Rose the American Bully

My name is Amine and my dog’s name is Rose. She is three months old, born on December 18th. She loves to play and sleep. She’s very friendly and always excited to see others. We have a four year old daughter and they are just like sisters. They play with each other and get on each others’ nerves every once in a while. Rose is a beautiful dog with an amazing personality. Submitted by Amine D.


Lilly the Labrador Retriever

Hello, this is my Black Lab, Lilly! She is eight years old and loves to be around her family! Wherever you go, she will be your little shadow. Lilly also loves walks, sleeping on the bed, and stealing the food right from your plate when you’re not looking. On the weekends we go see her cousins’ house (two boxers: Molly and Henry) and play all day long! Submitted by Ivana B.


Cyborg the Husky

Hello!! I’m Harry and this is my guy, Cyborg! He’s a Husky mixed with random beach dog living in the Philippines! I’m originally from England but I now live in the Philippines and I love huskies! Cyborg is so playful. This photo was taken after he had his daily run around in the ocean trying to chase fish, but he never catches any… lol! Submitted by Harry at