Rufus the Labrador, Golden Retriever Mix

My name is Anthony and Rufus is my service dog. We got him from Canine Companions for Independence. He is a Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever mix. He loves to pick things up for me like a T.V. remote, and he can turn lights on with his mouth or off with his paw. He can open the refrigerator with a rope on the handle. He loves to play fetch with a ball or frisbee and sleeps in my room every night on his dog bed or his opened kennel. Submitted by Anthony B.


Emmy the Jack Russell Terrier

Emmy is a 2 1/2 year old Jack Russell Terrier. Over the past couple years, she has stolen my heart and become more like a child of mine. Emmy is actually a beautiful rescue dog. I found her under a shed in my friends backyard and just had to take her in. Even from the start, she has had the spunkiest personality I have ever seen in a dog! From making herself at home atop the shoes in my closet, to running in circles from excitement when I get home from work, she never fails to make me laugh. Emmy is the happiest go-getter, never running low on smiles or energy.

Emmy is the friendliest dog I have ever met, both to humans and new canine friends. She never meets a stranger when we go for walks in the neighborhood! There is creek on our route, and somehow she always knows when we’re getting close. Her tail starts wagging like nothing you have ever seen before. Quite the sight. Watching her live her best life never fails to brighten my day. She also loves playing fetch with anything, but prefers her trusty tennis ball, no matter how frayed. She even taught herself how to fetch without any instruction from me! Her favorite treat is chicken sticks wrapped in applewood smoked bacon.

Emmy is my baby, my pride and joy. I’ve grown to love her more than I had ever imagined possible. Submitted by Haley H.