Ghost the Dogo Argentino

In this picture Ghost is with his family on the mountain in the Olympic Forest, Hurricane Ridge, Washington. Ghost is six months old and is the most docile loving companion who loves to travel and already has been to Alaska and has ridden seaplanes there. Ghost lives in Kingston, Washington where he takes daily hikes from the beach and forest at home, and enjoys the weekend exploring and hunting in the Olympic Forest. Submitted by Haydn P.

Here is Ghost with his big sister, Qwynne


Silas the Mixed Breed

I have a foster dog for your DogPerDay email. Silas is a loving, playful pup who brings out the fun side of his brother, Sterling, who was featured on DogPerDay yesterday. When they play nothing else in the room matters. Silas is curious about EVERYTHING and loves to follow you and play with you or near you. He is a fan of naps, snuggles and pictures. His green eyes are mesmerizing (and rare!). If you would like to consider adopting Silas and/or his brother Sterling, you can send an email to and he can take it from there. It would be preferred to adopt both of them because Sterling gets uneasy being with humans alone and Silas helps him adjust. Submitted by Mel R.


Sterling the Mixed Breed

I have a foster dog for your DogPerDay email. Sterling is a boy ready to learn how to love. He was abused by his owner and came from a shelter in Georgia. He is a playful pup with his brother Silas but likes to spend more time alone underneath things. He loves to hide under beds, couches, and tables. His dream parent would be someone who is patient and loving with a soft voice and in need of a companion. If you would like to consider adopting Sterling (and/or his brother Silas, who will be on DogPerDay tomorrow), you can send an email to and we can take it from there. Submitted by Mel R.


Tomato the Labrador, Terrier Mix

Tomato is 17 years old. We found her when we were in college. She had been living on the streets and had several litters of puppies. Our other dog found her and the puppies and we took them all in. We found homes for the puppies, took care of Tomato’s mange, got her weight back up, and shes been everyone’s favorite for the past 11 years. The other dog in one of the photos is Hippo, who found her and they were best friends and worked as one dog until she passed away a couple of years ago. Mate also had significantly less white then. Her face used to be completely black. Submitted by Whitney.