Konya the Anatolian Shepherd

Konya was the pick of the litter and we got her when her first home didn’t work out. The seven year male Anatolian Shepherd in her new pack didn’t accept her. When she came to us we noticed two things right away: She is a big love, and she likes to bark. At first it was at anything that moved or made a noise: cars, cyclists, leaves, wind chimes, etc. Now she barks when she feels like it, which is often. However it is short-lived once we thank her for her service, after all, she is a guard dog. We even have one neighbor that said he liked it when she barks when someone goes up our road since it’s a dead end road and no one should be there but us!

She also loves her brother, Aslan, who incessantly eggs her on to play, which she does, but when she’s had enough she puts him in his place, so I guess you could say she’s the boss. I brush her every day and remove gobs of hair and she still has such a thick coat, which makes it extra fun to hug her, which she loves. Oh, and she likes to give tons of kisses as well. She’s such an awesome dog. Submitted by Danna P.


Cali the Labrador, Husky, Canadian Eskimo Mix

Hi there! My name is Nichole and this is our puppy Cali. My partner Mat and I rescued her a year ago through a rescue organization. She is about two years old and is a lab/husky/Canadian Eskimo mix. Cali is very sweet and cuddly. She is good at entertaining herself, but absolutely loves other dogs and never passes up a chance to play. She is super fast and loves being chased. Cali will lay down almost anywhere, in front of anyone to try and get belly rubs. She loves fruits and vegetables, but has zero interest in peanut butter! Some of her favorite activities are swimming, playing tug-o-war and going for car rides in the Jeep with the top down. Submitted by Nichole and Mat M.


Clover the Boston Terrier, Husky Mix

Clover has been part of my family since September 2018. She is originally from a high kill shelter in Texas but was then transported to a shelter in Connecticut for two weeks until I rescued her. She has been the biggest blessing! She’s funny, sweet, stubborn and a whole lot of fun! She’s very athletic and can jump at least 3 feet up a tree to try and catch a squirrel (but I’ll never let her actually try and get one!). She loves to play, visit my work often, go on hikes with me, and walk through town. Submitted by Kristin C.


Rigby the Mixed Breed

My dog Rigby is a rescue dog. He was abused by his former owners when he came home with us. He is the most lovable, affectionate dog. He was so happy to be in a home where he is loved. Every time you call him he runs over to you with a big smile on his face. He is so happy now! We have had him since he was two years old and he is now seven. He is so friendly and lovable with everybody he meets! Submitted by Lori D.


Socks the Mixed Breed

This beautiful girl is Socks. She is an eight-to-twelve month old mixed breed, possibly a German Shepherd, Blue Heeler and /or Border Collie mix. She is friendly and good with other dogs. Beware though: she is not a couch potato! This girl is ready for playtime and funtime. She will be a great dog for an active person or family, people with lots of room for her to run, or a great partner for exercise. Submitted by Washington Wilkes Animal Shelter.