Skyiler the Isabella Doberman Pinscher

My dog’s name is Skyiler Marion Ali. She is an Isabella Doberman Pinscher. She will be one year old this Valentine’s Day. I love taking photos of her, but she will run and turn her head if she sees me coming with my phone. She is very smart and knowing. She is crafty and a hoot. She keeps me thinking of ways to take her picture and catch her being such a lady. Submitted by Prynctance A.


Winnie the Wheaten Terrier

Winnie is a two-and-a-half year old Wheaten Terrier. She is the sweetest and very gentle. She loves going for walks and car rides, playing tug-a-war, meeting new people, giving paw in exchange for treats, having her nine month old Shih Tzu baby brother Bo chase her, playing in the snow, and stealing peoples’ spots on couches or chairs when they get up for a moment. She also loves to get dressed up in bandanas. She even picks out which one she wants to wear herself! Submitted by Clare S.


Bo the Shih Tzu

Bo is a nine month old Shih Tzu. Bo is a little guy, but he definitely doesn’t think that. He is the biggest sweetheart who enjoys nothing more than eating, everything and anything. He loves sleeping on the softest things he can find and playing with the loudest toys he can find. In true little brother fashion, he loves to follow/annoy his big sister Winnie, our two-and-a-half year old wheaten terrier, and play with her. He’s such a joy in our lives! Submitted by Clare S.


Riptide Roo the Fox Terrier

This is Riptide Roo (middle name when he gets in trouble 🀣🀣). He is almost eight months old. He is a “smooth fox terrier” but does not have matching snout and ears of the typical Fox Terrier. I think he’s a mix. He loves people of all kinds, and is especially protective of kiddos. He likes to snooze (like mama) and to wake up early sometimes on his own time and take the day how it comes (usually centered around him and in his favor. Submitted by Madelyne P.