Nanny the Terrier Mix

This is my mom’s dog that was given to her when my father passed away. Her name is Nanny (my parents love that show). She follows my mom around all the time and is great company for her. Sadly, I can’t have dogs where live, but I am planning to move so that I can have dogs. I love them! In the meantime I enjoy your pictures very much. They are my screensavers and my fix for a dog. They are all so cute! Can’t wait to have mine. Thanks for the wonderful service that you are doing with your website. Submitted by Marisela V.

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Puppy Pro Tip: How to keep snow out of your beard. STEP 1. Stay inside. STEP 2. Make hot chocolate. The End!


Puppy Pro Tip: How to get anything you want. STEP 1. Tilt head to side. STEP 2. Perk up those little ears. STEP 3. Lock eyes with the Human. Do not look away. There you have it friends. Now go forth and get all the treats!


Based on the laughter I hear and the fact that the Humans are taking my photo, I guess it means this isn’t how most dogs sit on the stairs?

Chumpie staring contest

I practice my stares in the mirror EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I cannot beat this dog in a staring contest. It’s like he just never blinks!

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