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Submit your dog’s photos to us for publication! We would love to use your dog photos and puppy pictures for our daily emails and photo gallery! Simply follow the steps below…

Please let us know your dog’s name, breed and age. Tell us some cute facts or a story about your puppy. The more descriptive information you can include with your photos, the better, but absolutely none of it is required. Be sure to submit photos that you created yourself and for which you own the copyright.

Click these links for more information about our Privacy Policy and Photo Submission Policy.

You can simply send your high quality photos as an attachment to

For a more complete feature of your puppy, we could use as much of the info below in blue that you can provide us with…

Your name:

Did you take the photos you are sending?

If not, do you have copyright permissions for the photos?

Your dog’s name:

Your dog’s breed:

Your dog’s age:

Some cute facts or a short story about your dog:

Having trouble viewing the dog picture in your daily email?

If you’re not seeing the cute dog pictures in our emails, then you probably have your email preferences set in such a way that images either aren’t recognized or aren’t being downloaded. Here are a few things to check out:

HTML vs. Text Only: HTML is a special coding language that we use to make our emails look nice, with graphics and special fonts and colors. If you only see plain text in your emails and no pictures or special formatting (like text that’s bold or italic or colored) then you might need to change a setting in your email application that says something like “view emails as HTML” or “default to HMTL.” Look for this display option under a menu or link that says “Preferences” or “Settings” or “Options.”

Download images: If you see the text of the emails and some colors and special fonts but no pictures, and/or you see blank squares with x’s in them where there should be pictures, then your email is probably set to not download images until you specify that you want to see them. Look for a link somewhere near the top of the email header that says something like “display images” or “always show images from this contact.” You can also look in your email preferences for additional options when displaying pictures in your emails.

Still having problems? Send us an email at the address above or use the contact form below, and we’ll work with you to get it sorted out!

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