Reese the Aussie Labradoodle

Hi. My name is Reese and I am 3 1/2 years old. I am an Aussie Labradoodle and I live in Southern Oregon with my family. I am definitely the Queen of the House. I love to wait under the kitchen table for accidental droppings by the kids, or just by the refrigerator door when it is opened — hoping for a little treat of any kind. I love to chase Deer and Squirrels. I love to take runs with my owner and take very long dreamy naps. Submitted by Dia O.

Pulgarcito the Chihuahua Cocker Spaniel Mix

This little guy is Pulgarcito. He is named after a Spanish cartoon character that wears big boots and runs over flowers. This dog is quite a character. He thinks he is 300 pounds but he’s only like 10. He’s a loving dog to my wife and I but pretty protective around everybody else. He is 12 years old. He’s a Chihuahua and a Cocker Spaniel mix. He cannot be by himself, but has to follow my wife or me everywhere we go or even just lay under my feet. We love him. Submitted by Steven K.

Zazu the Beagle, Dachshund Mix

This is Zazu. You know, the bird from The Lion King? He is a Doxie, which is a Beagle and Dachshund mix. He is about 10 pounds. He’s a sweet, loving dog, and everywhere I go everybody says, “Oh, your dog is so cute and has really great personality.” Only thing is he’s a little stinky. Must be his coat or something. But he’s adorable. Submitted by Steven K.

Pocket the Cairn Terrier Mix

Meet Princess Pocket. She’s a mixed Cairn Terrier aged 2 1/2 years. Pocket was found at just 4 weeks in a hole in the ground with 3 siblings in Spain, during the intense heat. She and her siblings were infested with fleas with many bald patches. She was adopted via the rescue at 8 weeks and lives with two other rescues, all of which are the abdolute joy in our lives. Pocket is a shy timid little soul who just loves to cuddle up at any opportunity. Her favorite pastime is chasing rabbits with her best friend Rhea (a mimi Pin) in the olive groves. She also likes to go to the hair dressers and get clipped for the summer months, and she trots around with a little wiggle almost saying, “Look at me.” Submitted by Heather W.