Miguel the Havanese

Six month old Miguel is high energy and loves to jump and climb. We call him “Curious George” because he loves to explore everything he finds in his young life! He is a real acrobat. He reminds us of the circus dogs we see running and jumping up to the trainer’s arms. He now does a running jump into our laps when we are sitting in a chair. Miguel is fearless! Submitted by David M.


Joey the German Shepherd Mix

Our ol’ sweet Joe. Well, what can I say? He’s like a sidekick always sticking by your side, even though sometimes I’m in the wrong. He’s a squishy marshmallow. Joe loves playing tug of war and dressing up, especially when the session ends with running around the woods for a few minutes. He is two years old and eager to learn. He loves jumping into my arms… yep, you read right he literally jumps into my arms. This little guy is one of a kind. Submitted by Nicola Z.


Konya the Anatolian Shepherd

Konya was the pick of the litter and we got her when her first home didn’t work out. The seven year male Anatolian Shepherd in her new pack didn’t accept her. When she came to us we noticed two things right away: She is a big love, and she likes to bark. At first it was at anything that moved or made a noise: cars, cyclists, leaves, wind chimes, etc. Now she barks when she feels like it, which is often. However it is short-lived once we thank her for her service, after all, she is a guard dog. We even have one neighbor that said he liked it when she barks when someone goes up our road since it’s a dead end road and no one should be there but us!

She also loves her brother, Aslan, who incessantly eggs her on to play, which she does, but when she’s had enough she puts him in his place, so I guess you could say she’s the boss. I brush her every day and remove gobs of hair and she still has such a thick coat, which makes it extra fun to hug her, which she loves. Oh, and she likes to give tons of kisses as well. She’s such an awesome dog. Submitted by Danna P.