Daisy the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua Mix

Daisy is cute and lovable and she weighs eight pounds. She is a Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix. I got her at a yard sale with my mom. My parents thought we didn’t need another dog, but when I first held her I knew we needed her. She loves to bark at the UPS and mailman and run around with me. She loves going on beach trips with me and my family. I take her everywhere with me! Submitted by Hannah.

Cali the Husky

Cali is a very gentle eight year old Husky who has been very attached to this baby chicken since day one. She’s very protective of the little chick and sleeps next to it all night long. She also allows two ducks in our yard to chase her, and 3 out of our 12 chickens follow her into the woods and then back. Plus, in her opinion plants don’t belong in pots. Submitted by Helena D.

Max the German Shepherd

Max is our one year old German Shepherd. This is picture is of him when he was a young puppy. His two favorite hobbies are digging holes in the mud, and chasing the red laser made for cats for hours every night. The last picture includes his brother, Scout. Submitted by Grace W.

Marty the Corgi, Kelpie Mix

This is Marty. He has just celebrated his 9th birthday but doesn’t feel a day over two! He is a Corgi, Kelpie mix, and maybe a little Collie. He loves to go on walkies and be the center of attention! He’s also not against a car or boat ride as long as he has snacks packed. Submitted by Teri L.

Sadie the Australian Shepherd

Sadie is our nine month old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She is full of energy, loves chasing a ball or frisbee, and is extremely intelligent. Sadie recently completed obedience training and we continue working with her daily. She has been a wonderful addition to our fur family. Submitted by Dianne L.

Cooper the Border Collie, Blue Heeler Mix

My name is Kara, and I’m 13 years old. I’m pretty young, but I wanted to show you my dog, Cooper. My twin sister took some pictures on her phone, and some were taken on my phone. My dog’s name is Cooper. His mother was half Border Collie and half Blue Heeler. His dad was a full Border Collie. He has the natures of both breeds. He is 11 months and I’m so excited for his birthday! A few things about Coop is he loves snow. He will push his face in it and use his back legs to slide. It’s funny. Another thing is that he is such a silly but also bad dog. He used to bite people, but now he’s really sweet and is just naughty sometimes. Submitted by Kara E.