Commissioned Dog Portraits: Memorialize Your Furry Best Friend Forever

Our pets are just as much as part of the family as our actual human family, and dogs are often our best friends. They’re always there for us with sloppy kisses and wagging tails, and that’s why we love them. If you’re looking for a way to acknowledge the special place in your heart your dog (or dogs!) have, then what could be better than having a commissioned portrait of your dog lovingly hand painted as a forever keepsake?

A dog portrait can be a wonderful way to memorialize just how important they are to you. Maybe your furry friend recently passed, maybe you know their days are running down, or maybe you just want to cherish the dog you have with you right now. No matter what your reason is for wanting to show how much your dog means to you, dog portraits are the perfect way to keep them close.

Why get a dog portrait?

There are many ways to remember your dog, but none quite as personal or unique as a commissioned dog painting of your pooch. Photographs are great for capturing special moments or memories and other items may hold sentimental value too, but a portrait of your dog brings their character and essence into a room.

Photographs can get damaged or easily lost. After a few years, the quality of the photo will diminish and there’s a chance you might lose those precious memories. You can get around this by creating digital backups of your photos, but then the memories are stored out of sight and out of mind.

A dog portrait, by contrast, is a more durable and permanent way of keeping your dog with you. Best of all, you can hang it wherever you like as a constant reminder of your treasured pet.

How can I get a portrait of my dog?

By far the easiest way to get a portrait of your dog would be to provide an artist with a series of photographs so that they can get a real feel for the personality and character of your dog. This also means that you won’t have to travel or have a stranger come into your home, and there are no issues with trying to keep your furry friend well behaved or sitting still!

Usually with commissioned dog portraits, the artist will provide you with sketches so you know roughly what the end portrait will look like. Even better is if your artist communicates with you throughout the whole project, and lets you see how your portrait is progressing. This not only lets you see how the artist has chosen to portray your dog, but also allows you to make suggestions or ask for certain things to be changed. After all, its your dog and your vision, so you should control how the portrait looks.

Who can paint my dog portrait?

Technically, any painter or artist could paint a dog portrait for you, but in reality, you’ll probably better off finding a portrait artist who specialises in painting pets. It’s a good idea if you can view previously commissioned artwork to make sure you’re happy with the quality and style of their work.

If you’ve got your heart set on having a portrait of your dog, then Wonderstreet has a wide selection of talented dog portrait artists on their site. Most of their artists have an online portfolio of work that you can browse through. Doing a bit of legwork here will pay dividends in the end, as you’ll get a real feel for an artist’s painting style and be confident that it fits with your taste and expectations.

Which Style?

If you’re struggling to choose a medium for your dog portrait, you’re not alone! We’ve broken down the main styles available to you as a guide:


Renowned for the superior quality, oil paintings are a traditional choice that deliver a beautifully smooth and elegant finish to your dog portrait.


Acrylics are the perfect choice if you prefer bright colours and a certain level of playfulness to your portrait. Usually less photographic in style, these are also cheaper than oil paintings while still being of superior quality.


For a more delicate, softer feel to your dog portrait, you might want to consider pastels. Pastels also offer a more textured look and feel, which is very popular when it comes to doggy portraits.


Whether graphite or coloured pencil portraits, this is a striking medium that can capture every hair and nuance that is so unique to your dog.

Which artist?

We’d always recommend that you find dog-loving artists who specialise in producing dog portraits. There’s something about a fellow dog lover: they just get it. They understand the relationship you have or had with your pet, and they know how important getting a dog portrait is to you. Most importantly, they know how to create fabulous dog paintings.

Wonderstreet’s process is clear and makes sure that you’re in control at every stage.

1. Take photos of your dog (or dogs) that will form the basis of your portrait. Don’t worry too much if you’re not happy with all of them, you can always send over more while the portrait is being painted.

2. Browse and select any of the dog portraits that you like so you can discover the artists who painted them. Remember to look at things like materials used (especially if you have a preference).

3. Choose your artist and get in touch with them directly through the site.

4. Once you’ve agreed to go ahead, you can send the artist your photos and work can begin on your dog portrait.

5. Stay in touch with your artist throughout the process, making changes as necessary.

6. Get your finished dog portrait in as little as 10 working days.

For complete peace of mind and satisfaction guaranteed, Wonderstreet’s artists allow you unlimited free revisions so that you’re 100% happy with the proposed piece. They also offer a money back guarantee if you’re not completely smitten with your dog portrait.

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