Rocca the Siberian Husky

I have a female Siberian Husky named Rocca. I have had her since she was just two months old, and I have lived to the day to see her get married and become a proud mom of six amazing puppies ❤️🥰. She has gone from an extremely hyper, stubborn dog to a very protective responsible mother protecting her young ones with everything she’s got 🥰😍. Submitted by Pakinam H.


Diamond the German Shepherd

Our dog’s name is Diamond, and she is a German Shepherd, almost two years old. We took her in when she was six months from a friend friend who could no longer take care of her. She loves to nibble on people. She eats her daily fruits from our backyard fruit trees. She loves running in circles chasing her own tail. Submitted by Elliot H.

Below is my other gorgeous dog named Bob. He loves playing fetch, and running back and forth in our front and back yard. He is also one year and ten months old.

Best buds…

Here my boy Bob is tired of taking pics while Diamond is loving the camera…