Denali the Siberian Husky

May I introduce you to Denali! She is a 10 year old red and white Siberian Husky whose parents were championship sled dogs in Virginia. Denali is a therapy dog with Faithful Friends AAT, and also a R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dog) in the Clear Lake City, Texas area. Her main jobs are in the public library letting kids read to her, along with special visits seeing young and older clients, as well as employees in the worksite! Denali was born into this world to be a blessing to many as a therapy dog. She also enjoys singing, visiting the neighbors, and teaching her new young brother, Benwick Benny how to be a therapy dog. Submitted by Julie D.


Benwick Benny the Siberian Husky

May I introduce Benwick Benny. He is our nine month old male Piebald Siberian Husky who is the grandson of “Chase” from the movie “Eight Below.” Benny is being trained to be a therapy dog with Faithful Friends AAT in Clear Lake City, Texas. He will also become a R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dog)! Benwick Benny loves training, playing fetch with the tennis ball, relaxing with his older red and white Husky sister, and going to school at Transform My Dog! Submitted by Julie D.

Herbie the Terrier Mix

This is Herbie, a six year old Terrier mix that I adopted from the local animal shelter in 2018. People like to say the phrase, “Dogs are man’s best friend,” and in Herbie’s case, I can 100% agree with that statement. Through the past almost 4 years I’ve had with Herbie: I’ve gained his trust, his friendship, I’ve taught him new things, taken him on new adventures, learned his many likes and dislikes, and have made so many unforgettable and irreplaceable memories. He’s brought more joy than I can type out. He definitely goes to show that shelter animals still have more life and love to give, and that each and every one of them deserves a second chance. Herbie loves treats, chicken, cheese, tuna, walks, naps, drives, the Sonic Drive-in, dressing up, picture taking, kisses, and cuddles. Submitted by Alyssa L.

Pumpkin the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

I am Pumpkin the one year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy with a passion for cats, toys, treats, and new friends. I was born on July 22, 2020 and live in New York. I live with a cat who is my best friend, and with my two parents who spoil me. I love new people more than dogs, and everyone thinks I am the sweetest puppy ever. Submitted by Oxana K.

Tahiti the Shepherd, Hound Mix

Meet Tahiti! He is an eight month old shephard/hound pup and a ball of energy! He’s a powerhouse during playtime but settles down when you’re ready to! Tahiti is practically potty trained (will use a pad inside when needed!) after just a few short days with his foster parent and responds well to treats as positive reinforcement during training. Tahiti loves playing with other pups his age at the dog park, so would do well in the city with an active owner or a backyard in the suburbs! He also uses his crate as a retreat and sleeps through the night in it. Click here for more info today if you’re an owner who wants to stay active and engaged with a new pup! Submitted by Waldo’s Rescue.

Zoey the Golden Retriever Mix

This is my dog Zoey. She’s a Golden Retriever mix. She’s 10 months old and will be one year old in August. Zoey’s litter was rescued out in Mexico at just a few days old. Zoey and her siblings were found by two older women who took care of them until they were ready to go to an adoption center. My brother’s girlfriend’s parents own a rescue/adoption center out in Arizona and took in all the puppies when they were able to cross the boarder. At eight weeks old Zoey was able to come to her new home here in Wisconsin! She was very timid and shy at first but eventually her personality starting coming out. She is super goofy, out-going, curious, smart, intelligent and very protective. But most of all she has the most sweetest, caring soul! She loves taking my socks and sleeping with them. She loves being outside playing, car rides, and loves going on walks. Submitted by Kelsey P.