CBD Oil for Dogs: What to Expect Once Your Pet Uses It

CBD Oil for Dogs: What to Expect Once Your Pet Uses It

Using cannabidiol (CBD) oil for dogs isn’t yet a widely accepted medical option, but it should be. Just ask the thousands of pet owners who swear by the benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

Where traditional medicine fails, opportunities for alternative medication thrive. Studies show that CBD oil helps treat the following issues in humans:

— Arthritis
— Epilepsy
— Chronic pain
— Inflammation
— Irregular heart rate
— Damaged blood vessels
— High blood pressure
— Vomiting
— Nausea
— Motion sickness
— Separation anxiety
— Noise anxiety

Studies of CBD use for pets are few and far between due to the social stigma that all cannabis-derived products are toxic.

While veterinarians in the USA are still rallying for the legal right to study CBD oil for dogs, many pet owners have begun to raise awareness themselves about the benefits of CBD for their beloved pets. Thanks to them, we have a clear picture of what benefits and effects CBD has on dogs.

What is CBD oil?

CBD helps maintain and restore the body’s homeostasis by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD oil is derived from the hemp strain of the cannabis plant. The hemp strain provides users with the medical benefits of marijuana — but without the psychoactive “high.”

Products made from the hemp strain of cannabis contain very low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), often below 0.3%. THC is the substance that gives the users the “high” sensation. Marijuana has over 20% THC.

CBD Oil for Dogs: What to Expect Once Your Pet Uses It

Why won’t my vet recommend CBD oil?

That’s because they can’t. Studying and especially recommending CBD can cause legal complications for veterinarians because federal law still views marijuana as a dangerous substance.

“Clients are asking us, and it’s our obligation morally and ethically to address these cases,” Dr. Richard Sullivan of the AVMA told Congress in 2017. “We need the research, and we need our national association to represent us at [the] FDA and get things moving… we do need to be in the conversation.”

“Our clients come in almost daily asking us about the use of marijuana,” Dr. Diana Thome said. “Legally, I can’t tell them anything… other than to say I can’t advise them to use it.”

It doesn’t help that anything cannabis related has a bad reputation; people assume that hemp is harmful to both humans and pets.

What are the effects of CBD oil on dogs?

CBD oil for dogs has several benefits, but like all medication, they may come with side effects.

First, allow us to emphasize: CBD oil will not get your dog high.

Because of CBD’s low THC levels, it is improbable that your dog will get high unless you give them an extremely high dose of CBD oil.

As for side effects, cannabidiol oil has been observed to cause the following in humans:

— Lethargy
— Changes in weight
— Decreased or increased appetite
— Diarrhea

While there have been no reported side effects on dogs, pet owners should still be careful about giving CBD to their pets. Of course, like humans, different dogs have different reactions to CBD. Some may react better than others — and that’s okay.

To test your pet’s compatibility with CBD, do the following:

1. Start by giving the lowest recommended dose of CBD oil.
2. Observe your pet’s reactions, if any, to CBD.
3. Gradually increase the dosage until you reach the recommended dose.
4. Keep observing your dog for both negative and positive reactions or side effects.

CBD Oil for Dogs: What to Expect Once Your Pet Uses It

What if I give my dog too much CBD?

While pet owners always have good intentions, they sometimes make mistakes regarding dosage. If you suspect that your dog has overdosed on CBD, contact your vet immediately.

Here are the warning signs that your dog overdosed on CBD according to the Federal Drug Association:

— Lethargy
— Depression
— Heavy drooling
— Vomiting
— Agitation
— Tremors
— Unusual behavior

While CBD is made organically from plants, too much of a good thing always ends up being harmful. Like other medications, CBD should be administered in the correct dosage only.

CBD is an excellent option for pets’ medical issues that can’t be solved by traditional medication. With proper research and the right mindset about CBD, you can open the door to more medical possibilities than you would ever have thought possible.

To learn more about CBD oil for dogs, click here.

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