Daisy the Golden Retriever

This is Daisy! She’s a ten week old Golden Retriever who loves mud and sticks! She likes to dig holes and play with her big brother Troy, a nine month old Chocolate Lab. They are the bestest of friends and they are loved by everyone who meets them! Submitted by Jessie K.


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Carlie the Terrier Mix

We celebrated Carlie’s “gotcha day” yesterday. I cannot believe it has been five years since we rescued her! She is now six years old, and she is an amazing baby with so much love to give. We adopted her at just the right time. We didn’t know how many losses we would have to endure shortly after. Who saved who? She really did save us! My daughter captured the tongue roll picture at just the right second! It looks so funny! I just wanted to share it. Submitted by Debbie K.

Eddy the Saluki

This is Eddy, the adorable and exotic-looking Saluki. He’s four and a half years old but, at times, I reckon he looks younger in the face, like a puppy! Eddy is happy by nature and approaches life’s challenges with great enthusiasm. He’s incredibly playful, gets excited quickly, and is a total savage with his toys. He will charge round the dining room table like a maniac, tossing and flipping his toys in the air.

Eddy sleeps in a very comfortable bed, much larger than what he needs for his size, as it was passed down to him from a big dog. Nevertheless, he still finds his way onto the floor. Often he is found with his head hanging off the edge of the bed. Well… he’s a dog.

Eddy’s face is often “cheeky,” as though he is looking for trouble. He’s a very friendly boy when he’s in human company, though when another dog comes near him he instantly becomes defensive and aggressive, a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. Submitted by Vanessa.

Jezebel the Chihuahua

Jezzy is a short-tempered but sweet Mini Chihuahua. She loves to cause trouble in a variety of ways, whether it be stealing our food, or chewing our slippers. Jezzy loves to irritate anyone she meets. But after becoming comfortable with her, she will do anything to snuggle with you. She’s been apart of our family for almost seven years, and we hope even longer. Jezzy may be a little brat, but she can be the softest dog ever known. Submitted by Ruby M.

Sophie the Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle Mix

Sophie is a Shih-Poo. She has added color to our lives. When we lost our dog Casey, she comforted our other dog, Willow, as well as our family. She brought Willow back to life. She is unpredictable, often getting the zoomies, and she can be mischievous. She likes to hide her toys and my hair scrunchies. Also she loves to get our toes. It is good to keep socks on when she is around. Submitted by Laurie L.