CBD Pet Products: Are They Worthy of the Hype?

CBD has become one of the most widely talked about supplements over the last few years. However, with all this attention on CBD products, people have yet to fully realize the effectiveness of CBD products for pets.

It is not just humans that can benefit from CBD, and it has become increasingly common to give CBD supplements to pets. Many brands, such as PureKana, are now offering specialized CBD products just for pets.

As CBD pet products are still a relatively new research area, many pet owners are left wondering whether CBD for cats, dogs and other pets actually works. Can pets really benefit from CBD supplements in the same ways as humans? Let’s take a look and find out whether you should introduce CBD into your pet’s diet.

What Is CBD for Pets?

The CBD that is used in pet products is almost identical to the CBD found in regular human supplements. However, there are a few key differences that help to ensure CBD products are safe for pets to consume.

One of the most noticeable differences is that a lower concentration of CBD is required. Cats and dogs have a lower CBD tolerance than humans due to their lower weight, and therefore require a much smaller dose.

There will often be a slightly higher CBD dosage in CBD for dogs than those marketed toward cats, once again due to the differences in weight. For better granularity and control, many brands offer three different strengths for their dog products to accommodate small, medium, and large dogs.

Another difference with CBD for pets is that brands tend to use CBD isolate instead of full-spectrum CBD oil.

This ensures that products are 100% THC-free and pose no risk to your animals. Humans are able to process a small amount of THC without any noticeable effects, but this is not generally the case with pets.

What Types of Products Are Available?

There are many options available when shopping for CBD products for pets. As with human CBD products, different brands aim to provide as many choices as possible. One of the major advantages of CBD supplements is that they allow you to decide on the best way to work CBD into your day.

Popular CBD pet products include CBD oils, CBD treats, and CBD topicals. CBD oils work in exactly the same way as human CBD oils. A few drops can be placed in your pet’s mouth and be left to absorb naturally through their gums. Oil drops can also be mixed into food to ensure your pet gets a regular dose without them realizing it.

CBD-infused pet treats are another great way to work CBD into your pet’s diet. CBD treats can also be used for training purposes. You can also use CBD treats as snacks between meals. CBD treats are the most useful because they are packed with flavors that your cats and dogs will enjoy a lot more than CBD alone. Flavors like beef and onion make CBD much more appealing to your pets, making them more likely to enjoy taking CBD.

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CBD topicals can also be extremely useful in dealing with skin and fur irritations. Popular topicals, such as shampoos and sprays, make giving your pet some CBD as easy and stress-free as possible.

Are CBD Pet Products Worth the Hype?

Whether or not CBD pet products are worth the hype will very much depend on what you are hoping for when introducing CBD into your pet’s diet. There have been many studies that have shown CBD to be an excellent wellness supplement for animals and humans alike.

Ultimately, CBD products for pets are regular supplements and not the cure-all solution that they are sometimes presented as in the media. Regular CBD supplements can boost the level of cannabinoids within your pet’s endocannabinoid system, helping your pet to enjoy their life to their fullest potential.

As a general wellness supplement, CBD can only be effective when given to pets correctly. As research is still very much ongoing, it is difficult to draw conclusions as to whether CBD pet products are worth the hype for every single pet owner.

Of course, as with any changes in your pet’s diet, it is recommended that you consult with your vet beforehand. Your vet will be able to guide you regarding whether CBD is the right choice for your pet. They will also be able to recommend the products that will be the most effective for your pet.

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