Zeus the Pug and Holly the Beagle, Cocker Spaniel Mix

The pug is named Zeus and the Beagle, Cocker Spaniel mix is named Holly. Zeus is going to be three and Holly is going to be seven. Holly’s full name is Holly Christmas because she was a Christmas gift. We almost named Zeus, Jack because we got him around Halloween. We call Holly a CIA agent because we can almost never get a good picture of her. Submitted by Emma D.


A Review of Petlab’s Pet Health Products

As a pet owner, your pets no doubt hold a special place in your heart. They cheer us up when we’re feeling down and are always there for us to give love and affection. Because of how important pets are to us, it’s important to look after their health properly.

There are lots of great pet health products on the market. These days it’s easy to find specially formulated foods and supplements that are designed for the wellness of your pet. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you’ll find plenty of options online. But how can you know which products are the best for your pet? We’ve reviewed some of the best-selling pet health products from Petlab to give you some great options for you and your pet.

Who is Petlab?

Petlab is a professional company of pet lovers. The company’s main focus is on providing the very highest quality pet products. This includes food, supplements, and grooming products. Using scientific research, Petlab aims to create products that help to maintain and improve pets’ lives everywhere.

Petlab Products

Petlab actually produces lots of different types of products for both dogs and cats. All of their products are formulated in the USA and come with a 90-day money-back guarantee and free shipping. Some of their best sellers include the following:

— Joint Care Chews: These chews are designed to improve the joint and connective tissue health of your dog. It’s a great choice if your dog is suffering from arthritis or other joint or mobility issues.

— Dental Formula: This product is available for both cats and dogs. It targets plaque and tartar build-up, cleaning the teeth and freshening your pet’s breath. It contains no harmful additives, and even better, it’s tasteless and odorless.

Calming Chews: These chews are meant to help improve dogs that are nervous or anxious. It uses ingredients that help to calm your dog naturally, without making them tired and lethargic.

Our Opinion

We tested each of Petlab’s best selling products to get an idea of how effective they are and whether they’re worth it. Here are the results:

1. Joint Care Chews: These chews are given to your dog each day, either as a treat or added to your dog’s food. They go down well with no complaints, so they taste great. After a short amount of time, your dog will be feeling nimbler and more active as the healthy formula gets to work repairing your dog’s joints and muscles.

2. Dental Formula: This is a simple to use solution that helps to combat dental disease in dogs or cats. The liquid is odorless and has no taste, meaning it can be added to your pet’s water supply each day. After only a few days, you’ll notice the improvements in your pet’s teeth and breath as the ingredients get to work.

3. Calming Chews: If your dog suffers from anxiety or is overly excitable, these treats are the perfect solution. As with the joint care chews, you can give them as a treat or mixed into your dog’s food. The exact amount you give will depend on the weight of your dog. In only a short time, you’ll notice how much calmer and relaxed your dog is.

Dog Delivery Date And How To Prepare For It

If you own a dog, one of the happiest times you will ever experience is the pregnancy of your furbaby and, of course, the birth of their puppies. Your dog gives you unconditional love and acceptance, so you will want to help your dog through this time as best as you can. It will require your ability to follow a vet’s instructions so that your dog will remain comfortable and less stressed out during the whole process.

Read on to find out how you can prepare well for your dog’s delivery date.

Face The Challenge

Preparing for your dog’s delivery date is somewhat like taking your dog on its first road trip. Both are adventures full of challenges that will allow you and your dog to bond. And, it’s a bonus that you get to add new members — aka: puppies — to your family.

One of the very first and the most important aspects to dealing with your furbaby’s birthing process is remembering that you should be as supportive as you possibly can. Your mere presence will reassure your dog they are not alone in this phase of their life.

Seek Advice Of A Vet

It is important that you bring your dog to a qualified vet for a check-up well before the actual delivery date to determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Just like pregnant humans, your dog might have some physical conditions that can affect the health of their puppies. Ask your vet if your dog should be confined in the clinic so that the delivery can be supervised. Also, you need not worry too much: if your dog has been regularly getting veterinary attention and seems to be in pretty good shape, then everything should be fine.

Use A Dog Pregnancy Calculator

You can use a dog pregnancy calculator during the entire pregnancy period so that you can accurately determine the schedule of the whelping. Usually, if nothing goes wrong, your dog should be pregnant for around two months (or approximately 63 days). If you are not so sure how to use a dog pregnancy calculator, be sure to ask your dog’s vet to explain it to you during the check-up.

Get Ready For Possible Complications

Although you wish for your pet’s pregnancy and birthing to go smoothly, there may be times when there could be complications that will threaten the lives of the mother dog and of the puppies. To anticipate this, you should keep the mobile phone number of your dog’s vet ready. That way, you can easily call the vet to seek advice on how to deal with the birthing complications. The worst-case scenario is that you would have to bring the mother to the vet right away so that they can all be saved.

Organize The Birthing Room

Your dog may become sensitive to the presence of people during the birthing process, so it is a good idea to set aside an isolated space where your dog can give birth. Pregnant dogs like cozy beds, and they would also want minimal lighting, preferably in the quietest place in the house. A good example of this kind of space is your laundry room. You can have a clean floor mat ready on the floor, then put the birthing box on it.

Make sure there is adequate ventilation so that the room won’t be too warm. Keep a clean towel handy so you can dry off the newborn puppies, but only if the mother dog allows it. You should also check if there’s enough room in there for you to keep watch and move around. If complications arise, you will probably have to assist your dog during the birthing process.

Isolate Your Mother Dog From Other Dogs

If you have other dogs aside from your pregnant furbaby, you should keep them away from the birthing box and the room where your dog is going to give birth. This especially applies to male dogs, including the father of the puppies, because the mother dog might get uneasy in their presence, which could hamper the birthing process. There are also instances when male dogs will harm puppies if they don’t recognize the scent of the newborns.

Feed Your Dog After The Whelping

Make sure you have food ready for the mother dog. You will need to feed your canine after the birthing is done because, sometimes, they refuse to eat before going into labor. Prepare some clean drinking water, too.


You should always prepare well if your furbaby is giving birth soon so that the birthing process will go without a hitch. Remember, it’s a good idea to take your pregnant dog to the vet for regular check-ups to rule out any problems. Also, get the birthing room organized so that your pregnant dog will be comfortable before, during, and after whelping.

Rupert the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Rupert’s two favorite things in this world are retrieving tennis balls and naps. We have a cottage on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, and Rupert loves to jump off the dock, swim after the tennis ball, and then climb up the swim ladder. The nap he is having on the colorful quilt is in the screened-in porch at the cottage. Submitted by Kim D.