Cooper the Border Collie, Blue Heeler Mix

My name is Kara, and I’m 13 years old. I’m pretty young, but I wanted to show you my dog, Cooper. My twin sister took some pictures on her phone, and some were taken on my phone. My dog’s name is Cooper. His mother was half Border Collie and half Blue Heeler. His dad was a full Border Collie. He has the natures of both breeds. He is 11 months and I’m so excited for his birthday! A few things about Coop is he loves snow. He will push his face in it and use his back legs to slide. It’s funny. Another thing is that he is such a silly but also bad dog. He used to bite people, but now he’s really sweet and is just naughty sometimes. Submitted by Kara E.


Daisy the Golden Retriever

This is Daisy! She’s a ten week old Golden Retriever who loves mud and sticks! She likes to dig holes and play with her big brother Troy, a nine month old Chocolate Lab. They are the bestest of friends and they are loved by everyone who meets them! Submitted by Jessie K.


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Carlie the Terrier Mix

We celebrated Carlie’s “gotcha day” yesterday. I cannot believe it has been five years since we rescued her! She is now six years old, and she is an amazing baby with so much love to give. We adopted her at just the right time. We didn’t know how many losses we would have to endure shortly after. Who saved who? She really did save us! My daughter captured the tongue roll picture at just the right second! It looks so funny! I just wanted to share it. Submitted by Debbie K.