Oakley the English Shepherd

Oakley, a five year old English Shepherd, is nothing short of extraordinary. He was born on April Fool’s Day in 2015, which should’ve told us everything we needed to know. He is very sassy yet lovable, wanting to cuddle only when HE feels like it. He loves his stuffed sloth bear. He cuddles with it often. He has many fears, including the dishwasher, brushes, anything that sprays, and of course, the vacuum. Our family would not be the same without him. Submitted by Audrey C.


Blue the Terrier

Blue is a playful two year old who seems to think he’s a tiny lap-dog, although he weighs 90 lbs. He enjoys going for walks every day, riding in the car, chasing his favorite toys (which are his little tire, his frisbee, and his flat football) and making his pets wrestle for them back. But he goes absolutely wild over full size tires when his dad rolls them out for him or hangs one from a rope. He is mostly well mannered, highly intelligent, energetic, a bit eccentric, and slightly egotistical at times. Blue always has to make sure to greet everyone when he arrives at places and say goodbye before he departs. Submitted by Gary F.


Smokey the Pomeranian

Smokey is an 11 year old Pomeranian whose favorite treat is a baby carrot 🥕. He is spunky and energetic, with a fun, playful personality. This little man is a celebrity in public, as he steals all the attention. If you pick him up, he jumps a little trying to help you. I am not sure he knows he is a dog because he is treated like royalty. Submitted by Debra P.