Mindi the Mixed Breed

Miss Mindi is a six year old rescue, imported from the US. When she “kisses” me, she nibbles the tip of my nose with her teeth. She is queen of the small dog park we go to every morning, and will run from one end of the fenced area to the other to chase off the “evil fence dwellers” (people walking outside the fence with their dogs). She used to do this on her own, but now she has a following of eight or nine dogs that back her up. She has come such a long way from the frightened, sad little dog that I adopted four years ago. She is pure love, and I can’t imagine my life without her. Submitted by Dan W.

Tara, Rokku and Dino the Huskies

Hello everyone from the Husky Gang in sunny Malaysia. It’s pretty much hot and wet year round and so we all love being in the pool! The three of us are Tara (red), Rokku and Dino (both grey). We also love our evening walks, car rides and afternoon siestas! Submitted by Jaco S.

Rokku and Tara fighting for the stool.

Tara waiting to see the Vet…

Rokku enjoying the pool.

Snooze time for Rokku and Tara

Chilling out.