets are not with them anymore. A dog portrait (if you are gifting a dog owner) or any custom pet portrait is the best way to send a token of love to any pet owner.

Pet Portraits: A Perfect Surprise Gift

A custom pet portrait could be a perfect surprise gift for your beloved friends or family who are proud pet owners. Your loved ones will most likely never see it coming as a gift from you because it is a unique way of conveying your love and thoughtfulness to others.

If you want to truly surprise someone, pet portraits could be one of the most perfect gift options. With a dog portrait as a gift for a friend of yours who owns a dog, you can expect the highest emotional and meaningful reaction from him or her! A hand-painted pet portrait for someone whom you love can end up making them feel overwhelmed and shed tears.

Pet Portraits as Gifts: Honor Your Loved Ones’ Pets After Their Lives

A beautiful pet portrait as a gift to your friend or family member will not only help you honor their beloved pet during their life, but you can also allow them cherish their pet’s memory after they have died. Pets don’t have a very long lifespan compared to humans, so gifting a pet portrait to a pet owner will help their grieving process in the most thoughtful way.

If a pet owner has a picture of his or her beloved pet hanging in any part of their house, it will give the person a warm feeling and he or she will be constantly reminded of the importance of his or her pet when it was alive. There can be no better way to honor the memory of a pet who is gone other than by turning its picture into a stunning painting and hanging it on the walls.

Pet Portraits are Amazing Holiday Gifts

There is a wide variety of pet portraits available on the market. There are different types based on the basic material used in the portrait, from charcoal, watercolor or acrylic, to pencil sketch or color pencil sketch portraits. They make excellent gifts for pet-owners at an affordable price.

You can also get a custom pet portrait for anyone you love just like the way you want it. There are many custom sizes and different styles available. For instance, it is possible to consider the most striking aspect of two pictures of a pet and combine them together to create a single masterpiece.

Don’t wait anymore! Gift the best portraits of your loved ones’ pets to them and they will love it.

Ginger the Goldendoodle

Ginger is an 18 month old Goldendoodle. She is fun and very social. So happy all the time. Ginger is in the middle. We live in Portland, Maine and this photo is taken on our boat in front of Sprint Point Headlight. She is with two dogs whom she just met. One is a four year old Golden Retriever and the other is a four month old Golden. They are all smiling and having a great time on a beautiful day in Maine! Submitted by Julie M.


Popo the Mixed Breed

Meet Popo, the latest member of our family. Popo is about nine months old and was a mixed breed stray until two months ago when she came up to my son on a street and then jumped into the passenger side of our car before we could close close the door! So we brought her home. Popo has boundless energy and gets on very well with our other furry family members. She has a very soulful face that is so expressive and we all just love her to bits! We are just so glad she chose to come and live with us. Submitted by Jago S.

Popo with a family member.

Popo with Anubis (brown) and Dino the Husky, ready for bed.

This is Popo with her best friend, Rokku the Husky.


Ollie the English Bull Terrier

Ollie is my second Mini English Bull Terrier. He is named in loving memory of Mollie, my first Mini English Bull Terrier. I was very lucky to get this sweet boy, as most breeders do not let “regular people” have their puppies, as they are a breed all of their own. My friend found Ollie posted on the AKC site. Because I had experience with the breed, and had just lost Mollie after almost 14 years (I was devastated,) the breeder let me have Ollie on the condition that I fly to Detroit to get him. He is the best medicine I could ask for, and I am training him to follow in Mollie’s paw prints to do modeling work. Submitted by Jay W.


Diamond the Terrier and Banjo the Labrador Retriever

Here are some pictures I took of my dog, Diamond, and my mom’s dog, Banjo. Both dogs live in the same house with me and my parents, so I sorta kinda consider Banjo my dog, too. Diamond is a four year old purebred Red Nose Brindle Pit Bull Terrier, and Banjo is a one-and-a-half year old purebred light cream Labrador Retriever.

Diamond, the rescue Pit, is my owner trained multipurpose service dog for psychiatric alert and response, autism assistance, and medical alert and response. She’s fully task trained and public access trained, as well as a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen. Both her and Banjo passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) tests at just a year old. The tester even complimented me on my training skills, especially since I was at a young age of just 15/16 years old at the time.

Banjo, the goofy Lab, is my mom’s multipurpose service dog for mobility assistance and psychiatric response, whom I trained for my mom. He’s fully task trained and public access trained, as well as a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen.

Diamond is my life-saver. I don’t know what I’d ever do without her. She has helped me in many ways, including keeping me from fainting with her very helpful low blood sugar alerts. She interrupts my self-harming behaviors (scratching), and even guides me during episodes of dizziness or dissociation. Of course, she can do many more than just this. She’s just such a smart doggy.

Many people don’t know this, but all service dogs have “off-days” where they may be a little more distracted and what-not, but the majority of the time, they are well-behaved and know when they need to help their handler. Other than the occasional off-day, Diamond and Banjo follow their obedience and task commands perfectly.

Diamond and Banjo both love to learn something new. They’re people-pleasers for sure. LOL. Submitted by Jennica F.


Elliot the White English Cream Golden Retriever

Elliot just turned 11 months old. He was 10 months in the photos that are being sent. He is a White English Cream Golden Retriever and we got him at eight weeks old. He amazes us everyday with the things he does. He LOVES the pool, and being in water, and truly loves to play fetch. At night he has to get on my husband and I’s bed, with my youngest daughter (16 years old) and roll all around, taking the covers in his mouth to cover himself and then just lay there. After my daughter says goodnight, he lays still between my husband and I for about five minutes, moves to the other side of my husband and stretches out, lies there five more minutes, then sits up on the edge of the bed… waits… sits… waits… then after about 10 minutes he gets down and lays on the floor! This has to be his nightly routine or he cries and whines until everyone is there together! He needs to have someone petting him at all times when we are sitting, and he watches TV, depending on the show! I cannot imagine our lives without him. Submitted by Valerie C.