How Much Exercise Does A German Shepherd Need?

By Ales,

The minimum hours of exercise your German Shepherd needs every day is two hours. This exercise includes walks and off-lead exercise in a safe and wide area, with extra playtime and training.

As smart as they are loyal to their non-furry parents, it’s no surprise why German Shepherds are the fourth most popular breed that people want to adopt.

The German Shepherd is known for its incredible strength, intelligence, trainable mentality, and obedience. Because of their excellent training capacity, they are often used as assistant dog/guard dogs of police officers and military personnel.

Moreover, if you are adopting or fostering one, here are some interesting facts that we pulled together so that you can learn more about the German Shepherd.

How Long Should A German Shepherd Be Walked?

The length of walk that a German Shepherd can go each day is ideally around 30 to 45 minutes. You can do this once a day, but two walks a day are even better.

The daily walk is essential for every breed of dog like the German Shepherd to release their pent-up energy and stimulate their mind with the sights, sounds, and smells that they come across on every street, park and trail that you walk on.

Furthermore, dogs like routine as much as humans, so try to schedule a walk every day. Having daily walks is much better than having one long walk during the weekend.

How Long Should I Walk My German Shepherd Puppy?

Puppies are still developing their body and muscle. Even though they come from a healthy breed, they are still babies.

Ideally, for a three-month-old German Shepherd Puppy, they need only 15 minutes of walking time twice a day, while four-month-old German Shepherd puppies need 20 minutes.

So every month you can increase their walking time by 5 minutes.

How much Exercise Should A German Shepherd Puppy Get?

Puppies need to be kept occupied every day. Generally, whether it’s a puppy or an adult German Shepherd (like Freyja), they need 2 hours of proper exercise per day to make sure they don’t get bored.

The German Shepherd is an active dog. They may display anxious behavior, and they also pace when they get bored.

If you see your dog is not showing any visible signs of stress, it is probably bored. If this happens, this behavior may be followed with “zoomies,” meaning that your German Shepherd might run full speed around your house, causing damage to your items in your home.

They are letting you know that they are bored, and they want to have some walk time.

How Can I Keep My German Shepherd Busy?

If you plan to adopt/get a German Shepherd, you need to be aware that this breed is very hyperactive. That means they play a lot, they move a lot, and they want to be busy all the time.

Probably since you are a new fur baby parent, you may have no idea of how to entertain them. To keep them entertained, you should start by giving them lots of exercises to stimulate their active behavior and energy.

At What Age Will My German Shepherd Calm Down?

Each dog is different, and somehow they also have a different timeline for calming down. Keep in mind that German Shepherds probably will not learn to be calm before other dogs.

Hence, they can calm down at around 5-7 years old, but they will never calm down fully. However, this range has to take into account two key factors: Training and Neutering.

If you want your German Shepherd to calm down, the first thing you should do is to train him or her. It is because training this kind of breed is much easier than another breeds.

Also, neutering can make them calm. If your dog reaches the age of one year, if you have no plans to breed them, it might be best to spay or neuter them if you believe in that sort of thing.

This can help in the calming process and might also prevent them from getting a disease.

Best Exercise For German Shepherd

German Shepherds must have excellent health, vigor, and require two or more hours of exercise daily.

If you have no time to walk them for that length of time, at least give them half an hour of aggressive running.

Letting them do intensive exercise stimulates mental health, enabling them to be trained and follow your orders more effectively.

Below are the 5 best exercises for a German Shepherd that you should know.

1. Hiking

A lot of people love to hike on hills and rocky mountains, and dogs do, too. If you have plenty of time, take them on a thrilling hike. The German Shepherd is a curious dog that loves to explore nature. Giving them a thrilling experience helps them develop their cognitive and mental abilities.

This is why hiking is the best activity for your dog. You may roam around the valleys, hills, mountains, elevated paths, and more with your smart and furry friend.

2. Playing Tag

Playing Tag is composed of a lot of running. It is also a great activity because not just your dog benefits from the game, but you also. You are also exercising and sweating a lot, which is good for your health.

3. Pool Diving

Swimming is another brilliant idea for a German Shepherd activity. All you need to do is pick up any exciting thing and throw it into the water.

It is entertaining for German Shepherds since they love to exercise their legs in the water. You can also do this activity on the beach.

4. Find the Missing Object

Another fun activity that boosts your dog’s physical health is finding the missing object. Just hide your dog’s favorite toy in the ground, and then wait for them to realize that their toy is missing. Your dog will become excited, curious, and start to look for it.

5. Frisbee

This activity requires a lot of running and jumping. It would help if you had a frisbee plate for this activity. It is also an extreme activity for dogs since it needs a lot of energy to play it.


In summary, the German Shepherd is indeed an intelligent breed. They are loyal and easy to train. This is a common breed raised by policemen and militaries, partly because of their excellent sense of smell.

If you’re planning to get one, you won’t regret it because this breed will love you and never leave your side until its last breath.

Lastly, to bring out the best of your dog’s abilities, be sure to love and take good care of them.


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Reasons Why You Need a Private Dog Walker

There’s actually no bond like the one that exists between a human being and a dog. There’s a feeling of fulfillment in coming back from work to meet your dog barking happily while wagging its tail. But when this lovely companion of yours is left at home for about nine to eleven hours every day, that brief explosion of joy comes after hours and hours of boredom, being in isolation, and with a case of severe cabin fever.

If you’d like to keep your dog fit and entertained while you’re at work, consider hiring a professional private dog walker. These services are essential in improving the quality of life for your dog.

Professional dog walkers are paid to perform one task solely, which involves walking dogs for their various owners. Depending on the service you pay for, your dog can be walked either privately or in a group. You can get professional dog walkers either locally or through referral.

Due to safety concerns, dog walking services have to be licensed. Obtaining a position as a professional dog walker has recently become much more difficult. They are put through rigorous exams, background checks, and have to undergo training.

Why Do You Need a Private Dog Walker?

The need for a professional dog walker can’t be overemphasized. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, here are five reasons why hiring a private dog walker is very essential…


The saying “health is wealth” isn’t for humans alone. Our pets also need to be fit and well-groomed to have a longer life span. Most dogs develop specific health problems throughout their lives that are most times irreversible. That’s why you need a dog walker to provide at least 30 or more minutes of walking time each day in situations when the dog’s owner can’t, thereby keeping your dog healthy.

Area of Socialization and Stimulation

Taking your dogs on walks doesn’t just make them fit; it stimulates some of their dampened senses. Your dog gets to see, smell, and feel interesting new things when on a walk. That, in turn, offers the perfect socialization opportunity for your pup. These little things often go a long way in making your pet’s day.

Being Guilt-Free Working Late

They are some days in which we are slammed with difficult tasks at our places of work. This scenario can make you tired and get home from work late. If you face this issue daily and you own a pet, there will always be this constant worry and guilt of you not being able to get home in time to take care of your pet. With dog walkers, though, this nagging issue can be a thing of the past as your dog would be fed, taken on walks, and cuddled in your absence.

Promised Safety And Happiness

Safety and happiness are the primary concerns of a dog owner. Hiring the service of a private dog walker would address those concerns. You are confident knowing that you’re doing all the best for your dog, ensuring it lives a rewarding and happy life.

Behavioral Changes

Taking dogs on regular walks helps release the excess energy present in your dog. Frequent walks make room for less barking, chewing, and indoor use of the bathroom.


Dog walkers have become very instrumental in making owner’s dogs fit and healthy. There are various local dog walkers near you, and all you need to do is find one that is pocket-friendly with lots of good reviews. A good dog walking services is a necessity because your dog’s safety is paramount. Discovering the right dog walking service that caters adequately to your dog’s needs will yield good results.

Do Air Purifiers Really Help With Dog Hair?

Air purifiers are becoming a more common site in people’s homes, as more and more of us are developing allergies to something or other.

We are seeing people with allergies and intolerances at a rate never seen before in history, and there doesn’t yet seem to be a clear reason why, although the reasons are much debated in the scientific and medical communities.

Some people find that having an air purifier really helps, particularly in the area that a person sleeps. A purifier can help people get a much higher quality night’s sleep.

For those of us who have pets, we all know how annoying pet dander and pet fur can be, but can air purifiers help with keeping pet hair contamination to a minimum?

Let’s have a look at that now.

What Air Air Purifiers?

Air purifiers are machines that do just that – they purify, or clean, the air in the room that the purifier is in.

They remove pollutants from the air, such as dust, smoke, odors and even bacteria in some cases.

They can be left on all of the time, and they work by constantly sucking in room air, pushing it through a series of filters, and then using fans to distribute it back around the room.

This means that clean air is constantly being filtered back into the room.

The filters can be made from different materials, depending on what you want to remove from the air. Charcoal filters, for example, are best at removing odors, while UV light filters are used to kill bacteria that may be in the air.

Most air purifiers use a combination of filters to get the maximum efficiency from them.

What Are HEPA Filters?

You may have heard of HEPA filters, and they really are the gold standard of filters, particularly for someone suffering from allergies.

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing filters, and they are made of many, many layers of a very fine mesh.

HEPA filters remove the tiniest of particles, and they are made to such a standard that they are required to remove 99.9% of pollutants from a given environment.

Therefore they are excellent for air purifiers, and can really make a difference to those suffering from allergies.

HEPA filters work well in air purifiers being used to remove pet hair and dander from the environment, and you can have a look here for the best air purifiers for dogs & pets (2020 reviews updated).

Do Air Purifiers Remove Pet Hair?

Air purifiers can remove pet hair and dander from the environment, and if pet hair is a problem in your home, there are specific air purifiers that are targeted towards this.

Most will have a HEPA filter installed, as we have already discussed, and some will combine that with a charcoal filter to remove any odors, and even a UV light filter to kill any bacteria that may be on the pet hair.

However, air purifiers do have limitations. They can only remove pet hair that is physically floating in the air.

It is true that a high percentage of hair and dander floats in the air, but once it settles, it needs to be removed by other means.

So to really keep pet hair and dander to a minimum daily vacuuming should be done, as well as dusting weekly, or twice weekly, as that will help to keep any pet fur to a minimum.

You should also make sure any soft furnishings, such as rugs and blankets, are regularly cleaned, as well as the pet bed itself.

If you own a dog or cat, you may want to consider investing in a brush, or even a regular appointment with a groomer to keep their fur in check!

Do Air Purifiers Work Forever?

Certainly if you look after your air purifier, it will serve you well for many years. However, it will need to be maintained.

The filters will need cleaning or replacing at regular intervals, and this will depend on the machine you are using, and how much it is being used.

You should also regularly inspect your air purifier for any damage, and repair or replace it as necessary.

So as you can see, there is a way to keep your favorite canine or feline friend in your life, and not have to deal with the inconvenience of pet fur. With just a few simple steps, and a little bit of investment, you can enjoy a fur free life with your pet!

7 Ways to Protect Your Small Dog from Back Injuries

Your pup is your best friend and a vital part of the family, so when they’re suffering from illness or pain, it can be heartbreaking to watch. As a pet-parent, all you’ll want is to make sure your fur-baby is as happy and healthy as possible, so you’re going to need to know the symptoms and treatment options available should your pup develop any back problems.

But it’s not enough just to be prepared to deal with back problems in dogs, and prevention is always better than cure.

Symptoms of back pain in small dogs

Sadly, back problems and pain are common occurrences in the life of our favorite furry companions and can affect almost any breed at any time.

But although your dog might not be able to explain in words how and where their back hurts, there are some signs you can look out for that might let you know your pup is in pain:

— Crying or yelling when you touch the neck or spine
— Unable or unwilling to move their head (even for treats)
— Fever
— Signs of weakness or lethargy
— Changes in posture or gait
— Visible trauma to the spine (for example, bruising or swelling)
— Unusual spine position

If your pup appears to be in pain, get them to a vet as soon as possible.

1. Monitor weight

One of the most frequent causes of canine back pain is obesity. But even if your pup isn’t technically obese, even a little extra weight could put undue pressure on your dog’s spine.

You can check if your pet is overweight by feeling around their ribs and spine. These bones should only be separated from the skin by a thin layer of fat, so if you can’t find the ribcage, it might be time to put your doggy on a diet!

2. Get the right amount of exercise

Plenty of exercise is the key to a happy and healthy canine and is great for us humans too! Not only does it provide a brilliant bonding experience, but keeping your pup active can also reduce behavioral problems.

However, if your pup is showing any back pain symptoms, it might be time to look at your exercise routine. Shorter leash walks with less running or leaping can help reduce the pressure on your dog’s back while still allowing them the chance to stretch and move.

3. Look out for slippery floors

If your pup is suffering from back pain, walking can quickly become challenging, particularly if the dog is getting on in years. If your home is full of slippery surfaces such as tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors, putting down rubber mats or carpets can make life much easier for your pet as they can walk around safely.

4. Limit jumping and stairs

Although an excitable puppy is a joy to behold, all that jumping can cause a lot of strain on your dog’s back. The impact as they return to the ground can cause problems, and the very process of gearing their body up for a leap can be strenuous, particularly if your pup is already suffering from back pain.

If you like to have your dog curled up close to you, then you might want to consider a dog ramp (like this one from Chasing Tails) to help them transition from the floor to the furniture a bit more easily.

Stairs can also be difficult for pups with back problems, so limiting their need to go up/downstairs when possible is best.

5. Use a harness

Walking your dog with a traditional leash and collar might seem like the easiest option, but the pressure put on the dog’s neck can cause injury even if you’re being careful. A harness can be an excellent solution to this problem by distributing any pressure more evenly. Some harnesses even incorporate handles by the hindquarters for extra support.

6. Lift your dog correctly

Whether you’re lifting your small dog to help them in/out of the car or simply can’t resist a cuddle, holding and carrying your dog can actually benefit the pup. As long as you’re doing it correctly.

Lifting your dog wrong can damage their back, spine, and vertebrae, not to mention it isn’t very comfortable for you or your pet! The correct way to pick up a small dog is to support them with both hands, placing one under the ribcage and the other beneath the back legs, ensuring the spine is as straight as possible.

7. Consider pain medication or treatments

If your pup is in pain, it’s always worth taking a trip to your veterinarian to discuss the right treatments and medication. This could be as simple as a veterinary-recommended diet or medication course to help relieve the pain.

Alternative therapies can also be beneficial when treating back pain in dogs, so you might also want to discuss options such as acupuncture, hot and cold therapy, or physical therapy for your pup.

4 Reasons Why Luxury Pet Products Are Worth Investing In

By Steffy Alen

Pet parents are becoming more discerning about the stuff that they buy for their fur babies. This is evident in the growing popularity of luxury products from places like a designer pet boutique and other pet stores. Some people wonder if these things are worth the premium price that they command. Below are some reasons supporting the affirmative.

Premium Quality Products

Perhaps the biggest draw of every designer pet product is the premium quality that it offers. A study shows that 63% of pet owners are willing to spend more on products that are known to be of high quality. This statistic is equally apparent for dog and cat owners, and more so for owners of multiple pets.

Interestingly, the same study demonstrates that pet owners are generally not as discerning about quality when buying things for themselves. This goes to show how much pet parents value the welfare and comfort of their beloved fur babies, even above their own.

More Comfortable

As designer pet products use only the best quality materials, pet owners can expect a certain level of comfort for their pets. And as every pet parent would agree, the comfort of their beloved pet is of primary consideration.

Another important part of this benefit is the assurance that these products will not cause any allergic reactions. Without any discomfort or allergies to disrupt their rest, your pets will be well-rested, healthy, and happy.

More Durable

A good deal of effort goes into every luxury product made. What is more, only materials of the highest quality are used. These factors ensure that each dog jumper or pet carrier meets the strict standards of the designer pet boutique and all its customers. This includes not only the quality but also the durability of the product. With higher durability, you can expect luxury products to last longer and bring more value for the price they command. It is a wise investment that all pet owners should make.


Luxury products are more stylish and can make your pets look their best. This is a big reward for many doting pet parents. Still, this can also be a good source of income if you become a pet influencer. You could post cute photos or videos of your pets online wearing the trendiest pet clothing. If your pet gains enough followers, you could be on your way to social media success and extra income.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Luxury products from the designer pet boutique are known for their aesthetic value, but they also have practical benefits. One of these benefits is that each product is well-designed and made, ensuring that it is easy to use and maintain.

You do not need to invest time and effort figuring out how to use luxury products properly and keep them in good condition. They usually come with clear instructions placed in the box or attached to the tag. This includes cleaning and washing instructions to ensure that the product will last as long as the manufacturers intend it to.

Invest in Luxury Pet Products

They can be a bit pricy, but there are many benefits that only luxury products can give your pets. For many pet parents, this is reason enough to make the investment. Cost takes a backseat to the comfort and happiness of their fur babies.

Author Bio: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

What to Consider When Buying CBD for Dogs

If you have a pet dog, you naturally want to ensure it is as healthy and happy as possible. There are many factors that can help you to achieve this, such as exercise levels, dedicating time to play and bond with your pet, feeding nutritious food, and ensuring your pet receives access to healthcare services from a vet.

Another thing you can do to help boost your dog’s wellbeing and happiness is to use CBD products that are specially formulated for pets. Many pet owners now use CBD products for pets, and this is because they can provide a range of benefits. Some of the benefits include reducing anxiety in dogs, helping dogs who have epilepsy and seizures, relieving pain and inflammation, and boosting appetite, among other things. All you need to do is ensure that you buy the right CBD product for your pet, and in this article, we will look at what to consider when buying CBD for dogs.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind

There are various key factors that you should keep in mind when it comes to buying CBD for your pet dog. Some of the key things to consider are:

The Cost of the Product

One of the things you have to consider is the cost of the product, as you need to stay within your allocated budget. The price of these products can vary based on the type of CBD product you buy, the quantity you purchase, and the retailer you buy from. While the price is important when making your choice, do not make this the only deciding factor.

The Type of Product

You should also look at all of the different products that are available and decide which type of CBD product is going to be right for your pet. You can choose from products such as chews and drops, so you need to consider which of these will be best for your pet and which will be easier for you to administer to your pet. This will make it easier for you to find and choose the perfect product for your dog’s needs.

Quality and Manufacturer

Buying high-quality products is vital when it comes to CBD for pets, so you need to ensure you do some research before you make your choice. Check the ingredients when you are buying to ensure the product has nothing undesirable in it. In addition, make sure you choose products from reputable manufacturers and buy from retailers with a great reputation.

Reviews from Others

It is also well worth looking at reviews from other pet owners who have tried the same product for their own dogs, as this will make it easier for you to make an informed decision. This is something you can do with ease online, and it can make your purchasing decision far easier.

Taking these key factors into consideration will make it much easier for you to purchase the right CBD product for your dog. Your pooch can then look forward to a range of valuable benefits.

How To Spoil Your Dog

By Steffy Alen

Glass and steel towers, hawker chains, and shopping streets all make up 725 square kilometres in sunny Singapore. As one of the most iconic Asian destinations with an almost completely metropolitan view, city living enthusiasts have many reasons to never want to leave. But it is not just common human folk that inhabit this economic stronghold, because over 62,000 pet dogs roam around Singapore’s sky-high apartments and botanical gardens.

As a dog mom or dad yourself, you know very well that your furry friend is more than just a pet. As an official member of the family, you have all the reason to make your dog feel like the most important canine in the world. That can mean picking out the fanciest toys in a pet shop in Singapore or hosting an extravagant birthday party for your puppy. Regardless, here are some fun ideas on how to spoil your dog at home or around the Singaporean metro…

Give Your Pup A Doggie Massage

“Pamper days” are not just for humans. Your furry friends need them too! While you may already be paying a visit to the groomer’s regularly (or DIY-ing the process at home), you can step up the pamper routine by giving your dog a massage.

Massages offer dogs a plethora of benefits, from relieving anxiety to reducing pain and swelling. Regularly giving time to massage your dog is also a wonderful way to reinforce your bond, which is especially important for competitive canines.

Watch a couple of YouTube videos to understand the basics of dog massages. You can even pick up some tools from a pet shop in Singapore, including dedicated massage combs and blends. But be careful when using massage aides not made for canines as they may contain common essential oils, such as tea tree and peppermint, which are poisonous to dogs.

Go For A Swim Together

Learning how to swim is useful for both humans and pets, and is a great way to get in some exercise for both yourself and your dog. While your apartment pool might not be open to your furry friend, you can opt to visit a swimming center dedicated to canines of all shapes and sizes.

The Naked Pet in Figaro Street is one of Singapore’s most puppy-approved sports centers, as their waters are chlorine-free, so even the youngest pup in the family can join in on the fun. If you are looking for a once-in-a-while treat, the Canine Wellness & Rehab Centre has a heated hydrotherapy pool and professional therapists for the ultimate relaxation session.

But if you are strictly staying at home with your dog and have some backyard space to spare, you can pick up an outdoor dog pool from a pet shop and enjoy splashes at any time of the day.

Allow Your Dog To Let Loose

If you are residing in a high-rise building with thin walls and a lot of neighbors, then you know how difficult it is to give your dog some space to run around and go crazy. Plus, with noise complaints on the line, even an indoor game of ball can be a little challenging to pull off.

Exercise is important for dogs of any age, so take some time out of your busy schedule and pay a visit to some of Singapore’s pet-friendly parks, where you can enjoy the greenery and long walks with your dogs.

Strolling around the city will also allow your dog to socialize with other animals, run around, and even play some unrestrained ball games. If you are worried about your untrained puppy running away, make sure that they are always on a harness and a long leash so they can still run around while staying within your watchful reach.

Nothing can stop you from spoiling your dog: your best friend and the most loyal being in your life. Regardless of your schedule, dedicate a little bit of time to your furry friend. The appreciation they will return will certainly be a thousand times stronger.

Author Bio: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

CBD Pet Products: Are They Worthy of the Hype?

CBD has become one of the most widely talked about supplements over the last few years. However, with all this attention on CBD products, people have yet to fully realize the effectiveness of CBD products for pets.

It is not just humans that can benefit from CBD, and it has become increasingly common to give CBD supplements to pets. Many brands, such as PureKana, are now offering specialized CBD products just for pets.

As CBD pet products are still a relatively new research area, many pet owners are left wondering whether CBD for dogs, cats and other pets actually works. Can pets really benefit from CBD supplements in the same ways as humans? Let’s take a look and find out whether you should introduce CBD into your pet’s diet.

What Is CBD for Pets?

The CBD that is used in pet products is almost identical to the CBD found in regular human supplements. However, there are a few key differences that help to ensure CBD products are safe for pets to consume.

One of the most noticeable differences is that a lower concentration of CBD is required. Cats and dogs have a lower CBD tolerance than humans due to their lower weight, and therefore require a much smaller dose.

There will often be a slightly higher CBD dosage in CBD for dogs than those marketed toward cats, once again due to the differences in weight. For better granularity and control, many brands offer three different strengths for their dog products to accommodate small, medium, and large dogs.

Another difference with CBD for pets is that brands tend to use CBD isolate instead of full-spectrum CBD oil.

This ensures that products are 100% THC-free and pose no risk to your animals. Humans are able to process a small amount of THC without any noticeable effects, but this is not generally the case with pets.

What Types of Products Are Available?

There are many options available when shopping for CBD products for pets. As with human CBD products, different brands aim to provide as many choices as possible. One of the major advantages of CBD supplements is that they allow you to decide on the best way to work CBD into your day.

Popular CBD pet products include CBD oils, CBD treats, and CBD topicals. CBD oils work in exactly the same way as human CBD oils. A few drops can be placed in your pet’s mouth and be left to absorb naturally through their gums. Oil drops can also be mixed into food to ensure your pet gets a regular dose without them realizing it.

CBD-infused pet treats are another great way to work CBD into your pet’s diet. CBD treats can also be used for training purposes. You can also use CBD treats as snacks between meals. CBD treats are the most useful because they are packed with flavors that your cats and dogs will enjoy a lot more than CBD alone. Flavors like beef and onion make CBD much more appealing to your pets, making them more likely to enjoy taking CBD.

CBD topicals can also be extremely useful in dealing with skin and fur irritations. Popular topicals, such as shampoos and sprays, make giving your pet some CBD as easy and stress-free as possible.

Are CBD Pet Products Worth the Hype?

Whether or not CBD pet products are worth the hype will very much depend on what you are hoping for when introducing CBD into your pet’s diet. There have been many studies that have shown CBD to be an excellent wellness supplement for animals and humans alike.

Ultimately, CBD products for pets are regular supplements and not the cure-all solution that they are sometimes presented as in the media. Regular CBD supplements can boost the level of cannabinoids within your pet’s endocannabinoid system, helping your pet to enjoy their life to their fullest potential.

As a general wellness supplement, CBD can only be effective when given to pets correctly. As research is still very much ongoing, it is difficult to draw conclusions as to whether CBD pet products are worth the hype for every single pet owner.

Of course, as with any changes in your pet’s diet, it is recommended that you consult with your vet beforehand. Your vet will be able to guide you regarding whether CBD is the right choice for your pet. They will also be able to recommend the products that will be the most effective for your pet.

How CBD Oil Provides Pets with More Than Just Relief

CBD for pets has become something of a trend among pet owners in the last few years. While people used to fear the idea of dosing their pets with CBD oil, some of the very best CBD oil out there is reserved for use in pet products.

However, CBD oil for pets isn’t just about providing relief from aches and pains; it actually has a vast variety of useful benefits.

What else is CBD oil good for with pets, besides regular relief?

What Is CBD for Pets?

CBD oil is made the same way, whether it is designed for human or for pet consumption. Hemp plants rich in CBD are subjected to an extraction process known as CO2 extraction, which removes the CBD from the plant and allows the manufacturer to turn it into CBD oil.

After a myriad of filtration and clarification processes, the CBD is suspended within a food oil, such as coconut or hemp seed oil, and it can then be sold or used to make other CBD products.

For example, a lot of the best CBD oil for pets comes in the form of CBD treats or CBD edibles. It is a lot easier to give your pet some CBD this way, instead of with drops.

CBD oil for pets is basically regular CBD oil that has been designed to be suitable for pet use. This doesn’t mean that it has undergone any kind of strange alterations, but instead that it has had its dosage reduced to match a pet’s typical requirements.

Obviously, pets weigh a lot less than humans and thus require significantly less CBD oil to feel the same effect that we do.

What Relief Can Animals Derive from CBD Oil for Pets?

The main reason that people give their pets CBD is to help them with relief from aches, pains, and frustrations.

CBD is well known for its ability to help reduce pain and irritation as a result of inflammation. Various studies, such as this one by Nagarkatti et al. for the Journal of Future Medicinal Chemistry, have found that CBD oil can act as an effective replacement for other anti-inflammatory drugs.

When it comes to using it in pets, however, there is even more research. This study by Gamble et al. for the Journal of Frontiers in Veterinary Science found that CBD provides significant relief to osteoarthritic dogs.

Being able to treat inflammation and pain caused by arthritic conditions is great for your pets because they can really struggle with these sorts of problems. What’s more, they cannot easily articulate their pain or figure out why their body is aching for seemingly no reason.

However, while relief from arthritic pain is a significant help for pets, there are actually several other useful medical benefits your pet can enjoy.

What Other Benefits Does CBD for Pets Provide?

The other main reason that people give their pets CBD oil is to treat anxiety. A famous study by Blessing et al. for the journal Neurotherapeutics found that CBD acts as a useful alternative for regular anxiety medication.

Giving pets a relatively high dosage of CBD may allow them to enjoy reduced anxiety symptoms, helping to improve their day to day life.

While most pet-owners aren’t aware of it, pets can suffer from anxiety and mental issues. Whether as a result of past trauma or due to abandonment issues when their masters leave during the day, pets can suffer from anxiety and often get no help from anyone.

So, while CBD might be a great way to reduce inflammation and improve painful symptoms, it could be an effective mental treatment as well.

Final Thoughts: How CBD Oil Provides Pets with More Than Just Relief

When it comes to caring for our pets, every animal lover should be concerned with making their pet’s life as comfortable as possible.

It can be easy to forget that your pet might have mental issues, but make sure you pay attention to what your animal isn’t telling you. You might just find they need a bit of help from you to get through it.

Head to places like WayofLeaf for more info on where to buy reliable CBD oil for pets. CBD for pets is very popular and there are many brands available, so do some shopping around first.

Have You Given CBD to Your Pet? Did You Notice a Difference?

One of the reasons why CBD for pets has become so popular is due to the relatively low cost. You can purchase 250mg of CBD for dogs or cats from a top-rated brand like Premium Jane, for under $40. Depending on your pet’s size, this purchase could last for over a month, six weeks in some cases. All told, you may end up paying no more than $400 for a full year’s supply. If you buy in bulk, you can save a significant sum of money, too.

On average, routine annual veterinary care costs can reach up to $400 for dogs and $200 for cats. Whether you use CBD for pets or not, you should still take your dog or cat to the vet whenever necessary.

A growing number of pet owners claim that using CBD for cats or dogs reduces the need for costly surgeries. For example, you may pay $50 for a heartworm test, and if your dog has the worms, treatment could cost upwards of $1,000! Add in training, food, equipment costs, and other unforeseen issues, and you can quickly see that owning a pet is expensive!

However, for pet lovers, it is a price that is worth paying. It is the same scenario when using CBD for pets. The fact that the cost is reasonable is a bonus. A growing number of pet owners believe that CBD is the real deal.

CBD for Pets Works, According to Owners

At present, many vets continue to urge caution in terms of CBD for dogs and cats. The main concern is the lack of clinical evidence to support claims. The level of research into CBD for pets is indeed relatively small. However, it is becoming harder to ignore the enormous amount of anecdotal evidence from pet owners.

In 2019, over 100 people told the FDA that CBD was useful for their pets. This came after the agency requested public input on CBD’s safety and efficacy. The FDA received over 4,200 comments on cannabidiol; over 4% were from individuals hailing CBD for pets.

In general, the comments outlined the immense improvement in conditions such as general pain, anxiety, chronic pain, and arthritis. The majority of these posts came from dog owners. Indeed, many of the comments were similar to stories from humans who outlined how CBD had helped them. As well as working in a way that pharmaceutical drugs don’t, cannabinoid seemingly has few side effects.

One dog owner spoke about how her 20-year old canine couldn’t walk up and down the stairs. After using CBD for dogs, he is now able to run up and down the stairs. Another pet owner said her dog has an autoimmune disease. The illness resulted in the dog no longer jumping into the car or on the couch like she used to. The dog received prednisone, but it didn’t have any impact.

After using CBD, however, the dog walks 30 minutes a day on a treadmill. She also jumps into the car and on the sofa with no help. Best of all, the dog no longer jumps or cries in pain when touched. The canine no longer uses prednisone, her immune issues are gone, and she shows improved thyroid levels.

How Much CBD for Pets Is Enough?

As it isn’t an approved form of treatment, there are no government guidelines for dosing. However, with greater knowledge comes more useful advice. First and foremost, when using CBD for cats and dogs, begin with the smallest possible amount. Monitor your pet to see how they react.

A basic rule of thumb is to give 1-5mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. 1mg is a “low” dose, 3mg is “medium,” and 5mg is a “high” dose. Therefore, a 15-pound cat would receive 1.5mg if you wanted to give them a small amount, 4.5mg for a medium dose, and 7.5mg for a high dosage.

Make sure you check out the CBD concentration when buying CBD for pets. For example, Premium Jane’s 250mg of pet CBD comes in a 30ml bottle. This means there is 8.33mg of CBD per ml. The dropper contains 1ml of liquid, which equates to approximately 20 drops. There is around 0.4mg of CBD in each drop. Therefore, if you give your pet five drops, they are consuming 2mg of CBD.

There are several methods of administering CBD for pets. One of the most common is to add it to food or water. Premium Jane’s CBD oil drops come in bacon flavor, making it very popular amongst dogs in particular. You also have the option to purchase CBD treats to reward your pet. The Premium Jane range includes 30 treats, each of which contains 5mg of CBD. Check out the brand’s website to learn more.