CBD Oil Side Effects For Dogs and Cats: Risks You Should Know Before Buying

CBD Oil Side Effects For Dogs and Cats: Risks You Should Know Before Buying

Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining more attraction as studies continue to show the effects it has in helping humans with different kinds of ailments. Pet Life Today says, “Because of the success rates in humans, pet owners have also been curious about how CBD might help their dogs and cats that are suffering from certain conditions. There has been published literature for CBD for dogs and cats, and research in this area continues.”

Before you buy CBD oil for your furry friends — or any kind of CBD Pet Treats — make sure that you know the details, such as the following considerations:

CBD Oil Side Effects For Dogs and Cats: Risks You Should Know Before Buying

1. The kind of oil you buy

As a pet owner with a dog or cat who is suffering from pain, depression, seizures, cancer, etc., you might be too eager to try CBD oil. CBD oil for dogs is available easily at rapidly spreading online markets. You have to make sure that you consult your veterinarian before you try it. At the same time, ensure you’re buying natural, organic oil, and that it is not too cheap. If you want a better purity and quality, the price will be higher than those of lower quality. For CBD oil that you can rely on, click here. You only want what is best for your pets and wouldn’t want to compromise their health because you weren’t careful in our choices.

2. Side effects

Several pieces of literature have claimed that using the best CBD oil for dogs and cats have few if any side effects at all. At the same time, there are also pet owners who have seen some side effects in their pets when giving them CBD. Make sure that you watch out for these signs and symptoms when you start introducing CBD oil to your dogs and cats. Here are some of the reported side effects:

— Drowsiness, lethargy or sedation: As CBD is used in treating anxiety, your cat or dog can appear to be more sluggish than usual, especially with high doses.
— Lower blood pressure: Although the drop hasn’t been seen to be significant, it can cause your pets to be a little more light-headed than usual.
— Dry mouth: Saliva production may be affected when using CBD oil.
— Interference with drug metabolism: If your pet is currently taking medications, it is best to consult your veterinarian. Liver enzymes may be inhibited with the use of CBD oil and interrupt drug metabolism.

You should have these ideas of what to expect when using CBD oil for your pets.

3. Overdose

We don’t know everything there is to know regarding the use of CBD oil with pets. While there may be recommended dosages for dogs and cats, there’s still a lack of resources that talk about safe amounts of CBD administered to animals. Make sure that you start with smaller doses first. Here are some signs of possible adverse effects due to too much CBD oil given to dogs and cats:

— Excessive sedation or lethargy: While more than usual drowsiness can be expected as a side effect of CBD, it is crucial to observe if your pet’s sedation is excessive.
— Ataxia, tremors, and excitement: These are involuntary movements that you can see in pets as an adverse effect.
— Heavy drooling: While lesser saliva production can be expected when using CBD oil, heavy drooling may indicate that something isn’t right.
— Unusual behavior, agitation: Signs that show your pet is uncomfortable and agitated could tell that they may have been given too much CBD oil.
— Vomiting: CBD oil has been seen to help aid in nausea in dogs, so stomach upsets that could lead to vomiting may indicate that a higher dose more than the dog or cat could handle had been given.
Urinary incontinence: Similar to tremors, this is involuntary, and your pet will not be able to control it.

CBD Oil Side Effects For Dogs and Cats: Risks You Should Know Before Buying

If your pet shows these signs, seek medical attention immediately and describe the details to your veterinarian as precisely as possible. Follow the recommended dosage guide according to your dog’s or cat’s size. Some CBD oil brands include dosage guidelines or literature with the product. There are also a few brands that carry different types of CBD oil.

Relevant animal studies have been done, and more research is ongoing for CBD for pets. Nonetheless, you should know the possible side effects and overdose symptoms dogs and cats may experience so that they can be given proper attention. It is also important to do the necessary research before buying CBD oil for your pets. Government agencies in your location may not have yet approved or released recommendations for CBD use for pets, so it is up to you to be diligent when deciding to opt for this as treatment to their ailments. You can learn more at Simply Pets Cannabis Oil.

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