Baxter the Border Collie, Poodle Mix

This is my dog Baxter, a Border Collie cross Standard Poodle. He is ten years old, turning 11 soon. We have had Baxter since he was four months old, and he is the sweetest and kindest dog I know. His personality is calm and lazy, and he likes his food. We all joke that he is permanently stoned. He sadly has bone cancer but he is fighting it like a champ and I am so blessed to have had him this long, and to have been able to say he has lived a great life with us. He also howls when someone is coming home, leaving or if he hears another dog. We call it singing. He is very good I think we should put him on a dog version of the Voice. Submitted by Natalie M.


Miss Lucy the Maltese, Shih Tzu Mix

This is Miss Lucy. She is a Maltese, Shih Tzu and is almost eight years old. She is blind. We have had her for the last four days and she meshes well with our other dogs Baxter and Bentley. Since she is blind she walks into walls a lot which is really adorable. When she doesn’t know where she is in the house she barks until someone goes and shows her which room she is in. Submitted by Natalie M.

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Joey the Shih Tzu (aka Joey the Tongue)

I was asked to foster a beautiful boy named Joey when he was eight years old. He was an owner surrender, and is now 11 years old. After having all of his medical conditions cleared up, I asked Joey if I could adopt him as my son. He jumped in my lap, so I figured that was a “Yes.” Joey and my other rescue Holly enjoy each other. They love watching TV on the couch, love walks, and he loves his toy lambchop. They both sleep on a pillow like a human on my bed. I don’t know if they know, but they have done more for me then they will ever know. Submitted by Randy B.


Eva the Dachshund Mix and Nina the Chihuahua, Jack Russell Mix

I love your Dog Per Day! My husband and I have two dogs. One is a Dachshund mix named Eva and the other is Nina, a Chihuahua, Jack Russell mix. We got Eva almost five years ago when someone left her where we worked. Although we did try to find her owner, we were not disappointed when no one claimed her. We’ve loved her from the moment we got her! Last year we were asked to take Nina when an acquaintance was no longer able to keep her. She turned seven years old last July. Both Eva and Nina like to snuggle under blankets and oftentimes they fall asleep with their tongues sticking out. Inside they spend most of their time sleeping, waking whenever anyone in the house decides to have a snack, of course. Outside they guard our tiny yard fiercely by barking at any noise they hear, but they especially love to bark at the mailman. He finds them hilarious. Submitted by Alf and Karla Z.


Jane the Black Labrador Retriever Mix

Jane is a Black Lab mix that we got from the Suwannee County Animal Shelter in O’Brien, Florida when she was five months old. She was found on the side of the road. She loves playing fetch with her rubber balls during the day, and loves her one-on-one time with her momma (me)! She has a stepsister June, but it is definitely all about Jane always! Submitted by Sarah S.


Hailee the Australian Shepherd Mix

Hailee is a two-and-a-half year old Australian Shepherd mix that we rescued from a shelter two years ago. We don’t know what she’s mixed with and would love to hear your thoughts. She is spoiled beyond spoiled, and will let you know if you are not paying attention to her. When using our cell phones, she will pull our hand away with her paw. She is wedged so deep in our family’s hearts, and we look forward to many happy years with her. Submitted by Colleen H.