8 Best Types of Health Supplements for Dogs

For many people, a dog is an important family member. We want what’s best for them, from their veterinary care to their nutrition. Given that most of us supplement our own diets with vitamins and minerals, it makes sense that we would want to provide the same health boost for our beloved pets.

Dogs need specific vitamins and minerals, not necessarily the ones that work for humans. If you are thinking about supplementing your dog’s diet, it is important to do your own research, buy the best quality ingredients you can, and stay up-to-date with industry news and standards. While a balanced dog food should provide the nutrition that your pet requires as a puppy, you may find they need additional support with age.

As you care for your dog over time, you will notice their needs change with age. If they start to slow down, struggle with allergies, or have other ailments, you will likely want to support them the best way you can. Providing a balanced diet, regular veterinary care and plenty of attention is a good start. Be sure to use joint supplements for dogs that can provide targeted support where your furry friend needs it most.

So, what are the best supplements for dogs? If you’ve been wondering about which dog supplements to get, we hope this list provides a good starting point.

1. Fish Oil

Filled with heart-healthy fatty acids, fish oil is among the most popular supplements for dogs. Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to help reduce inflammation while improving the shine on your dog’s coat. Omega-6 fatty acids will help your dog’s skin retain moisture, which will reduce itching. For maximum health benefit, look for fish oil supplements that contain both DHA and EPA fatty acids.

2. Probiotics

Probiotics have far-reaching benefits for dogs. Just as they are known for their ability to help the digestive systems of humans, so too can they help your dog regulate internal discomfort caused by diarrhea, constipation or an upset stomach. Probiotics can also be useful in the battle against your dog’s bad breath, excess scratching, or even the overgrowth of yeast.

3. Stress Reduction Blends

For some dogs, a thunderstorm, the sound of fireworks, or the smoke alarm will send them into panic. Other dogs feel stress at almost any sudden sound. If your dog has known anxiety triggers or suffers from stress in general, look for a supplement that helps to calm their nerves. Typically, these products contain ingredients such as ginger, chamomile and even melatonin, to help calm your pup and help him or her rest more soundly.

4. Skin and Allergy Support

Allergies are common among dogs. While they most often appear as itching, either localized or general, symptoms can include the respiratory system as well, resulting in sneezing, coughing or wheezing. While some allergies will need to be treated by a specialized veterinarian, others can be helped with multivitamin support, designed to combat allergies. Look for products with apple cider vinegar, salmon oil and probiotics to help calm your dog’s immune system and provide relief.

5. Antioxidants

Just as antioxidants are important to the health of humans, they are enormously beneficial to dogs as well. Antioxidants help cells to fend off and dispose of free radicals. The very nature of dog behavior (rolling in grass, licking almost everything) exposes them to more chemical and environmental risks than humans. An antioxidant supplement will help to eliminate toxins from their system and can even help to improve overall vision, reducing the risk of cataracts.

6. Joint Support

One of the most visible signs of a dog’s age appears in their movement over time. Aging hips and joints can slow a dog down and make him or her limp or limit their movement. To help your aging friend, look for supplements that contain a combination of ingredients designed to support joint health, including methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), chondroitin and glucosamine.

7. Immune Support

Pet owners often reach for immune support for their dogs when there is a resistant, underlying infection. Most immune supplements will contain a combination of prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants and other tools to help support healthy bacteria levels while lowering histamines. Some supplements contain additional support to help battle against arthritis, as well as viral and bacterial microorganisms.

8. Multivitamins

Just as you might take a multivitamin to support your health, there are several multivitamins specific to dogs that can improve their overall wellbeing. A canine multivitamin will typically include vitamins A, K, C, D, E and a B-complex. A multivitamin can help keep your dog’s coat shiny and soft, it can help with overall immunity, gut, heart and skin health. If your dog has specific ailments — perhaps they need kidney support or suffer from joint pain — look for a multivitamin with the specific focus you need.

Different Types of Dog Beds You Can Choose From

Just like humans, dogs and cats also need a comfortable place to stay and sleep on. Most of us prioritize sleep above other matters such as exercise or watching our favorite television series. This may also apply to your pets.

They spend most of their time lounging and sleeping around the house. Cold floors are one of their favorites. It keeps their body cool and calm. But if you have a budget, you can buy your pets a bed to give them a more comfortable sleep.

However, some things can hinder your search for the best bed for your canine. Some of these are the limited stocks of the type of bed that you prefer, your dog is not comfortable in the design of the bed, and other matters that will make you second-guess your purchase.

Indeed, finding the perfect bed for your dog can be very tricky and time-consuming if you do not know what kind you should look for. That is why you need to ask your friends and relatives if they know some good stores that sell great pet products, particularly beds for dogs. You must also determine your budget in order to know what choices and styles you can choose from.

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly bed for your pet that is also big in size, Brindle Foam can be one of the best choices for you. This is the most recommended bed for Labradors and Greyhounds. In line with this, here are some of the other types of beds that you can purchase in the market today:

Orthopedic Bed for Your Canine

This is one of the thickest beds for your canine on the market today. There are approximately 6-7 inches of soft padding, which is an ideal frame for those dogs who are suffering from a hip injury, arthritis, or those that are already in their advancing years. This style is also advisable for those people who have a larger budget and want to pamper their pets.

You can check online to see whether your nearest pet store has the design that you want for your pet. It is also considered one of the most expensive beds for dogs because you are truly paying for its quality and for the comfort that it can give to your pet.

On another note, this article shows the list of possible dog breeds for your kids. Not to mention those that families can adapt to quickly. Do not be scared of raising an ornery dog because they can get very affectionate and loving through time. You just have to discipline them and show them what is right from what is wrong.

Back to beds: research also suggests that an orthopedic bed is the prescribed bed of vets for dogs who are suffering from joint pains and fractures. The typical design of this bed is huge, which is the best option for you if you have a greyhound. It also comes with 4 different colors to choose from.

You should also look for a manufacturer that offers a warranty for the products that you buy, especially if it is costly. Reports suggest that the warranty that is given to orthopedic beds is ranging from eight to ten years. The foam that is used in this model is a memory form that can provide the most comfortable bed. This is the same quality of pillows that also gives us humans better sleep.

The cover is washable and it is easy to clean, which is a great advantage compared to other bed types. There are no harmful chemicals or particles that are used in making this type of bed. Thus it will add some peace of mind if you buy one for your dog.

Additionally, this is also ideal for those pups who are having mild to severe muscle problems and those that just got out from surgery. A recovery bed can help them feel better soon and sleep well even if they are experiencing underlying pain. Moreover, there are also some pet clinics and hospitals that use this particular bed for the needs of their patients.

Walnut Dog Bed

This particular design contains an elevated frame which is completely different from the usual thick core. It will keep your dog’s joints in a more comfortable position rather than resting on the floor. Also, it gives your dog an airier feeling because the air passes below the bed which will help them feel cozy and cool. This greatly contributes to a good sleeping pattern.

Furthermore, people who are living in tropical countries claim that walnut beds can help ease the heat their dogs feel and still fall asleep. That is why it was reported as an ideal bed for dogs who are staying in hot areas where there is no proper ventilation for everyone. This link: https://www.cdc.gov provides the positive effects when your pet is happy and contented.

Just like the orthopedic option, the cleaning of this bed is also hassle-free and easy. It is made up of good quality materials which do not degrade even if it undergoes repeated washes. The weaving in this model is made up of waterproof vinyl. However, it is not recommended to be placed outdoors because sun exposure can damage the quality of the bed.

Sofa-Style Bed

This particular design comes in different colors. You can choose the one that most suits your house decor and your dog’s preferences. Sometimes pets have a sense of familiarity with a certain color that may affect their mood and behavior.

The cost of this bed is cheaper compared to the orthopedic bed. However, the quality is still great. The bolstered angles of the bed provide additional benefits, too. For bigger dogs, some outlets offer the best greyhound beds for you and your big pup.

In checking for the right bed for your dog, you can now take into consideration all the matters that your dog wants, and you can now choose the color that is the most suitable for your dog and the aesthetics of your home.