Charlie the Beagle, Golden Retriever Mix

This pretty girl is named Charlie. She is a Beagle, Golden Retriever mix and is 14 weeks old. My fiance and I rescued her a week and a half ago and she is best dog we could have ever imagined. She loves to play with other dogs, no matter the size, from Weiners to Malinois, and has to meet every person she meets. Right now, her favorite things are napping on car rides, napping at home, playing with her toy champagne bottle, and did I mention napping? Submitted by Kari S.

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  1. Kate
    Kate says:

    Oh Charlie, you sweetheart, I can see how you stole mommy’s and daddy’s hearts! And lol, anytime is a good time for a nap, I say! ?

  2. Ross
    Ross says:

    What a cutie….
    Lost my doggy awhile back and cannot wait to get a new best friend soon.
    Give her a hug and love her always. Dogs are truly mans greatest friend.


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