CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis: 5 Things You Must Know

CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis: 5 Things You Must Know

Research has shown that while CBD oil is not a cure for arthritis in dogs, it possesses the power to alleviate its symptoms. Studies have shown that the risks of arthritis and other inflammation-related disorders in dogs increases as they age. CBD oil will act as a pain reliever, targeting the aching joints and providing your dog with necessary relief.

CBD soothes the chronic inflammation triggering arthritis, allowing your dog to heal faster and eventually live a normal life. But there are certain things you need to know about using CBD Oil for dogs arthritis & joint pain. For one thing, it is important you take your dog to get a proper diagnosis, as there are certain symptoms of arthritis that resemble symptoms of other conditions. A proper diagnosis will confirm whether your pooch is truly suffering from arthritis.

CBD oil is not Psycho-active in nature

Many dog owners believed that CBD, found in hemp, makes humans high, and therefore the CBD oil may have psycho-active effects in dogs. This is absolutely unfounded. It is the THC (Tetra-Hydro Cannabinol) found in marijuana that causes psycho-activities in humans and this substance is not found in CBD oil.

For this reason, your dog will not experience a high when given CBD oil. She will be more relaxed while the oil speeds her recovery from arthritis, but without intoxication. But the fact that there are no psychoactive effects from taking this substance does not mean you should overdose your dog. You should start administering the oil at 0.5mg or less per day, and then increase the dose slowly while monitoring any potential improvement.

Starting the oil treatment on your dog on a very high dose can cause sedation of the animal, a condition that is characterized by extreme tiredness. In most cases, outdoor and more active dog breeds will require higher doses than indoor dog breeds.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis: 5 Things You Must KnowCBD oil works by reducing the secretion of Cytokines that cause inflammation

The main reason why your dog continuously suffers inflammatory pains associated with arthritis is that Cytokines are continuously released. While CBD itself will not cure arthritis, it will reduce the release of Cytokines significantly, until your dog hopefully no longer feels the inflammatory pains of arthritis, which means that the healing of the affected joints will speed up.

The release of excessive Cytokines can trigger auto-immune reactions and hypersensitivities. CBD can help suppress “TH17 dominance” which is a phenomenon linked to autoimmune disease such as arthritis. CBD is rich in antioxidative powers, and it is much more powerful than other antioxidants, including Vitamins C and E.

CBD oil delivers better and faster results than CBD treats

In cases where you cannot get access to CBD oils, you can give a CBD treat to your dog. CBD oils tend to deliver faster and more efficient results in preventing arthritis symptoms because it is applied orally and the rate at which it is absorbed into the bloodstream is higher. For this reason, dogs tend to respond to the oral application of the oil faster than through CBD treats.

It takes a longer time for your dog’s system to digest and absorbed CBD oil from treats, which means it can take several hours for him to feel the positive anti-inflammatory effects of the substance. Another reason why it is better to apply the oil orally than adding it to dog treats is that some dog breeds are sensitive to odor and may reject food with a strange odor. If you do have to add the oil to your dog’s treats then you have to add quite a low dose so that he won’t detect the addition of the oil.

One milligram of CBD oil for each 10-pounds of weight is recommended

It is important to read the dosage instructions on any CBD oil product for dogs before applying the substance. A full dropper of CBD oil normally contains up to 30 drops. If your dog weighs 10 pounds or less, you can add two 1 mg drops of CBD. For a dog weighing up to 20 pounds, you can apply 2 mg of the oil (4 drops); apply 3 mg (6 drops) of the oil for dogs that weigh up to 30 lbs. Dogs weighing more than 100 lbs. will require up to 20 drops, or 10 mg of the CBD oil.

Generally, 10 mg should be the maximum dose you should give to your dog. If you notice no change to her arthritis symptoms then you need to contact your veterinarian. Sticking to the weight/dosage rules will help you avoid accidentally sedating your dog. Also pay attention to the concentration of the CBD oil product you have purchased.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis: 5 Things You Must KnowCBD oil can be used with a non-CBD treat

There are so many ways you give CBD oil to your dog, one of which is by applying the drops to her treats. CBD oil tinctures are often available in the 225 mg, 450 mg, and 900 mg bottles.

When applying the oil on a non-CBD treat, make sure you use the body weight and dosage rules (i.e., 1 mg per 10 pounds of body weight, etc). You can add the oil twice a day at a space of 12 hours apart to achieve the best possible effect.


There are a wide range of CBD oil brands out there but they all quality oils offer the same benefits, especially if they contain the right concentration, potent enough to speed up recovery from arthritis symptoms. You should avoid imitations, especially those found over the counter. You can ask your veterinarian for recommended outlets where original oils are sold.

The original oil should not contain Cannabinoid crystals, and the color should be almost clear. Cannabinoid oils mixed with water, fruits and some other substances will have shades of other colors, and you should avoid buying such products. And be sure to only buy Cannabinoid oil bottles that are properly covered with sealable caps.

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